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Best YouTube TV Remotes & Installation Tips for Different Streaming Players

YouTube TV, as many people confuse with YouTube service, is a separate streaming channel. It offers access to about 70 live TV channels, including networks such as ESPN, CNN, Disney and many more. One can link this YouTube TV with several compatible devices and control using remote apps. Making use of a YouTube Remote, you can navigate between channels quite conveniently. Several devices like Roku TV, Chromecast, Firestick, etc., allow you to work well with this TV. Working with YouTube TV Roku remote has never been simpler than before. So coming up with the best YouTube remote app calls for a little study to be made. If you have an eye for detail about the YouTube TV remote, getting through this article can make things simpler.

YouTube TV Remote Tips 

Getting on to YouTube TV might be a bit tricky for beginners. But it becomes easier if they know all about some features and quick tricks that help make the best use. 

  • Customize TV channels through the YouTube website or mobile app that helps to have 70+ channels in a sorted way.
  • To know about any trending channel or program, go to the “Home” tab’s bottom, and there a list of channels will appear. Select any channel that you may like.
  • Access the mini-guide by clicking down 3 times on your remote. This lets you know what else is going on when you are watching Live TV.
  • To record any episode, it offers an “Add To Library” function. One can view these recorded episodes up to 9 months from their telecast date.
  • This function also allows you to hide scores for any recorded sports that may turn out to be spoilers. 
  • One can sort those recorded programs as per their preference by going to “Library” that displays recently recorded. There change from other options available.
  •  In case of facing network issues, adjust the streaming video quality.
  • To know more about the similar shows that you are viewing, click down twice while watching any show. Scroll over to “Episodes” till the end of that list and select “view more”. Click on “Similar” on that page.
  • To get shows from a particular genre, go to “search” and click on “browse”. Select “Shows” and then type “Comedy” or any other particular genre type to get similar genre shows. 
  • Setting up a Family sharing option allows up to 6 profiles to be created. 
  • To delete any search that one wishes to be hidden in their profile icon, on the top right corner, select “Settings” and then go to “Privacy”. Find the option “clear watch history” or “pause watch history”.

Which Streaming Media Services Support YouTube TV?

Several devices are compatible with YouTube TV as they all effectively support it now. Various types of smartphones and tablets operating on Android ‘L’ and later plus iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 and later support this TV. You can watch it on a PC by searching on its app store. This service also works with various media players, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV 4K, Vizio SmartCast TVs, Samsung & LG smart TVs, Hisense TVs, Xbox One, and Roku TV and players.

Chromecast Remote for YouTube

Designed with new features, Google’s Chromecast remote comes with new software to make it cooperative with YouTube. This Chromecast remote control works well for YouTube and allows opening other YouTube apps also. The 2 app buttons are specifically designed for YouTube and Netflix, respectively. On long pressing the YouTube button, a menu pops up on our screen. This menu helps to navigate through a button to open other apps on Chromecast. Thus, conveniently switching between different YouTube apps is possible. Flexibility to navigate between YouTube TV, YouTube Music, or YouTube Kids gives a great experience. Using this YouTube Chromecast Remote makes it comfortable to operate this TV with simple navigation.

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How to Install YouTube TV App on Firestick?

We can now access YouTube on firestick as it is officially available now. To get this TV App On Firestick, follow these steps:

1. Switch the power of the firestick to wait for its home screen to appear. Go to its upper left corner and select “search”.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. Now type “YouTube,” and from the available results, select “YouTube”.

Search YouTube on Firestick Image

3. From Apps that appear on our screen, select “YouTube App”.

YouTube App on Firestick Image

4. If installing it for the first time, click on “Get”. If installed that app before, click “Download”.

Download YouTube on Firestick Image

5. Wait till that app downloads and gets installed on our device. It may take some time.

Downloading Firestick YouTube App Image

6. To run YouTube, click “Open”. One can open it later from “Your Apps and Channels”.

Open YouTube on Fire TV Image

How to Link Roku Device to YouTube TV Account?

1. Open the YouTube TV Roku channel, and from its home screen that opens, select “Already a member”.

YouTube TV Roku Login Image

2. From a computer or mobile device, visit and sign in to your Google account. Enter the code that is displayed on Roku channel.

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3. Once the process on that website gets completed, the Roku channel automatically logs in.

How to Navigate YouTube TV with Roku Remote?

We can now very comfortably access YouTube TV on most Roku devices. Making use of this, operating YouTube TV with the help of Roku remotes is possible. To add YouTube TV to Roku devices following steps can be helpful.

1. Press “Home” using a Roku remote.

Roku Remote Home Button Image

2. A list appears on the screen’s left side, select “Streaming Channels” and then select “Search Channels”.

Streaming channels on Roku Image

3. Now search for “YouTube TV”. After that, click on “Add Channel”.

Open Youtube TV on Roku Image

4. Once this channel gets installed, click on “OK”. Now press “Home” again. On the home screen, look for “YouTube TV” and select to open it.

Best Universal YouTube TV Remote Controls

Is there a remote for YouTube TV? Of Course, there are several remotes to operate YouTube TV on your device. But we need the right one with essential features based on our streaming media service. Check out the below list to get the best YouTube TV Remote for Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, Apple and many other platforms.

CAAVO Control Center

CAAVO Control Center is a perfect match for Apple TV users that comes with abundant new features after the latest update. It lets us control up to 4 devices along with a soundbar. Gives an ability to search across multiple media streaming services with a simple setup. ‘Finding my lost remote’ feature is also very handy. Availability of Parental control allows monitoring what kids are watching. Family control features enable to pick what to watch according to ratings and set permissions for the same. Due to these updated features, it turns out to be the best remote for YouTube TV.

Caavo Control Center Remote Image

Logitech Harmony Companion

Easy to operate just by tapping fingers, this remote control is suitable with Alexa for voice control. It offers one-touch control for home entertainment and home automation gadgets like Philips Hue Lights. Functions like dimming lights and lowering blinds are just a tap away with this Logitech Harmony Companion. One can even control appliances hidden behind cabinets, doors, and walls. It appears designed to configure and work well with 270,000 gadgets flawlessly. Featuring RF tech implies that line of sight is not needed to operate. Working well with Roku Tv, Apple, and many other platforms, this easy-to-setup and use remote can be inferred as a perfect YouTube Remote TV.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image

Logitech Harmony Hub

This Logitech Harmony Hub works with Alexa and presents control for up to 8 home entertainment devices. It allows you to create customized activities to control any home environment. The Harmony App can run well on Android TV and launch Netflix, dim Philips Hue smart light, and much more. In addition, it gives access to Harmony App for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, making it effortless to control channels and movies. Combining multiple devices and apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app, it becomes comfortable and convenient to be used as a YouTube TV remote.

Logitech Harmony Hub Image

Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite is a powerful remote control for YouTube TV that boasts of its high-level features. This complete touch screen tools makes it smooth to operate by simply swiping up and down to navigate. With a controlling power of up to 15 appliances, it becomes unbeatable among other Logitech remote controls. Its smart trait: one-touch activity makes it possible to just select “Watch a movie” to start on with appropriate settings. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa makes voice integration more convenient. With a quick charging system, you can keep your remote powered and reachable at all times. No doubt it becomes a top pick for many Roku or Xbox users.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Image

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control

The Logitech Harmony Smart Control allows us to use smartphones with Harmony Smartphone App to control entertainment devices at home. For one-touch control of appliances, this remote arrives equipped with swipe and tap control and provides up to 50 channel icons. Compatible with iOS 6.0 or later and Android 4.0 or later, it offers options for volume, media playback, and much more. Included Harmony Hub will let us control gadgets hidden behind any cabinet doors or walls. With future-proof control of up to 8 devices, it can be a perfect match for several gizmos.

Logitech Harmony Remote Image


Operating YouTube TV can become more manageable if there is appropriate operating equipment. To make things more relaxed, multiple YouTube TV remotes are available that are suitable with various devices. For best results, it is necessary that you have a remote control that works well with any device configuration. To get YouTube TV Remote tips, this article can be of much help to you. Get knowledge on the best streaming device for YouTube TV and how it works to get efficient results.

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