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Xfinity Stream on Amazon Firestick – Simple Guide on How to Install & Fix Errors

Xfinity Stream TV is a multi-functional media app that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and Live TV worldwide. However, it is only obtainable in selected countries, so the chances of this application being available for several users is low. Clients can watch LIVE TV and download on-demand content or watch any content for free. This online streaming app comes backed by a variety of movies and TV shows that anyone can stream at any time. Xfinity supports a range of devices such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and much more. You can even enjoy this Xfinity Stream on Firestick. It is a paid streaming app that lets users purchase a movie, TV channel, or show from its very extensive media library. This service provider also schedules and notifies all the latest releases of movies by keeping us updated. With Xfinity, once downloaded a movie or TV show, there is no need to watch it online. So what more to wait?! Follow this article to get this player in a jiffy.

How to Install Xfinity on Firestick with Downloader App?

As mentioned before, Xfinity isn’t available worldwide. In this case, for some users, it is available via 3rd-party installers. Downloader app is one such 3rd-party to get Xfinity Stream for Firestick.

1. Open Firestick “Home Screen” and click on “Settings”. Later select “My Fire TV”.

My Fire TV Image

2. Next, click “Developer options” from the right panel.

My Fire TV Developer Options Image

3. Click on “Apps for Unknown Sources” and turn it “On,” and make sure that ADB Debugging is “On”.

Apps from Unknown Sources Image

4. Next, click “Turn On” from the prompted window to allow apps from unknown sources.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

5. Now, go back to your Firestick home screen and click on “Search” from its top menu bar.

Firestick Homescreen Image

6. Type “Downloader” in its search panel. Once the Downloader page opens, click “Get/Download” and wait for this application to get installed on your FireTV.

Firestick Downloader Image

7. Once downloaded, click “Open” to run this player.

Open Downloader on Firestick Image

8. On this Downloader page, enter the “” URL under the space given. Later, press on “OK”.

Downloader Search Box Image

9. Wait for a few seconds till this whole process gets completed, and the Xfinity Stream Firestick file has been downloaded. Once downloaded, select “Install’.

Install Xfinity Stream on Firestick Image

10. Later, there will be prompted a notification indicating that the Xfinity Streaming App has been installed successfully. Click “Done” and proceed ahead.

Xfinity Stream on Firestick Installation Done Image

11. Now, you will be directed back to the Downloader app page. Click “Delete,” to remove this Xfinity Stream APK file.

Delete Xfinity Stream APK Image

12. Voila! This is how to put Xfinity Stream on Firestick. Now it is ready for us to watch a great number of movies and shows.

How To Download Xfinity Stream On Firestick With ES File Explorer?

Before we get into this option of downloading Xfinity, we shall let you know that ES file explorer is no longer a free service. Clients will have to pay a monthly fee for its premium features. If you are looking to download Xfinity through ES file explorer, there is no need to install “Downloader”.

1. Go to the “Search” panel on Firestick’s home screen” and type “ES File Explorer”.

Search ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

2. Now, select the “ES file Explorer” icon that is on the list’s top.

3. Then, click “Download/Get” and wait for this application to get installed. Once completed, press on “Open”.

Download ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

4. A new page of ES File Explorer will open up; tap on its “Download” icon on the screen’s right side.

5. Next, from the bottom menu bar, select “+New”.

ES File Explorer Home Page Image

6. A new dialogue box will open with 2 empty spaces for filling. In the first space, type in this “” URL, and in the name field space, give a name to save this file.

7. Next, click on its “Download Now” icon. Wait for ES File Explorer to start downloading Xfinity Stream APK on your Firestick.

8. Once this download process is completed, select “Open File” and click “Install”.

9. Now, click “Done” when you are prompted with a notification message that reads “App is installed”.

10. Xfinity Stream on Amazon Fire Stick has been successfully installed.

Xfinity Stream App Devices

Amazon Fire Stick Xfinity App has certainly changed the way people watch movies and TV shows. It also offers a choice with the flexibility to its users for their video subscriptions on their own devices. At present, this TV customers have access to their subscriptions via the Xfinity Stream App on iOS and Android devices. Plus, for computer and laptop streaming, customers can make use of this app’s web portal. It just doesn’t stop here. Customers are benefited from the advantage of streaming it on Roku devices and Samsung Smart TVs. Credential-based platform allows clients to use their credentials to authenticate more than 130 networks across several devices. You can seamlessly access more than 20+ gadgets such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, and many more.

Solutions for Xfinity Stream Not Working on Firestick

On certain occasions, one may encounter the Xfinity app not functioning, which leaves it to shut down suddenly. With Xfinity Stream not working, access to any content such as movies, Live TV, or shows is impossible. That’s why here we have listed a few possible reasons that lead to Xfinity stop working. Know these so one can get an answer for fixing it.

A downloaded program/app may not play

If a downloaded program or application on Firestick is not functioning well, try these:

  • Uninstall the Xfinity program and install it back.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable for the app to get downloaded.

Unable to watch Xfinity Stream app far from home

  • If users have subscribed to Xfinity or X1 package that comes with a cloud-based DVR system, they can start recording all movies and TV shows to stream them offline when there is no connection.
  • Employ Xfinity Stream App or Xfinity Stream Portal on a smartphone or desktop with Chrome when away from home.
  • One can also download and access recording with a network connection from a mobile or any other wireless network.

Unable to cast Xfinity Stream App Fire TV

Note that one cannot cast this streamer from a mobile to a TV. But can resolve such issues by making use of Roku to watch any video content. Moreover, connecting a PC to the FireTV via Chromecast can also prove to be fruitful. With this, you can stream your favorite shows and movies when this server does not work.

Check and see if the Xfinity Stream app is compatible with your device

Before downloading Xfinity App on Firestick, check and confirm whether your device is having any restrictions to its compatibility. Adding on, if this player isn’t working on a device can be simply because it is not compatible. The only solution is by trying to use a different Fire TV device.

Wrapping Up

With Xfinity Stream Live TV on Firestick, one can enjoy all popular and latest movies and TV shows at their comfort and convenience. Another best part about this application is its quick loading pages without causing any buffering while watching movies and shows. This player makes it very easy for every client to access tons of movies and Live TV channels on a user-friendly interface. Users can also benefit from other interesting features that it has in store for them. We hope that our solutions to install Xfinity Stream on Firestick have been of help to you.

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