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How to Install and Use Vudu on Amazon Firestick? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Vudu is a popular on-demand streaming service from Fandango and is currently available for Fire TV devices. Several Fire TV users will get the unmatched experience of using Vudu on their Fire TV and binge-watch all the latest movies and TV shows. The Vudu service offers more than 150,000+ movies, web series, and TV shows, plus all the latest updated new releases. Vudu doesn’t work on a subscription-based fee system, but the user can rent or buy the content for a certain price rate. This is a plus factor when the user pays only for the content they want to watch. In our Vudu review, we shall list down all the step-by-step processes to use and install the Vudu on Firestick.

What is Vudu?

Vudu is a leading digital media service that offers thousands of movies and TV shows for its customers to buy or rent. This video streaming app lets users mix and match movies, access digital copies of their physical films, create a customized list for their movies, and much more. With Vudu, users can seamlessly watch their favorite movie or web series anytime, anywhere, on their Smart TV, Fire TV, Android or iOS devices, or their Blu-ray player. Vudu contains an extensive library that offers several genres such as Horror, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, and many others. Users can stream movies for free on Vudu, but at times the videos are ad-supported. Before knowing about how to download Vudu on Firestick, let’s see the app features, pros and cons.


  • 150,000+ newly released movies and TV shows
  • Arrange shows and content according to genres and date of release
  • Scan Blu-ray or DVD barcode and convert it into a digital movie
  • Supports cloud-based digital locker system
  • Rent, Buy or watch movies for free


  • Pay only for what you watch
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Updated with all new latest movies and TV shows
  • Child safe streaming content


  • A bit expensive for a few customers

How to Install Vudu on Firestick or Fire TV?

Here are the steps to install the Vudu on FireTV with the help of the Downloader app by sideloading it onto your Firestick.

1. Launch your Fire TV and Go to the Home Page.

Firestick Homepage Image

2. Go to Settings from the Home page. Select “My Fire TV.”

My Fire TV Image

3. Next, under the My Fire TV section, click “Developer Options” from the right menu panel.

My Fire TV Developer Options Image

4. From the Developer options section “Turn On” Apps from Unknown Sources.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

5. Now go back to your Firestick Home and click the search icon from the top menu bar.

6. Type “Downloader” in the search box and click on the first result.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

7. Select the “Downloader” app and click “Get/Download.”

Download Firestick Downloader Image

8. Once the Downloader app has been downloaded, click the “Open” icon.

Open Downloader on Firestick Image

9. Copy and paste the URL, and select “Go.”

Fire TV Vudu URL Image

10. You will be directed to a new page where you will need to scroll down and click Vudu for Fire TV option.

11. Next, select the “Download Installation File” option.

Vudu on Firestick Installation File Image

12. Wait till the download process of Vudu for Firestick is over.

Downloading Vudu for Fire TV Image

13. When the download process is complete, click “Install.”

Install Vudu on Firestick Image

14. Once the installation has been completed, click “Done” and move ahead.

Vudu App Installed on Fire Stick Image

15. Select “Delete” at both times from the pop-up window that appears on the screen.

Delete Vudu APK on Firestick Image

16. Now, open the Vudu app, go to the Fire TV home page, and under “Settings,” click “Applications.”

Firestick Applications Image

17. Next, under the Applications section, click “Manage Installed Applications” from the right menu panel.

Manage Installed Applications Image

18. Search the Vudu app from the list and click on it.

Vudu in Mange Installed Applications List Image

19. Click “Launch Application” from the right-side menu panel.

Vudu Launch Application Image

20. Your Vudu app will now be opened for you to stream. This is how to get Vudu on Firestick easily using Downloader app.

Vudu App Sign Up on Firestick Image

How to Get Vudu on Amazon Fire Stick from a Computer?

If you do not want to install the Vudu app with the help of the Downloader, we shall show you how to install Vudu through your computer. The application by which you will download Vudu is named adbLink and is supported by most major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. This is a completely free application that lets users connect with any device by linking it with a USB or an IP connection. Here’s how you can install Vudu APK for Firestick.

1. First and foremost, download adbLink on your computer by clicking on the link mentioned here:

Download abdLink Image

2. Next, please install the application on your preferred operating system and open it.

Install abdLink Image

3. Go to “Settings” from your Fire TV home screen, navigate to “About,” and click on it. Select “Network” and type down the IP address that is displayed on the screen.

My Fire TV About Option Image

4. Come back to your PC and now click on the “New” key in the AdbLink application.

abdLink New Option Image

5. On the next page, you will be asked to enter a new description and type an IP address. You can type anything as you wish in the description box, but for the IP address, type in the same IP you see on your Firestick.

abdLink Device Record Widget Image

6. After you have completed the above step, your Firestick will get connected with ADBLink.

7. Open the below-mentioned link on your computer and click to download the Vudu APK:

8. Once Vudu has been downloaded, go back to ADBLink and click on the “Install Apk” tab, this will direct you to the file manager. Navigate to the folder where we have downloaded Vudu.

9. Select the Vudu app for Firestick from the folder, and the file has already been installed on your Fire TV.

How to Watch Vudu on Firestick?

Once the Vudu app has been installed on your Firestick, you must be wondering how you could use this app now and watch your favorite movies. Below are the steps mentioned on how you could start using Vudu once the app has been installed. This is a basic step-by-step process for beginners who are not familiar with using Vudu or have never installed a third-party app before.

1. Launch your Fire TV and go to the Home Page. Scroll down and search for “Your Apps and Channels” and select “See All”.

Firestick See All Option Image

2. Now the list of all the apps and channels installed on your Fire TV will show up. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find your Vudu App for Amazon Fire TV. Highlight and click the Vudu icon and press the Menu button on your remote. On the right, a dropdown menu will appear, click ‘Move to Front’.

Vudu Move to Front Image

3. Next, press the Home button on your firestick remote and go back to the home page. Here you will notice that the Vudu icon has been displayed there.

Vudu on Firestick Homepage Image

4. Launch the Vudu app and you will get 3 options that appear at the right panel bar. Click “Browse” and move ahead.

Welcome to Vudu Browse Option Image

5. Now you have entered the browser section, on this page, there will be options to choose from which are My Vudu, New Trailers, Movies Genres, etc.

My Vudu Homepage Image

6. You can now click on the option of your choice and select the relevant movie you want to watch or type the name in the search box.

Vudu Watchlist Image

With this, you have learned how you can watch movies on your Vudu app over your Fire TV. This is the simplest method you can access this app Firestick, once you get used to it you will understand its features in a much better way.

How to Create an Account on Vudu?

Vudu app is completely free for all users there are still restrictions like you cannot use the app without having a Vudu account. It is mandatory to create a free account on Vudu to stream any free video content on it. You can sign up and create an account by using their website or by directly going to the app. Here we shall show you how to create an account through the Vudu app on Firestick.

1. Launch the Vudu app on your Fire TV from the Home page.

Vudu App on Firestick Image

2. Once you have launched the app, there are 3 options for you to choose from. Select “Sign Up”.

Vudu Sign Up on Firestick Image

3. Now, add your email address and password and save it. Click “Browse”.

Browse Vudu Option Image

4. You will now be directed to the Vudu app page.

Fire TV Vudu App Page Image

5. Now, select “Sign in” from the top right of the menu bar and fill in the details.

Sign In to Vudu Image

6. Now since you have signed in you can start streaming any movie you like for free.


Is Vudu Free?

The Vudu application offers several free movies and TV shows but some of the latest movies and TV shows are upon rent or sale. In most cases, the newly released movies and TV shows cannot be streamed through a free account but will be available after certain months for free.

Is Vudu Available on Firestick?

You cannot find the Vudu app on the Amazon App Store, but you can easily sideload the app on your Firestick. Once you have successfully sideloaded the Vudu on your Firestick, you can install it on your Fire TV.

Why Is Vudu Not on Firestick?

Vudu can be easily sideloaded on your Firestick but the Vudu app is not yet available on the Amazon App store.

Does Amazon Fire Stick have Vudu?

Yes, from March 2021 Vudu app is available to download on Amazon Firestick. You can directly download it on Firestick, but to access free streaming download the APK file by following the above mentioned process.

Final Verdict

No doubt Vudu has certainly become one of the best streaming apps so far. It is the ideal app for users who do not want to pay any subscription fee and want to stream movies and TV shows for free. Moreover, Vudu offers several movies and TV shows on rent even before Blu-ray and Netflix. We hope that our guide has offered a clear understanding of the Vudu app. In this guide, we have covered questions on how you can install, use and access Vudu in a step-by-step process. Also, in case you have any queries relating to how you can create a Vudu account for free, we have listed the appropriate steps to do the same. You can stream unlimited movies, TV shows, and web series free with simple and basic methods.

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