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Step-by-Step Guide to Update Kodi Latest Version on Firestick in 3 Minutes

Anyone who has used Kodi for some good time will tell you that Kodi is one of the versatile media players you can get in the market. A basic Kodi installation comes with almost everything you can expect in a media player. So it’s your one-stop destination if you like watching movies, TV shows, and listening to your favorite music. Keeping the Kodi app on your Firestick up to date is highly recommended as it helps to keep out all the bugs and issues you might be facing with the application. However, this is possible only if you have a proper device with Kodi installed in it. So here we are going to learn how to install or update Kodi on Firestick Fire TV.

Why You Should Upgrade Kodi?

If you’re using Kodi on Firestick, then you should update Kodi with the latest version. Each new version has bug fixes and improvements that make it better to be used. The whole thing about updates is that it makes your Kodi experience better than before, and you will have different choices for each stream you watch. When it comes to software, however, users are often reluctant to install an update. This is because they fear something might change or break. Therefore, it is advised that you update Kodi FireTV regularly to perform better and have been updated within the latest standards. In addition, you might need to upgrade if you face issues while running Kodi or when you receive notifications about some new feature requiring an upgrade.

Many factors may make one update, not the other. The same thing applies to updates of Kodi on Firestick. One may get to see some new features and new options in the updated software, while others may not even be able to tell any change at all. This means that better clarification needed in order to make sure everyone understands clearly what each update includes. Nevertheless, Kodi should be updated and maintained as it can be a valuable tool to protect your privacy, security, and anonymity. Kodi has great potential and can also be used for malicious activities, but practice safe Kodi habits, and you will have an excellent media player.

How to Check Installed Kodi Version?

Now, it’s highly recommended to check the installed Kodi version before proceeding with the guide. This is important since sometimes you may receive a notification, but later, you find out there is no update available for your device. It’s important to know the version of Kodi you have installed on your device because it can help solve a large percentage of problems you regularly face while using it. To know what version of Kodi you are using, you will need to find the file that contains the version information for Kodi. This is something that can be seen from the installed applications Amazon Fire Stick. So, if you are wondering how to check which version of Kodi installed on your android phone or Firestick, this guide will show you how.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the installed version before knowing how to update Kodi on a Fire Stick:

1. Head on to the Settings menu on your Firestick interface.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. Now go to the Installed Applications option.

Firestick Applications Image

3. Tap on the “Manage Installed Applications” option and find the Kodi application from the list.

Manage Installed Applications Image

4. Here you can check the active version of your Kodi application.

Kodi in Firestick Manage Installed Applications Image

5. If your current version is less than 18.9 then you update Kodi on Firestick.

You can also check the active version of the application through the Kodi App on Firestick. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Start your Kodi application on your Firestick.

Kodi Settings Option Image

2. To get the active version of your application, hover to the “System Information” option from the settings menu.

Kodi System Information Option Image

3. Here you can check the version info of your Kodi application under the build status.

Kodi Version Info Image

Checking the version of Kodi you installed is very necessary. This helps you in knowing what bugs have been fixed and the glitches that exist. You expect a certain feature to arrive in some cases, but that depends on your Kodi Version. So, if it has already launched, then you should check your Kodi Version.

How to Update Kodi on Firestick?

The process of updating apps like Kodi on Firestick is very straightforward, thanks to the fact that this device has a simple UI. You just need to go into Settings and then go to Unknown Sources. As you can see, it is not a complicated process. But before you move forward, you have to make sure that you already have the update file on your device.

1. In order to do so, go to the left side of your screen and click on the “Settings” option.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. Moving to the right side, hover over the option “My Fire TV”.

My Fire TV Image

3. If you want to install or update Kodi on Firestick, you must enable Apps from Unknown Sources. To do so, you can head over to Developer Options from the “My Fire TV” section.

Firestick Developer Options Image

4. After you are given access to install applications from unknown sources you can move further to Update Kodi Amazon Fire TV.

Apps from Unknown Sources Image

5. At this moment, Unknown Sources enabled for your Firestick to install third-party applications.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

Generally speaking, the Kodi on your Firestick not updated automatically. So here’s how to clean and update Kodi on Firestick.

1. If you want to install or update the Kodi application on your Firestick, you’ll need the “Downloader” application.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

2. You must download the “Downloader” application to use third-party apps on your Firestick.

Download Firestick Downloader Image

3. Open the “Downloader” application. Enter the URL https://firesticklab.com/kodi.apk and press “Go.”

Kodi APK URL in Downloader Image

4. At this moment, the Kodi application will start downloading with the latest updates.

Downloader File Downloading Progress Image

5. As the file download will be completed, a window pop-up will ask you to install the latest application.

6. Select the “Done” option after the completion of installing the application.

7. Upon completion of the installation, you can install and delete the downloaded file then and there.

Delete Kodi APK on Firestick Image

8. A confirmation screen will appear after the installation of the application.

9. Now you can start using the latest application with updates and the latest Add-Ons.

How to Update Kodi on Computer?

The below-mentioned steps indicate the step-by-step procedure of installing Kodi on a Computer.

1. Visit https://kodi.tv/download/ to download the Kodi application.

2. After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it to your desktop. You should now have a KodiSetup.exe file on your Windows PC. Open this file by double-clicking on it.

Kodi Setup Image

3. Now, follow the instructions provided in this setup script to update Kodi on your computer.

4. Once you’ve done so, you should see a screen that tells you that the script has been installed and gives you the option to configure it.

5. After you complete the configuration, you can take the benefit of the Kodi application on your computer.

Can I Update A Kodi Add-on?

Yes, it’s possible to update Kodi Add-ons with the help of repositories. An add-on repository is simply a collection of .zip file-s. Kodi comes with its own default repository installed in its source code called the Kodi.tv repository. This is where all the Kodi add-ons stored when you download them from the Kodi Website or Kodi Forums. To update a Kodi add-on, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. After you download the Kodi add-on, make sure the Unknown Source option of your Firestick enabled.

2. Open the Kodi application and access the Add-on option.

Kodi Add-ons Option Image

3. Here you will find an option to install Add-on via zip file.

Install from Zip File Image

4. Once you select your .zip file, a warning message will appear stating, “Your add-on will not update unless the update is hosted in a repository on a remote server.”

Install from Zip Repository Image

5. Now, a window will appear, and you will have to navigate where you stored the .zip file.

6. Once you’ve selected the file, press “Ok” to complete the installation of the Add-on.

How to Automatically Update Kodi on Firestick?

The automatic update of Kodi cannot be initiated on Firestick. Since Kodi is a third-party application, Firestick will not be responsible for maintaining it. Whenever there is a New Update for Kodi, Downloader application can be used easily to update and install the application. You can also use the Downloader application to initiate the updates and installation of files, media, and many other applications available for the Kodi application. Henceforth, to update or install the Kodi application, you must use the “Downloader” application and follow the above process. You need only remember a few steps that can help your system always remain updated and fresh to serve your needs in the greatest possible way.

Kodi Not Updating on FireTV

One of the most common issues you may run into when using Kodi to stream movies with your Firestick device is to stop updating. Kodi not updating on Firestick might occur for many reasons. The most common one is with the Android platform itself that is running Kodi. Another reason for the failure of updating Kodi on FireTV might be a power failure or an interrupted download.

When Firestick Kodi update failed, follow the below-mentioned solution to troubleshoot your updating Kodi application on Firestick.

Icon is not visible: The most common issue among the users is they cannot find the Kodi icon in their Firestick interface. To solve this problem, head on to installed applications and hover over the Kodi app. Next, press the 3-horizontal line button and select the option to move the icon. Now you can place the icon wherever you feel comfortable.

Reboot: The power button is known to work when it comes to resetting a device. If you have tried everything else and still, you cannot update Kodi, then the next thing to do is reboot. The reboot process will clear the cache from all active applications in your Firestick. This will result in smooth and fast performance of the Firestick alongside every application in it. 

Reinstall: Even after rebooting the Firestick, the Kodi application does not update, so reinstalling is the ultimate solution. This will solve all the problems caused due to Add-on or any bug. Simply head on to installed applications and choose Kodi. Now press the 3-horizontal lines button on your remote and select the “Uninstall” option. At this moment, the Kodi application completely removed from your Firestick. You can install the latest version with the help of Downloader as mentioned above.

Deregister your Firestick: However, there is an alternate solution if the Kodi application fails to load in your Firestick. If you face an issue updating the application, you can try deregistering your amazon Firestick and then register again. This method is also found to be very effective if the user does not want to reset their Firestick. To do so, simply head on to the “My Account” option from the settings menu. Hover over your account and select the deregister option. You can register again by using the same account or an alternative account according to your convenience. While registering again, a code verification process will take place from your Amazon account from your mobile or PC.


Does Kodi Update Automatically?

Kodi won’t update automatically in most of the platforms. You need to manually download and install the new version.

What to do if Kodi Not Working After Update?

Simply, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall the latest Kodi version. If still it is not working go for the old version.

Can I Update A Kodi Addon?

Yes, you can update Add-ons on Kodi. Just go to Home screen > Add-ons > Available updates > Click on the Add-on that you want to update and then the downloading and installation of that Add-on starts.


Kodi is great and maybe the best while using it on Fire TV Stick, without any doubt. But if you want a smooth performance from there, you need to make sure it updated regularly. So keep your Kodi app updated and play free movies and TV shows on your stick at any time you want. Kodi is the best platform for streaming digital content, but it’s not available on Amazon Firestick. This article will provide you complete information about installing and updating Kodi on Firestick and how to set it up. So follow the steps as explained above for Kodi newest update and enjoy watching all your favorites on the big screen.

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