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Netflix Turn Off Autoplay – How to Stop Playing Next Episode Automatically?

Most of us spend our free time watching movies, web series, dramas, and all. We have many platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more to watch our favorite shows. They have millions of shows and movies and provide a platform to different production houses to release their movie or series on their platform. Netflix is one of the popular and indeed our preferred platforms for watching our favorite movies and all, but some of us are struggling to turn off Autoplay in it. So read the below-given steps and stop Netflix Autoplay.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on Netflix?

Below are the simple methods to turn off Netflix Autoplay next episodes and trailers or previews. Also, check out how to block particular show or movie for a profile.

1. Netflix Turn Off Autoplay Next Episodes

When you watch any show or series, after completing one episode, the next episode starts playing on your screen immediately. This auto-play feature may come to an advantage for binge-watchers with unlimited internet access. However, if you are disciplined with your screen time and have limited internet access, the auto-play feature will be your stumbling block. So many Netflix customers are looking forward to the feature to turn off the auto-play. Keep going to know how to break off the never-ending binge-watch.

1. Open the browser and click on the link:

Netflix Sign In Page Image

2. Now, Log in to your account.

3. In the upper right corner, click on your profile photo and click on “Manage Profiles.”

Netflix Manage Profiles Option Image

4. Select the Profile.

Netflix Select Profile Image

5. There will be a parental control option, and under it, Netflix Autoplay Settings will be there.

Netflix Autoplay Controls Option Image

6. Disable the “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices” option and click on Save button.

Turn Off Autoplay Next Episode Image

If you want to turn on Autoplay afterward, then you can select that option again. Remember, changing this option from your account will turn off the auto-play option from all devices accessed with your account. Before doing this setting, make sure to refresh your account by signing out and signing in again.

2. Turn Off Netflix Autoplay Trailers

As soon as you start Netflix, trailers of the new movies or web series start playing on your screen. Also, when you are opening Netflix for browsing different shows or movies to watch, they keep on playing, which is very annoying. This auto-playing trailers feature has been one of the default features of Netflix since 2014. Whether you are on any screen other than playing movies, these previews start playing without permission or notification. Now, you can turn off this feature by following the below-given steps.

1. Open your web browser and click on:

2. You have to log in to your Netflix account.

3. Choose your profile by clicking on the profile picture available at the top right corner of the screen.

4. Under the parental control option, click on “Autoplay.”

Netflix Autoplay Controls Option Image

5. Uncheck the 2nd option “Autoplay previews whilst browsing on all devices” and select Save button.

Turn Off Autoplay Previews Image

You are free from annoying previews starting as soon as you open Netflix.

How to Block Shows on Netflix?

1. Open Netflix and log in to your account.

2. Go to the Profile that you want to block the shows and open the Profile & Parental Controls settings.

Netflix Parental Controls Option Image

3. Now change the Viewing Restrictions setting and enter your Netflix account password.

Enter Parental Controls Pin Image

4. Enter the name of the show or movie under the ‘Title Restrictions’ option and select that particular show that you want to block.

Enter Show or Movie Name to Block Image

5. If you want to remove that from the list, just go to the restricted list and click on the close button (X) next to the show title.

Restricted List Image

6. Finally select Save and the shows that you listed under Title Restrictions will be blocked for that particular profile.


Why does Netflix ask ‘Are You Still Watching’?

If you binge-watch three episodes of a show in a row, then Netflix will ask you, “Are you still watching —-?” to make sure you are watching the show.

How to Stop Netflix From Asking Are You Still Watching?

To turn off Netflix ‘Are You Still Watching’ option you have to turn off the autoplay next episodes option in Netflix as shown above.

Netflix Not Playing Next Episode Automatically, What to do?

Go to your Netflix Account > Profile > Manage Profiles > Autoplay Controls > Turn On 1st option that is, “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices”.

Why Does Netflix Keeps Pausing?

Main reason behind this is due to low speed internet connection. When the data is not sufficient or if there is a problem with your internet service, then Netflix will keep pausing or stopping the video. Check the speed of internet at powered by Netflix. If it is good and still you are facing the problem, see whether the Netflix is down or not at Even after trying all these, if your problem is not resolved, uninstall and reinstall the app again. For more, you can contact the Netflix customer support via Chat or Call.


Follow the steps mentioned above and come out of your binge-watching zombie mode. However, before turning off the feature, be aware that all devices with your Netflix account can sync to the auto-play turn-off feature. So now enjoy the TV shows before bedtime without any worry of continuous streaming while you fall asleep.

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