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6 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement Controls with Codes | How to Turn ON & Pair?

Roku is one of the best streaming devices popular in the market with every passing day. Roku has also come up with smart TV brands, and TCL Roku TV is one of them. Its own remote control accompanies every Roku TCL TV. So, if you have lost your TCL Roku remote control or face a problem in operating your device with the remote, you need not worry at all. We have come up with all the fixes that might help you to overcome the remote control issues. Also, you can control your Roku TV without a remote control very comfortably till you get a replacement.

Best TCL Roku TV Replacement Remote Controls

Below are the best 6 Universal Replacement for TCL Roku TV Remote.

1. Logitech Harmony 350

Logitech Harmony 350 is a universal control that is designed to control up to 8 devices. It uses the Harmony software or Harmony mobile app to operate the device in a much smarter way. Install the app on your smart device, and from there, you can add multiple devices, set up Harmony activities, and make the required changes in your configuration. Using the Harmony Hub mobile app makes things easier and more convenient. With the help of a simple guided setup connecting the remote to the internet-connected computer becomes easier.

Logitech Harmony 350 Remote Image

2. Logitech Harmony 650

Using the Logitech Harmony 650 app for controlling the entertainment devices at home is a smarter way to operate your Roku TV. It allows you to control up to 8 devices at a time. The harmony app makes it possible to enter the manufacturer and device model to make the operating process easier. Once the app is set up, you can create activities and watch your favorite shows and videos with just a single click.

Logitech Harmony 650 Image

3. Logitech Harmony Hub

Using the Harmony Hub app for the Logitech device is one of the best and simplest ways to control your device. With this app, you can control your smart home and entertainment devices using a smartphone or tablet. One can add multiple devices, and you can change channels, navigate to raise or lower the volume and control various other operations. You can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Speaker.

Logitech Harmony Hub Image

4. Caavo Control Center

The Caavo Control Center is one of the most trending apps for Roku Tv as it supports voice search by pressing the microphone button. This makes searching any content simpler and does not take time. Being compatible with voice commands, it gives efficient results with Google Home and Alexa devices. In addition, it widely supports a set of apps that can be installed on the device without any hassle.

Caavo Control Center Remote Image

5. Logitech Harmony Companion

The Logitech Harmony Companion app controls up to 8 entertainment devices at a time. Furthermore, this Harmony app will not allow any obstruction to distort the signals, thus letting you use it for objects enclosed in a cabinet. In addition, you can use the Harmony mobile app that makes your device much easier to control. For example, setting up and configuring this mobile app lets you control the Roku TV more smartly.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image

6. Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite offers to be one of the top universal roku remote that can be easily operated using the Harmony app. With the help of the Logitech Harmony Elite app, up to 15 devices can be easily set up and controlled. Moreover, any obstruction in the path won’t prevent the Harmony app from operating the device. It can also be operated with various smart home devices and also for Google Home and Alexa devices.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Image

How to Turn ON TCL Roku TV Without Remote (4 Simple Methods)

Method 1: Turn On TCL Roku TV using Physical Button On TV

You can turn on the TCL Roku TV even without a remote control with the help of the physical buttons on the TV. You can find the physical buttons on the backside of the TV. Locate the power button to turn ON and turn OFF your TCL Roku TV very conveniently.

Turn ON TCL Roku TV with TV Buttons Image

Method 2: How To Turn On Roku TV without Remote Using App?

If you have a lost Roku remote or not working due to any reasons, you need not worry about it. You can still operate your Roku TV without the remote control using the Roku App.

1. From the App Store or Google Play store, get the official TCL Roku TV Remote App for Android device.

Roku Remote App Image

2. Now make sure that your smartphone is connected to the same Wifi network to which your Roku TV is connected.

3. Open the “Roku TV” app and click on the “Devices” icon at the bottom of the app.

Roku App Devices Icon Image

4. Your Roku device option will appear. Select the “Remote icon” corresponding to your Roku TV device.

Remote Icon on Roku App Image

5. The remote layout will appear on your smartphone screen. Now you can easily control your Roku TV using the app.

Roku Remote Layout on Phone Image

Method 3: Turn ON TCL Smart TV with PS4

1. The first thing you need to do is, connect your PS4 console to your TV and then turn on your console.

2. On the homescreen, go to “Settings” and then click on “System Settings.”

Settings System Option Image

3. In the System Settings, select “Enable HDMI Device Link.”

Enable HDMI Device Link Image

4. Now turn off your PS4 once and then start again. Your TCL smart TV will start with the PS4.

Method 4: Turn ON TCL Smart TV with Nintendo Switch

If you are still stuck up with TCL Roku TV remote not working, then try connecting your TV with Nintendo switch using these steps:

1. Connect the Nintendo Switch to your TV using a Dock.

2. Go to the “System Settings” option on the Homescreen.

Nintendo Switch System Settings Icon Image

3. On the left pane, choose “TV Settings.”

4. Scroll down to find “Match TV Power State” and click on it.

Match TV Power State Option Image

5. Now restart your Nintendo switch by turning it off and then again turning on. The connected TCL TV will turn on.

TCL Roku TV Remote Pairing

If your TCL Roku TV remote is not pairing automatically, here are the steps you can adopt to pair it manually.

1. Ensure that you have a fresh pair of batteries in your Roku remote and keep the remote close to the Roku player.

2. Unplug the Roku player and leave it for two minutes. After two minutes, plug in the device back.

3. During the Roku reboot, if you are in the guided setup phase, a message may pair a remote control. This message does not appear if your Roku is already set up.

4. Now remove the battery compartment on the Roku remote. Press the reset button inside the remote compartment and hold it for about three to five seconds.

Reset Roku Remote Image

5. The remote pairing is completed now. You can now use the remote with your device.

TCL Roku Remote Codes

You can allow your cable, satellite, or universal remote to operate your TCL Roku TV for certain features. Using the TCL Roku TV remote code to the corresponding provider, you can program your cable and satellite remote

  ProvidersCodes for TCL Roku TVs
Altice USA1111, 0821, 0001, 3411, 3311, 2801, 4141, 1931, 1661, 1561
ATT U-verse1346
Bright House Cable387,1756
Buckeye Broadband12434, 2434
Cable One2434 
Cablevision / Optimum031
CenturyLink2414, 2434, 3183
Comcast311756, 12434, 12290, 12292
Cox Communications1756, 11756, 12434
DIRECTV Remote Code for TCL Roku TV11756
DISH Network1756, 535, 645
Frontier Communications688
General Communications0031, 0107, 0164, 0004, 0009, 0044, 0054, 0000, 0342, 0003, 0125, 0015, 0022, 0052, 0087
Google Fiber2856
Hawaiian Telcom2434
RCA/Voxx12434,387, 12049
Time Warner387, 1566, 268
Verizon FIOS180
Windstream2414, 2434, 3183
GE Universal RemoteModel 249222891
Logitech Harmony– 
Inteset INT-42210885
Microsoft Xbox OneT1756

Final Thoughts

Operating your TCL Roku TV with the remote is quite simple, but if your remote control is out of order, how will you Turn On TCL Roku Tv Without a Remote. So to pull you out of the dilemma, we have come up with several methods to operate your TCL TV without a remote. Also, this article will serve as a complete guide for using TCL Roku remote, telling you how to pair and use it. You can operate your TCL Roku TV in just simple steps using these methods.

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