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How to Install ShowBox on Amazon Fire TV / Firestick? – 2 Simple Methods

Showbox App is a free-to-use online streaming platform much like Netflix. It allows you to watch a lot of movies and TV shows without spending any money. Yes, you heard that right. Most of the content is even downloadable for offline viewing to have a relaxing time after your work. In this article, we are going to cover two methods to install Showbox for Firestick.

Features of Showbox App

The following features show us why Showbox is considered one of the best apps for streaming online content:-

  • Amazing user interface 
  • Easy installation process 
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and tablets.
  • Huge collection of movies and TV shows. 
  • Regularly upgraded and updated to provide you with the latest movies and TV shows. 
  • All the content is available to you in high definition clarity. 
  • No ad interference

Installing Showbox App on Firestick

Before we start with the methods of installing Showbox on Firestick no computer, we would like to advise you to install a VPN first. Showbox App features a lot of free content. Hence there is a chance that some of the content may be pirated. So to be on the safe side, using a VPN to protect your identity would be a good choice. You can use any VPN you want. There are many free ones available.

Method 1: How to Install Showbox on Firestick using Downloader?

Moving on, we look at two methods that can be used for installing the Showbox for Fire Stick:-

1. Open the Firestick on your Amazon and go to settings and then click on My FireTV/ Device.

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2. Click on developer options and turn on the option that says to allow installation of Apps from Unknown Sources.

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3. Come back to the homepage and search for the Downloader app and install it.

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4. Now, run the app and follow the given instructions to give it permissions.

Download Firestick Downloader Image

5. Now copy-paste this URL on the search bar and press Go after this.

Downloader Enter URL Field Image

6. Download the Showbox App and follow the instructions to install and run the application.

Install ShowBox on Firestick Image

How to Use Showbox on Firestick?

Now return to the homepage, long-press the home button, choose Apps and select Showbox from the list. Finally, Enjoy streaming high definition movies and TV shows on Showbox on Firestick.

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Method 2: Installing Showbox for Firestick using Aptoide

Another method to add Showbox to Firestick can be done through android Third-party Apps like Aptoide. Let’s see how to download Showbox on Firestick through Aptoide:

1. Open the downloader app on your Firestick and type in this URL

AptoideTV on Firestick Image

2. Install the app and then search for Showbox. A warning sign may appear saying that this application won’t work but ignore this now as we will address this later.

Download Showbox for FireStick using Aptoide Image

3. Start installing the Showbox App and follow the instructions that come up on the screen.

Install Show Box on Fire TV using AptoideTV Image

4. Now, wait till a notification pops up saying that the app has been installed successfully.

Show Box App Installed on FireTV Image

Now, you can start streaming content on Firestick. A common problem that arises here is that you may not be able to navigate because of the restrictions placed by Firestick (you can only scroll up and down). A simple method to bypass this is to install a Mouse Toggle. Simply go to your Downloader app in Firestick and type in Mouse Toggle and install the app. Open the app and follow the instructions given, and you will be able to navigate quite easily on the Showbox App on Firestick. Enjoy your stream!

Showbox Firestick Not Working

If your Showbox on Firestick stops working, you can try the following methods:

  1. Try clearing your cache and data. This should work on most issues.
  2. Check if you have given all the permissions for the app to work smoothly.
  3. Change your default settings of the app.
  4.  You can try force-stopping the app (option in settings).
  5. If nothing else works, uninstall and install the app again.


Is downloading Showbox legal?

Whether Showbox is legal or not depends on your country. Typically, Showbox is not classified as an illegal app, although because of its vast amount of free content, it can be considered illegal due to piracy or copyright.
To avoid any issues, you should download a VPN to keep your identity private and protected and thus avoid any security issues.

Can You Download Showbox on Firestick?

Direct download is not possible. You need to download Showbox APK for Firestick using third-party apps like Downloader, ES File Explorer, etc.

Is Showbox Free?

Yes, Showbox is completely free. You can watch all your favorite shows and movies without any subscription fees.

Does Showbox Work on Firestick?

Some versions of Showbox won’t work on Firestick. So, make sure to install the working versions.


The Showbox App is an extremely popular choice to watch free movies and TV shows both online and offline. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to avoid any hassles and enjoy your leisure time. The extensive collection of movies and Tv shows that it possesses makes this app worth having.

We have outlined two methods through which you can download the ShowBox App for Firestick. However, there may be some issues regarding the navigation through ShowBox on Firestick. To avoid this, it’s best to install a Mouse Toggle to have a smoother experience. So now you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows just by clicking on the ShowBox App!

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