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Best Samsung Universal TV Remote Controls | Simple Guide on Programming & Codes

Samsung universal remote enables a user to navigate and search through the content effortlessly. Moreover, Samsung TV users have a great advantage to the widespread of varied Samsung replacement remotes that can be replaced when the original device starts to show off some technical glitches. Before getting into how to pair and set up the Samsung remote control to your Samsung Smart TV, let’s have a look at some universal remote models you could opt for when your original remote stops functioning.

Top 4 Best Universal Remotes for Samsung TV

Comparing and examining hundreds of universal Samsung remote controls, we have come down to 4 of the top compatible Samsung TV replacement remote controls.

1. Samsung Smart TV All Models Compatible Remote

Our first pick is the model from Samsung itself, which is compatible with almost all Samsung Smart TV models. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and set-up process so you can pair the device within minutes. This Samsung Smart TV universal remote uses Infrared Technology that is used for all its operational tasks. Also, it has a rough built-up and comes with an ergonomic design which makes it handy to use. Since it does not require any sort of programming to be done, just insert the batteries, and it’s connected.

Samsung Smart TV Remote for All Models Image

2. Angrox Universal Remote Control for Samsung TV

This is one of the best sellers on our list; Angrox has designed this universal remote to access all functions of the Smart TV and the 3D functions. Adding to it, this universal remote works well with all Samsung 3D LED, LCD, HDTV, and Smart TV models. Angrox remote control operates with Infrared Technology and has a maximum connectivity transmission distance of 10m. This Samsung Universal remote has a sturdy body and comes with a comfortable grip design. No programming is required for the remote just tuck in AAA batteries, and you are ready to go.

Angrox Universal Remote Control for Samsung TV Image

3. CooLux Universal Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV

This CooLux universal remote control is known to be the perfect clone for the Samsung remote. It is one of the most affordable replacement remotes for Samsung Smart TVs. You can get it by investing just a few dollars. This Samsung remote replacement structure is slim compared to our previous picks, which makes it easier to hold while navigating. Like our previously mentioned remote models, CooLux also uses Infrared Technology to pair up with the Samsung TV. No setup or programming is needed. Just fit in the batteries and ready to be used.

CooLux Universal Remote Control Image

4. AMZJK Universal Samsung Smart TV Replacement Remote

One of the best simple and stable working remotes for replacing your Samsung TV remote is the AMZJK universal remote. This remote model is truly the best if you own a Smart TV since it has been crafted with functions that are operational only in the latest Samsung Smart TV models. On the other hand, it also works well with other Samsung TV models. It uses Infrared Technology that has connectivity that ranges to 8m. No need for any sort of configuration or programming. Just fix the batteries and start by using them. Moreover, the AMZJK universal Samsung TV remote comes at a very reasonable price range with a great performance system.

AMZJK Universal Samsung Smart TV Remote Image

How to Program Universal Remote for Samsung TV?

With the help of Samsung TV remotes codes, you can set up a wide range of remotes to enable the user to turn on the TV or adjust the volume. In order to set up the remote control, make use of the following steps listed below.

1. Begin by clicking the “Menu” button on your remote control.

Samsung TV remote menu buttons image

2. Navigate to “Menu” on your Samsung TV home page screen.

Samsung TV home screen image

3. Scroll down and go to “System” and then click “Device Manager.”

Samsung TV System Option Image

4. At this step, you need to set up the Universal Remote on your “Setup” section.

5. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions for Samsung Universal Remote setup.

How to Program Samsung Universal Remote without Codes?

Every universal remote has gone through a scanning test and processed into the universal remote device. Go through the following steps to see how you could program your Samsung remote without codes.

1. Power on your smart device like “TV,” which you would want the remote to operate.

Samsung TV Power Button Image

2. Turn on the remote, tap on the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for a couple of seconds. At this point, the device will flash an LED light to indicate that the device is ready to be programmed.

3. Next, point out the remote to the device and click the “CH+” and “CH- “buttons. Now the remote will show on/off signal indications.

4. Press on the ‘Up’ and “Down” keys continuously till the device switches off completely.

5. Verify the code by selecting the “Power” key. The device must turn on at this point; you can check if the remote has been programmed correctly by changing the channels.

Samsung Smart TV Remote Power Button Image

6. Now click “Device” to save the current remote code. The LED light installed in the device will start to blink twice to confirm the code.

How to Program Samsung Remote with Manual Method?

At times Samsung buttons may get out of sync accidentally while pressing the wrong set of buttons and deprogram your remote from the TV. In such a case, you will need to program your Samsung TV remote control again to get it linked back to your TV.

1. Turn Off your Samsung TV completely by holding and pressing the power off button located at the bottom of your TV set.

Turn off Samsung TV Image

2. Press down the “TV” button on your remote device. This will indicate the remote that it is pairing with a TV so it will let out appropriate connecting signals during the process.

Samsung Smart TV Remote Power Button Image

3. Make use of a small paper pin or a toothpick to press on the tiny indented “Set” button situated at the bottom of your universal Samsung TV remote.

Samsung TV remote Set with Pin Image

4. Next, use the link in the resource section and find the correct code for your TV. Type the 3-digit code on the number pad of your remote control device. If the first code you typed in doesn’t work, keep typing the next codes from the list until you get the code that fits in.

5. Now, press the “Power” button on your TV remote. If your TV turns on, it indicates that the code has worked, but if it does not connect, continue pressing different codes until your TV turns on.

Samsung TV Remote Codes

This list contains several Universal remote codes for Samsung TV. Although the first code may not work in certain cases, you may have to type in several codes to get the remote paired with the correct one.

1. All-in-one Remote Codes

These all-in-one remote codes fit almost all devices, such as Smart TV or a normal Standard TV. They can be in a 3-digit code form or a 5-digit code. In addition, remotes that all-in-one codes can connect are compatible with most television brands. 

  • 573
  • 507
  • 265
  • 10482
  • 10408
  • 11575
  • 0076
  • 0085
  • 0172
  • 0358

2. Samsung IR Remote Control Codes

Below is the list of the codes for IR remotes to get connected to any Samsung TV. These codes can be used with almost all the universal remotes if the remote needs a 3, 4, or 5-digit code.   

  • 3601
  • 0161
  • 0261
  • 0051
  • 1181
  • 3211
  • 3711
  • 2141
  • 2551
  • 0301
  • 1561
  • 2401
  • 1661
  • 3771
  • 3661
  • 3711
  • 3821
  • 4111
  • 4841
  • 5191
  • 3921
  • 3881
  • 3741
  • 4101
  • 5201
  • 3211
  • 3921
  • 3911
  • 3811
  • 3861
  • 3831
  • 3811

3. Samsung 4 Digit Remote Control Codes

Samsung 4-digit codes can be used for all universal remotes, which need to be paired to your Samsung TV with a 4-digit code. They are fit to work well with almost all universal remote brands.

  • 1663
  • 2065
  • 1305
  • 0644
  • 4086
  • 1859
  • 1840
  • 0178
  • 1423
  • 0606
  • 0037
  • 0714
  • 1842
  • 0715
  • 1681
  • 0109
  • 0361
  • 0556
  • 0698
  • 1637
  • 1235
  • 1249
  • 0208
  • 1506
  • 0090
  • 0150
  • 1060
  • 0072
  • 0482
  • 0092
  • 0264
  • 0519
  • 0370
  • 0774
  • 0587
  • 0056

4. Samsung Blue Ray Universal Remote Code

A Samsung Blu-Ray player is nothing but offers the highest level of resolution for movies and TV shows. It has a full HD playback with up to 1920 x 1080 resolution and further advantages of 3D capability. Here is the list of codes that are compatible to the blu-ray universal remote.

  • 0199
  • 12051
  • 10812
  • 10702
  • 10060
  • 20199
  • 31868
  • 10766
  • 20573
  • 11903
  • 22069
  • 11060
  • 21075
  • 20240
  • 31295
  • 31500
  • 22329
  • 22369
  • 21470
  • 22489
  • 01877
  • 21044
  • 20820
  • 10650
  • 10814
  • 22556
  • 10178
  • 20490
  • 20045
  • 01982
  • 31304
  • 20744

How to Control Samsung TV with Alexa?

1. First, power on Samsung TV as well as Amazon Alexa voice player. Make sure that both the devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network connection.

2. Now you will need to make use of the SmartThings App to set up your Smart TV. Next, sign in to your Samsung account over your Smart TV.

3. Download the Samsung SmartThings App as well as Amazon Alexa App. Now, make sure you log into both accounts at the same time.

SmartThings App on Phone Image

4. Discover your Samsung Smart TV on the SmartThings App. Doing this will let you treat it as a basic device and get connected to your Alexa speaker easily.

5. Go to the Devices menu located at the bottom of the page and select “Add Device.” While your TV is on Power On mode, it will quickly find it and connect to it.

SmartThings App Add Device Option Image

6. Once your phone has paired to the TV, now select your Samsung Smart TV and click on the button at the immediate right to its name to enable it.

Samsung Smart TV pairing with Phone Image

7. Next, open your Amazon Alexa App and discover your Smart speaker. Select the “Devices” button from the menu at the bottom end of the home page. Your Smart speaker device should show up on this page.

Amazon Alexa App Devices Option Image

8. The Amazon Alexa app enables the Samsung SmartThings skill and sign into it with your Samsung account.

Sign in Samsung SmartThings Image

9. The moment you enable the Samsung Smart TV Remote App i.e., SmartThings, your Alexa speaker will automatically pair to your Smart TV. With this, you can now use Alexa for all your Samsung TV operations.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working – Fixes

Remove Batteries and Unplug the TV System

  • Take the batteries out of the remote and unplug the power supply to your TV from the wall.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and plug the power supply back again. Wait till the TV turns on. 
  • Put back the batteries in the remote, and check whether your remote has started to work.

Check your Network Connection

It’s simple, without a proper and stable internet connection there are very slight chances of your Smart TV and remote to work well. Here’s what you can do.

  • Unplug the modem, router, and TV cord.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and plug them back in.
  • Check and see whether your remote has started to function as needed.

Clean the IR Sensor of the Remote

You can implement this solution within seconds. Just blow on the terminals of the sensor and the cable that is linked to the board. They might have gotten dusty, which disturbs the signal received from the remote. You can then do the same thing for your remote sensor, clean it carefully and turn it on.

Change Batteries

Another obvious reason for your Samsung TV remote not to work is due to drained-out batteries. Whenever your TV remote stops working, the first thing you must check is whether the batteries are out of charge. Then, insert new batteries and power on your remote again.


We hope our guide for the Samsung universal remote has benefited you in answering all the technical issues relating to your Samsung Smart TV remote. The universal TV remotes listed above are compatible with almost every Samsung TV, whether 3D, LCD, or Smart TV. Furthermore, these remotes and their basic remote features offer advanced features such as connecting to voice assistant devices for convenient TV controls. Also, we have covered the technical issues your remote could face and how you could fix them with simple and basic solutions.

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