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Best Universal Remote for Roku | Step-by-Step Guide on Pairing/Reset

Roku is an incredible streaming device that offers unlimited games and movies. These Roku boxes are simple to use and offer a huge variety of TV channels with an excellent HD quality resolution. There are several Roku players, and the best part is that each of their remotes can be interchangeable with all the players, whether the latest version or the older ones. There are various Roku remotes in the market and which fits best for your needs is the ideal question. We will offer a solution to you where you can pick out the best Roku universal remote that can be replaceable and that offers extensive features.

Best Roku Universal Remote Controls

These universal remotes listed below can fit in most of the Roku player devices. In addition, they are affordable and come with multiple features.

1. Logitech Harmony Smart Control

This Logitech Harmony Smart control features its control range of up to eight devices and works well with 27,000+ devices from 6000+ brands, including Roku. Logitech smart remote also offers a smartphone app that fits both Android and iOS mobiles. Moreover, it offers 50 channel icons, volume control, and media playback. This is also well known as Roku Voice Remote. Not just voice control, but the Harmony remote is a step ahead. It works with Roku that is linked with IR and Bluetooth.

Logitech Harmony Remote Image

2. Inteset INT-422 Backlit IR Learning Remote

One of the best affordable Roku replacement remotes that has been pre-programmed and designed for Apple TV, Xbox One, Media Center, and Roku. Inteset INT-422 is a 4-in-1 universal remote that offers features such as volume and channel lock for added security for children. Another eye-catching feature is the ultimate set-up of macro programming that allows a user to program channels up to 32 commands with just a single button.

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3. Logitech Harmony Companion

Logitech Harmony Companion is one of the top picks where buyers look for the most compatible remote for Roku. Adding to it, this remote is supported with an Amazon Alexa certification. Logitech Harmony Companion is also suitable to pair with home gadgets hidden between cabinet walls and doors. With a simple setup process, this Roku universal remote can work with more than 270,000 devices.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image

4. Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote

Sofabaton U1 is another best universal remote Roku compatible with. This replaceable remote comes with a quick set-up process. Instead of entering all that several codes to pair your remote to the console, the only thing you need to do is to download the Sofabaton U1 app on your phone. After you have downloaded the app, it takes just a few minutes to pair the device. This Sofabaton U1 remote is a budget-friendly pick compared to other Roku universal remote controls. It works with all infrared and Bluetooth devices.

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Types of Roku Remote Control

Roku players have two kinds of remote systems, which are:

1. Roku Enhanced Remote

Roku also refers to these remotes as “point anywhere” remotes. This enhanced Roku remote depends on RF (Radio Frequency) to send commands to the gamer. These remotes do not need any single pathway of sight, which means the remote can be blocked by obstacles but still perform well. You can sort the difference if you own an enhanced remote since a pairing button will be situated remotely to connect the player.

2. Standard IR (Infrared) Remote

These standard IR remotes are the traditional types of remotes that transmit a beam of infrared light to your Roku player. Most of the Roku devices do not come with these remotes, but the older versions of Roku boxes support these remotes. Unfortunately, these standard IR remotes require a direct line of sight with the Roku console, and it won’t work if any obstacle in front of it blocks the signal.

List of Roku Player Remotes

Roku Ultra Remote

The first model is the Roku Ultra remote that has been updated with a much posh design and a stronger Wi-Fi system. Also, this Ultra remote has a feature to stream in amazing Dolby vision. This multifunctional remote features dual-bandwidth Wi-Fi, voice search and comes with an Ethernet port for much more stable wired network connections. Also, for those of you who love streaming movies and TV shows at night, Roku Ultra Remote offers a headphone jack on the remote so you can stream in silence when others are asleep. Another impressive feature is its night listening mode, wherein it levels out audio when there is an explosion scene in the movie so it won’t disturb the household.

Roku Ultra Remote Image

Roku Streaming Stick Remote

Roku Streaming Stick Remote has been one of the best Roku remotes so far for most gamers. Sleek and lightweight that offers a lot of packed features to make your streaming much more enjoyable. This streaming stick works with HD and 4K HDR televisions and easily plugs into your TV’s HDMI port socket. Plus, a second cable port plugs into a USB port for the power supply. Roku Stick Remote offers voice search, volume, power control, dual-band Wi-Fi and connects to longer network ranges of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. This is a handy remote for gamers who live in apartments since other Wi-Fi connections can interfere with the connection. Before going out to pick this option, make sure your TV has an HDMI port of 4 inches to stick the Roku streaming stick remote in it.

Roku Streaming Stick Remote

Roku Express Remote

Roku Express Remote has similar features to the remotes mentioned above. However, this streaming remote is compatible with users with a standard HDTV and not Ultra HD. It offers the same Roku menu channels but does not have certain features such as voice search and to control the TV’s volume controls. Another feature is that it uses infrared (IR) to operate, which means if the remote is out of sight from the Roku box, it won’t function. Moreover, the Roku Express Remote works well if you have a composite cable and an old tube TV.

Roku Express Remote Image

TCL Roku TV Remote

TCL 5 series Roku remote is the remote for TCL TV that supports an in-built Roku console. If you opt for the TCL 5 series, it comes with a Dolby Vision resolution. TCL Roku remote is simple to set up and comes with an easy-to-navigate user interface. This is truly a great option if you are looking out for a new TV and getting a Roku gaming console. Plus, by connecting the Roku mobile app, you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows.

TCL Roku TV Remote Image

How to Pair Roku Remote to TV?

To know how to program a Roku Remote, follow the below step-by-step process.

Pair Roku IR Remote

  • Plug your Roku remote device into your TV power source outlet. 
  • Next, change the TV set-up to the HDMI input of your Roku device.
  • Insert new batteries into the new Roku remote.
  • Press any button on the remote, and your remote will automatically start to pair with your TV.

Pair Enhanced Roku Device

  • To connect your Roku Express Enhanced remote, first, insert new batteries in the battery compartment.
  • Turn on your TV and change the set-up to HDMI input for your Roku device.
  • Place the Roku remote right in front of your Roku device.
  • Now, wait till the pairing process is complete. You will see a message that reads “Pairing remote” displayed on your screen, after which the remote will be paired.

How to Reset Roku Remote?

In case your Roku remote freezes, you can reset the Roku remote and start using it again. To reset the Roku remote device, follow the following steps.

  • Unplug the Roku player box from the main power outlet source.
  • Remove the batteries out from the battery compartment of your Roku remote
  • After a minute, plug your Roku player back into the power outlet.
  • Now, you will see the Roku logo on your screen. At this point, insert new batteries into the Roku remote.
  • Next, press and hold the pairing button situated under the battery compartment until the pairing light begins to flash on the remote. Wait till the Roku remote has completed its pairing process.
Reset Roku Remote Image

How to Connect Roku to Wifi without Remote?

All latest versions of Roku players use wifi connectivity to connect to a network. At times it becomes tricky when you have to connect your remote to a new device, and you do not know the Wii-Fi password. In such cases, if you remember the wifi network name and the password that is saved on your device, you can connect the player with the help of your mobile hotspot. The Roku user will need access to two mobile devices to complete this task. In short, one mobile for a hotspot, and the other one is a Roku universal remote.

1. Open the “Settings” page on your Android phone and tap on “Mobile Hotspot.” Next, set up the mobile hotspot to open the “Hotspot Menu.”

Mobile Hotspot Setup Image

2. Click on “Ok” when a notice on the Data Usage prompts you.

3. Next, from the “Set up Mobile Hotspot” menu, insert the Wi-Fi network information that has been saved in your Roku player device. Type in the Network name and navigate down to enter the password.

Setup Mobile Hotspot Password Image

4. Save the latest Hotspot connection that you have created. Further, review the settings page and your connection information and click ‘Ok” to activate the mobile Hotspot.

How to Turn On Roku TV Without Remote?

You can operate the Roku Player even if you do not have a remote with the help of the Roku mobile app. But, first, make sure your mobile device is linked to the same network connection as the Roku player.

Turn On Roku TV without Remote Image
  • Install and Launch the Roku mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the “Remote” icon that is located at the bottom of the screen
  • You will get a display that is almost identical to the physical hardware remote. 
  • Next, to operate, you simply need to swipe the virtual Roku remote buttons instead of button taps.

How to Update Wi-Fi Settings On Roku Without a Remote?

  • Use two mobile phones to connect the mobile hotspot to the gaming console and the second one for the Roku mobile app.
  • Now, using the Roku mobile app as a remote, navigate to “Network Settings.”
  • Next, change the “Network Settings” and match the new Wi-Fi network connection you would like to link to the Roku console.
  • Turn off the mobile hotspot on your mobile and connect the Roku device to the new Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now, use the Roku TV remote app as if you are holding the hardware version of the Roku remote.


We hope our guide has helped you figure out how to use a Roku Universal Remote. Also, our list of the best Roku remotes will help you select the ideal remote that fits your needs. As you know, even the best of Smart TV models benefit from a separate streaming device such as Roku that offers all popular apps in just one interface. In addition, Roku supports all major streaming services. Now it has also bagged in Peacock and HBO Max. These Roku remotes make streaming an easy task with features such as voice search, Wi-Fi, headphone jacks, and much more.

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