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Can we use Wireless Keyboard for Roku TV? – Easy Solutions to Connect

Laced with abundant and varied features, Roku offers a wide range of connectivity that makes clients use gadgets conveniently. For better optimization and faster searching, people are getting keyboards that overcome remote scrolling jobs. The Roku remote with keyboard are a perfect solution that eases usage and lets us operate devices flawlessly. Many such gizmos offer Bluetooth connectivity that makes pairing and connecting like a child’s play. Using the Roku keyboard app is another way to have increased productivity by streaming at our own comfort. For more details about how to deal with Roku keyboards and their connectivity, you have landed at the right place. Here we go:

Roku Keyboard Solutions

You can now use your Roku keyword on phone to enter the text on Roku. But this needs the Roku App on your mobile or tablet. The steps to install are,

  1. Go to the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Search and install the Roku official app from there.
  3. After installation open the App and log in with your Roku account details.
  4. You can see the virtual version of remote with which you can access.
  5. However, you can also use the Keyboard option with app to eliminate the slow typing issue faced while using Roku on screen keyboard with remote.

Roku App

If at all an individual gets stuck up while using a Roku keyboard, they can anytime use smartphones to operate devices with the official Roku app. It assists in controlling appliances to a great extent. This app is integrated with the keyboard but using voice commands anyone can conveniently operate some features like changing channels. This service is available on the Apple store and Google Play store.

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Roku App Keyboard Fixes

While using this keyboard, many people face common trouble: Roku app keyboard not working. To help fix such issue, adopt these methods:

  • Restart: Restarting devices helps a lot to experience uninterrupted and better performance. So, restarting a Roku gadget and its remote might help resolve any problems. Remove batteries from its remote to restart it. Regarding its gizmo, take the power cord out and then plug it in after 2-3 minutes. Now check for its efficient working.
  • Re-pairing: For pairing your control again to Roku’s player, remove batteries and let the home screen appear on your TV. Install batteries again and press and hold the pairing button for a few seconds. When its repairing process is complete, a flashing light will appear. Wait for a few seconds to establish a proper pairing connection.
  • Wi-fi Settings: With an improper wi-fi connection, users will not be able to access their remote properly. An unstable connection does not allow TV and remote to pair properly. It is preferable to have a wireless channel such as 1, 6, and 11 with a 2.4GHz network.

Browser Remote for Roku

Connecting your Roku player with its app via your home network also works in many cases. When its keyboard is not working, by adopting this method, use an arrow control for commanding. Just open Chrome on an Android phone or Safari on an iPhone and enter the IP address on the settings screen. Now users can manage their TVs efficiently.

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Logitech Harmony Keyboard

Logitech Harmony keyboard is a perfect solution for overcoming any tedious tasks of using controls. This technology-based console requires a little tech-based knowledge for setup. But once done, it becomes quite convenient and comfortable to work with. Overall, it is the best Roku compatible keyboard.

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Are Keyboards Compatible With Roku TV?

Not all keyboards are compatible with this server. A compatible keyboard can only work with a Roku application. Any other program that uses External Control Protocol can also be fruitful to connect a console.

Does Roku Have Bluetooth?

Many Roku smart devices like the TCL 6 series lack Bluetooth, but they still provide a smart wireless listening feature. However, Roku has now expanded its private listening feature allowing us to connect with Bluetooth media.

How To Connect Wireless Keyboard To Roku TV?

You can’t connect your wireless keyboard directly to Roku as there is no standard physical option available as of now. But with Remote app on your phone, you can control Roku with wireless keyboard.


Operating a Roku TV becomes a tough task if you do not have a proper means to control it. Getting an appropriate keyboard for Roku Tv requires a little research. Its Bluetooth keyboard or a USB console might work but with its app’s aid. To make the best use of its clavier, this article will be very helpful. A few methods for overcoming keyboard remote issues have also been enlisted above. These might serve as an aiding hand to fix problems that hold you back to have a better experience.

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