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Best RCA Universal Remotes | How to Program with/without Code Search Button?

RCA Universal remote control makes things easier for you if you need to operate multiple smart devices. But these remote controls might require a little study to start with. To serve you better, we have come up with this article to let you know how to use RCA universal remote. You can program RCA Remote Control to your TV in no time by following the simple steps mentioned below. As soon as you go through this article, you will get all the RCA remote instructions that will make things easier. You can operate your RCA Smart TV by employing a universal remote without any difficulty.

RCA Universal Remote Instructions

Using RCA TV Remote makes controlling the smart device quite simpler and easier. But if you are aware of these certain things, it will add-on to the convenient operating process. 

  • The CH and VOL keys on the remote have dual functions. In the menu systems, they act as navigation keys, and outside the menu function, they act as channel and volume controller keys.
  • The channel key also provides skip forward and skip back control when using DVD players.
  • Since the remote is compatible to be used for several devices, before operating, press the appropriate device button on the remote. This makes the remote prepared for that particular device mode.
  • Use the backlight feature to control the remote in a better way, even in the dark.

Method 1: How to Program RCA Universal Remote Without Code Search Button?

If you are looking forward to programming RCA Universal Remote Control but do not have a code search button, you can still do it by following these steps.

1. Find the revision number of your remote control on the backside of the remote.

RCA remote control revision number image

2. Check the brand name that you are using. It can be found on the top or bottom of the remote.

RCA brand name on remote image

3. To open the RCA remote code finder page go to http://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/remote-code-finder/ in the web browser of your computer.

RCA remote code finder page image

4. On the left side of the page find the “Revision Number” heading. Click on the drop down box below it.

Revision Number Section on Remote Code Finder Image

5. In the drop down menu list look for the code matching the one that you found on your remote control.

Select Remote Revision Code Image

6. Now go to the “Device Brand Name” and click on it to get the drop down menu.

Device Brand Name Section in Remote Code Finder Image

7. From the list generated in the drop down menu select the brand of your remote control.

Select a Device Brand Image

8. On the extreme right of the page go to the “Device type” option.

Device Type Section in Remote Code Finder Image

9. Select the type of device for which you want to use the remote, for eg. if you are using the remote for TV click on the “Television” option.

Select a Device Type Television Image

10. You might see at least one four digit in the middle of the screen. You can see more than one code also depending upon the type of device you are using. Review these codes.

Your Device Codes List Image

11. Now power on the device with which you are trying to connect the remote.

Power ON TV Image

12. On the remote, hold that particular device button, like hold the “TV” button if you want to program it for TV.

TV Button on Remote Image

13. Type that 4-digit code that you have just discovered, while holding down the device button on your remote.

Hold TV Button and Enter Code Image

14. Release the device button on your remote to enter the code. Now it will start programming your device which is indicated by the LED flash light.

Remote LED Flash Light Image

Method 2: How to Program RCA Remote to TV Using Auto Code Search

If you do not know the code for your remote control and are unable to search for it, you can still program the universal remote control for RCA TV with these steps.

1. Turn your TV on with which you wish to program your remote to.

2. Press the “TV” button on your remote and release it.

Release TV Button on Remote Image

3. Press the “TV” button again along with the “Power” button. The power button will turn off and will automatically come again. Release both the buttons now.

Press Power and TV Button Image

4. On your remote, press and release the “Play” button once and after a few seconds check whether your TV is turning off. If this happens then your device has found the correct code. If the device is still on, press the play button again and repeat the process.

Remote Play Button Image

5. After that press the “Reverse” button and release every two seconds till the device turns back on. When this happens, it means the remote has searched for the right code.

6. Press the “Stop” button in order to save the code.

Stop Button on Remote Image

Method 3: Programming Remote Via IR Learning

RCA universal remotes can also be programmed using IR learning method, if it supports IR. For this place the universal remote and the device remote pointing towards each other.

1. Press the desired device button, like “TV” or any other device that you want to connect.

TV Button on Remote Image

2. Now activate the learning mode for your universal remote. If you cannot find this option on your remote, take the help of the user guide to know which button serves this feature.

3. Press any feature button on the universal remote (like volume up) and then press the same feature button on the device remote (volume up button).

4. Repeat these steps for all the functions that you want to duplicate on the universal remote. In this way you can set all the features and thus program the remote to your device.

5 Best RCA Universal Remotes

1. RCA 4 Device Universal Remote

RCA 4-device remote is an easy to use product that can easily replace any remote comfortably. This easy to program remote is a perfect match to consolidate your original remote that supports over 325 brands. It is compatible with several devices such as TV, DVD/VCR, DVR/AUX, and SAT/CBL/DTC. Being provided with a complete menu and guide support, it becomes convenient to operate the device. You can get various options like Sleep, channel lock, and PIP/Swap. It works on 2 AAA batteries that are sold separately.

RCA 4-device Remote Image

2. GE Backlit 8 Device

GE universal remote controls are designed to control the devices of almost all brands. This remote control can operate up to 8 audio and video devices such as TVs, Blu-ray/DVD players, cable/satellite receivers, soundbars, and more. Equipped with a simple set up it is easy to use and program. It also comes pre-programmed for many devices, thereby no worries of programming the remote to the device. Furthermore, with the help of a master volume key, you can adjust the volume levels in an easy-going manner, irrespective of whatever device you are using.

GE Backlit 8 Universal Remote Image

3. Logitech Harmony Elite

The Harmony Elite device is one of the best choices for people looking for a perfect universal remote. It can control up to 15 devices at a time. You can also use this Harmony Elite to work with smart devices such as Philips Hue Lights and Ecobee Smart Thermostat. Due to its easy setup and intuitive interface, it becomes quite easy for users to operate this device. It has a colorful touch screen and physical buttons that make the operation convenient and helps in getting to your favorite channels in no time. Though a little expensive, it can work with a large number of devices smoothly and effortlessly. No doubt it comes up to be one of the best among the touch screen remotes and is most suitable for Google Chrome and Alexa devices.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Image

4. Harmony Companion

The Logitech Harmony Companion is a simpler product that can control smart devices along with entertainment devices. It can control up to 8 devices at a time and can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant. Due to the presence of a physical numeric keypad, it becomes easier to operate this remote. You can also jump to any specific channel of your choice without any difficulty. This Logitech Harmony Companion does not have any kind of screen display. It is required to be operated using physical buttons only. Since the Harmony Hub accompanies it, you can even hide AV components and operate comfortably.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image

5. Logitech Harmony Hub

This device from Logitech is equipped with smart features and is one of its kind from the Harmony list. With the help of Logitech Harmony Hub, you can control your devices in a simpler and better way. It does not contain any actual physical remote device or buttons and can be operated easily. The Harmony app is compatible with Android and iOS, and you can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Speaker. This smart hub device can be set well inside a cabinet emitting infrared, Bluetooth, or Wifi signals that reach your device.

Logitech Harmony Hub Image


Programming the universal remote for RCA TV just by pressing a few keys is now possible with the help of this article. The various programming methods of programming the remote to your TV will help you overcome any issues while setting up the remote. With the help of RCA universal remote codes, you can use the remote control for numerous brands and models quite comfortably. RCA remote programming becomes quite convenient when you are well aware of the remote.

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