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5 Best Universal Remote Controls for PS4 with Quick User Guide

Gaming Consoles have truly advanced themselves since their launch years ago. They now offer more features than just simply playing video games. The PS4 gaming console has still dominated the charts for one of the best gaming consoles in the market. The main reason for its immense popularity is its price, performance, and extensive pack of games. When you use PS4 to stream movies and web series, you would like to have a remote that would do all the work for you with just a press. Here, in our guide, we shall break down the 5 best PlayStation remote controls that come in an affordable price range.

What is the Best PlayStation 4 Remote Control?

Below are the 5 best remote controls for PS4. Check out the features of each remote and choose the right one.

  1. PDP Universal Remote
  2. PDP Bluetooth Enabled Remote
  3. The PDP Cloud Remote
  4. Harmony Elite
  5. Harmony Companion

Top 5 PS4 Remote Controls

1. PDP Universal Remote

PDP has created an inexpensive yet multifunctional remote control that is its model PDP Universal Remote. This remote has a sleek and sturdy design structure that makes it comfortable to use while streaming for long hours. This PlayStation 4 Universal Remote can control your gaming console via Bluetooth and HDTV or set-top box over infrared. The buttons are ergonomically placed on the remote, so you get access to them at the tip of your finger when navigating.

Most navigation and playback options such as play, pause, rewind, stop, and fast-forward are perfectly controlled by this PS4 TV remote. This has a very similar design to the PS3 Bluetooth media remote and is an ideal companion for an HDTV or a Blu-ray player. To set the remote, you simply need to pair the PDP Universal remote with your PlayStation 4 over Bluetooth, which takes just a couple of minutes to do so. Moreover, an infrared (IR) emitter built into the remote lets the user control other home theatre devices by programming them into the remote’s system.  

PDP Universal Remote Image


  • Compatible with HDTV, Set-top box, and amps
  • Connects PS4 console via Bluetooth pairing
  • Includes dedicated PS4 buttons for navigation
  • PlayStation official licensed product

2. PDP Bluetooth Enabled Remote

PDP Bluetooth Enabled Remote is known for its seamless performance and quick interface navigation system. This Bluetooth-enabled PS4 remote uses Bluetooth to control the entire PS4 interface. One of the best features that incline many users to purchase this remote model is that it comprises both large controller controls as well as an important cluster of media-specific controls. As a result, you can control hundreds of PS4 media apps with a PDP Bluetooth Enabled Remote. Also, the PS4 can be powered on and off with it.

Furthermore, this universal media remote for Playstation4 is known for having a long battery life. It does not use too much battery energy while operating. PDP Bluetooth enabled remote has to be paired just once with the PS4 just once, also whenever it is used, it must always be linked with a user. Adding to it, this remote behaves just like the PS4 controller so that you can have both a controller and a remote assigned to one device.

PDP Bluetooth Enabled Remote Image


  • Bluetooth connection with a 30+ foot range
  • Works with two AAA batteries 
  • Acts like a controller as well as a standard remote
  • Dedicated Play, Pause, and other playback buttons
  • Can power on and off PS4 gaming console
  • Compatible with TV, AVR, and Cable box via IR

3. PDP Cloud Remote

The newly launched PDP cloud remote has hit the right target by offering a remote for your PS4 console to access all your TV, sports, and movies all in just one place. This cloud technology-based remote takes just seconds to pair up with your PS4 system. Just hold down the PlayStation button, and the Share button will put the remote into pairing mode.

You can further see the remote device in the Bluetooth settings on your PS4. Just click on it, and you are ready to go. It has a lightweight design structure that does not strain your hands when controlling the PS4 for long hours. You will be truly satisfied with the full set of video playback buttons and the Share and Options buttons. Moreover, all the playback buttons are created with a soft-touch material that looks like a premium remote model. This Bluetooth universal remote for PS4 is completely user-friendly and comes in just a few dollars of investment.

PDP Cloud Remote Image


  • Connects via Bluetooth to control your PlayStation4
  • User-friendly interface to quickly manage apps and system’s menu.
  • Compact design with all essential inputs such as power, input, and volume
  • Dedicated PS4 buttons like share, options, and PS buttons

4. Harmony Elite

Our fourth pick for a compatible remote for your PS4 is the Logitech Harmony Elite. This remote is just exceptional when it comes to operating multiple home devices and media players all at once. Logitech Harmony Elite has hit the market with its amazing features and high-end technology that makes streaming movies and web series a memorable time. This PS4 remote can also be known as the best PS4 universal remote in the market. Though it is priced at a higher range, we assure you that every penny invested in it would be worth it. Harmony Elite supports 270,000 devices from 5,000 brands. Made with a tough LCD touchscreen that works just like your smartphone device. You just cannot control your PS4 gaming console and apps but can also dim smart lights, control smart fans, turn on the audio receiver, and much more. 

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Image


  • Controls up to 15 devices along with smart home systems
  • LCD Touchscreen for quick access for dedicated functions
  •  Works with Alexa and Google Home voice assistant 
  • Can manually program favorite channels
  • One-touch activities

5. Harmony Companion

This Logitech Harmony Companion has many features that are similar to Harmony Elite besides the LCD touchscreen. However, it is comparatively cheaper than Elite and offers the same benefits. This Harmony Universal remote for PS4 makes it possible to control your entire home theatre with Harmony Companion mobile app. Moreover, it is compatible with the Harmony Hub. This remote is lightweight and operates via RF rather than IR, so you need not have a clear pathway to get the signal to connect the remote towards the TV.

Harmony Companion will impress you with its superb responsiveness and no delay during the rapid navigating process. It features a lined-up button design with dedicated playback buttons such as play, pause, fast-forwards, rewind, and many more. If you need a basic remote with features that can control your home devices and a PS4 gaming system within a budgeted price. Logitech Harmony Elite is the best remote you could opt for.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image


  • Controls Entertainment and Smart Home devices
  • One buttons activities for apps such as Netflix
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home assistant
  • Works with Harmony Hub

PS4 Streaming Apps

There are hundreds of streaming apps for PlayStation 4. In addition, you can search for several apps to stream on-demand movies and television web series. Here is the list of the best streaming apps you could download on your PS4 gaming console.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Funimation
  • Crunchyroll
  • Crackle
  • Plex
  • Emby
  • Pluto Tv
  • Tubi TV
  • Vudu
  • Popcornflix 
  • YouTube
  • Spotify

How to Use a Universal Remote on PlayStation 4?

There is no need for you to purchase a dedicated remote for your PlayStation 4. All universal remotes as well as a PS4 remote support HDMI-CEC. After PS4 Universal Remote setup, here’s how you can use the remote and connect it to your PlayStation 4 system.

Prepare the PS4 Console

1. Open the PS4 “Settings” section.

Settings Parental Controls Image

2. Navigate and search for “System”. Once you find the system section click on it.

Settings System Option Image

3. Next, enable the “HDMI” device link; you can now connect the remote to your TV by doing this.

Enable HDMI Device Link Image

Connect the Remote

1. With the help of your universal remote control, find the “Tools” menu on your TV screen.

2. Select the “HDMI-CEC” option. Under the HDMI-CEC heading, you will see PlayStation 4 as an option. Click on it, and your remote will start its configuration process.

Expert Settings HDMI-CEC Option Image

Start Streaming

Most universal remotes won’t work well with games, but as soon as your remote has been configured, you can start by quickly scrolling through menus and start your DVD or navigate to Netflix, PlayStation videos, or other streaming apps.


Step up your PS4 gaming console by getting an all-in-one universal remote that will simultaneously control your games and movies. We have curated and listed down 5 of the best compatible universal remotes that will fit perfectly with your gaming console. Why use your PlayStation 4 solely to play games when you can also stream your favorite movies and web series in no time. Also, please make use of the extensive list of streaming apps that we have mentioned above that can be quickly downloaded on your PS4 media player.

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