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Quick Guide to Join PlayStation4 Party Chat on PC | Solutions to Fix PS4 Party Issues

If you have ever received an invitation to a PS4 Party Chat on PC but were unable to join, here we have answered all of your queries regarding it. But first, before starting with any solution, make sure you have downloaded the Ps4 Remote play app on your pc. Next, you can keep your console aside, connect the controller to the desktop and start playing. So let us first get into a brief about what is a PS4 chat.

What is PS4 Party Chat?

The PlayStation 4 party chat, is a feature that permits PS4 gamers to privately voice chat with their friends without the use of the in-game chat system. For the gamer to use the PS4 party chat feature, they first have to link their PC to their gaming console system. Moreover, the PS4 console can be kept at sleep mode, and the user can then continue the game on the PC. Let’s further explain how to use PS4 Party Chat on PC and how you could download it with a straightforward method.

How to Download PS4 Remote Play on PC?

1. Click on the “Windows 10” icon on the PlayStation remote play page.

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2. Next, this will land you to a new page, where you will need to download the PS4 application for Windows operating system.

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3. Install and launch the app on your desktop. Now, you can join the PS4 party chat easily.

How to Join PS4 Party Chat on PC?

To join PS party chat on PC may seem a tedious task, but we have a detailed step-by-step explanation of the process. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Go to the PlayStation remote play website and download Windows 10 or MacOS app on your desktop.  
  2. After you have completed it, click “install” and wait for the application to download. Open the application and make sure your Wi-Fi connectivity is stable.
  3. Keep in mind to enable sleep mode onto your Ps4 console before you start to use voice chat on the desktop.
  4. Next, link your PS4 controller and PC together. Make use of a USB device to do the same.
  5. Now, the registered PS4 controller name will be displayed on your desktop’s screen. If asked for a password, then enter the password of your console.
  6. After you have completed the above steps, both the PC and PS4 console will be in sync. Now you can continue playing the game. 
  7. Further, at the bottom of the screen, you will notice a microphone icon. By clicking on it, you can get access to Playstation voice chat on pc.
  8. On the PlayStation controller device, press the PlayStation option. Select “party” from the “Quick Menu” option.
  9. Select “Start Party,” and you can select your respective friends from the group list whom you would like to chat with. So, this is how to join a Playstation Party on PC with simple steps.

How to Get Discord on PS4?

Using the PS4 party chat option is great, but if all your gamer friends are on Discord, you want to join it while you play the game. Discord is a popular app for text and voice. This app is the perfect way to stay connected with other Ps4 gamers across various games. Here’s how you could set up Discord on PS4.

  1. Make use of a headset that is USB connected and contains an optical cable. You will require this since you will be switching between console and PC.
  2. Now, connect the optical cable in between your mix amp and PS4.
  3. Next, navigate to “Settings,” and click on “Sounds and Screen,” and select “Audio Output Settings.”
  4. At this point, you will need to change the primary output port to the digital output.
  5. After this, plug the USB into your base station and its other end into the PC.
  6. Make sure that the base station is on PC mode, then boot up Discord on your desktop and change the input device settings to the voice settings of your mixamp.
  7. Now, use an audio jack of length 3.5mm and connect it from your PC speaker to the mix amp.
  8. Go back to your voice settings in the Discord app and change the output device into your desktop speakers.
  9. Discord has been successfully connected. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted chatting.

Ps4 Party Chat Not Working Fix

All PS4 players are bound to have certain issues while chatting with friends via PS4 party chat. In many cases, some users complain about the PS4 party chat no longer working, which means they can no longer speak to their friends while gaming. If your PS4 party chat does not work, here’s a quick solution list you must consider.

1. Update PS4 to the latest software

  • Go to “Settings,” and select “Software Update,” and then click “Upgrade Now.” 
  • If there are any updates to be done, the system will install them automatically.
  • Wait for the updates to complete and restart your PS4 console.

2. Log in and Log-out of your PS4 account

  • In order to login-in, select a user and then follow all on-screen instructions that are prompted.
  • If you have saved your account password, you will automatically get logged into the gaming console, but if not, enter your password.
  • On the other hand, log out from your PS4 console, select the “Power” button from the functional screen and click on “Log-out of PS4”.

3. Power off and Power on the PS4 Gaming Console

  • Press and hold the “Power” button for 10 seconds and release it.
  • The system will beep twice and turn off.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button again for 7 seconds and let the system power on again.

If you still couldn’t find any Ps4 party chat problems solution, then you can try contacting PlayStation Support for more information. Then, wait for customer care to give you the right fix for the issue.


Is There A Way To Party Up For Voice Chat On Pc With Ps4 Players?

Yes, with the help of PlayStation 4 party chat feature, PC players can voice chat with their friends privately without any in-game chat system. To know how to use this feature, check out the above guide.

How To Get PS4 Party Chat on OBS?

You can get PS4 Party Chat in Stream’s audio, just by setting the input/output properly. For this, Go to Settings >> Display & Sound >> Volume >> Party Chat Output and change the devices accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Learning about using PlayStation party chat on PC will help you boost up your gaming experience. At first, connecting the PS4 console to your PC might feel like a troublesome task, but with the simple steps listed above, you can access PS4 on your PC in no time. Furthermore, with PS4 party chat, you can speak to your friends and other games while gaming. It truly doubles the fun. We assume that our guide has helped you solve much of your queries relating to the PlayStation Party Chat App.

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