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Netflix Error Code: M7111-5059 | 3 Simple Solutions [100% Works]

Netflix has become a nitty-gritty in our lives. It is one of the few entertainment apps which have zero advertisements. Even with the cheapest plan, we get the best quality movies and series with absolutely no disturbances in the middle of a video. We are having the option of downloading videos and watching them offline later has made life fine and dandy. Multiviewer features enable multiple users to access the same common Netflix account on different screens simultaneously. It is among the leading entertaining and amusing things across the globe for the reasonable prices it comes with. However, more often than not, we cannot access some videos and get Netflix streaming errors, site errors, other unexpected errors or our screen would simply say Netflix has encountered an error. This happens for different reasons. One typical such error is Netflix Error Code M7111-5059. Let’s talk about that.

Common Error Codes for Netflix

Some examples of the Netflix error codes list: Netflix error 100, error 111, error 30103, error 9, error 5059, error 1011, error 1012

What is Error Code: M7111-5059 Netflix?

Occasionally, even on multiple attempts you fail to successfully play a certain video on Netflix. Your screen shows Netflix error is M7111 5059. This is successfully followed by a short note saying “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”. So, this usually happens when your system is connected to a VPN or proxy.

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Why were you using the unblocker or VPN in the first place? We mostly end up connecting our systems to the VPN when we are not allowed to access some videos on Netflix. We have a range of unblockers and VPNs we use, including VPN’s ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surf Shark. Netflix has a well developed high tech system which identifies any of these commonly used VPNs connected to the system while the person is using their Netflix account.

Time and again, our access is denied and we are unable to watch certain videos. Our screen says this video has been banned for your region. A number of videos which are controversial are censored by censor boards of different countries. Some countries end up approving the video and other countries ban it in their countries. These are the same videos which Netflix users cannot get access to from their Netflix account while they are still in this same geographical region. 

Most of the time, the M7111-5059 actually appears when the system is connected to an unblocker or VPN. But, every once in a while Netflix Unexpected error M7111 can also occur even if you’re not connected to an unblocker. Why does that happen? How to fix Error Code Netflix: M7111-5059? It is not rocket science. Just follow a few steps and you are done.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-5059 in 2 Minutes?

The first and foremost thing which you need to make sure before trying anything else out is, the video you are trying to play is truly available in your region. If you are more than sure that it is not banned by the censor board of your country, then test and try out the following steps chronologically.

1. Turning off the VPNs, Unblockers and Proxies

  • Go to your computer Network settings and disconnect the device from any connected VPNs, proxies or any other software and programs which are channelising your internet traffic to regions beyond your geographic location. An example of this could be some Chrome extensions.
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  • Navigate to your computer Network setting option. Switch the settings to “Automatic”. This will instantly disable all connected proxies and unblockers.
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  • If the default setting of your device is not allowing you to change the settings and disable any proxies and VPNs, connect with your manufacturer or the person providing you the internet service.

2. Proxy and VPNs used for Privacy and Work Purposes

If you have purposely installed and connected your computer, mobile or smart TV to a VPN or proxy you use for increasing your device privacy or due to your work, turn it off. Quite oftenly, a video not restricted in your region can also show this same Error M7111 Netflix. After you successfully disconnect, refresh and try again. You can also leave the app and sign in again. Chances are this probably will work.

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3. User has IPv6 Proxy Tunnel in their Network

  • Netflix app or Netflix web not compatible with IPv6 proxy tunnel over the IPv4 network services. 
  • If the user is unaware whether or not he is using these services, they can contact the concerned person, internet service provider. The person who provides your internet connection will know which network service you are using and can help you with changing the settings. 
  • However, any IPv6 proxy tunnel connections which offered by an ISP compatible with Netflix and you can use that to get access to all the videos available.
IPv6 Proxies Image

Even after following each step mentioned above, you are still getting the same error you try refreshing after logging out. Upon multiple attempts if you are still denied access, first try to contact your internet connection provider person. Explain everything to them. If they are aware of some proxies or unblockers attached to your network they might as well help you in getting things sorted and fixed. After confirming from them, if you still cannot find the reason why that is happening you can contact Netflix customer care services.

Netflix Customer Support

  • Call them: 1-844-505-2993
  • Contact Page:
  • Start a live chat: Access this website and you will find the option at the bottom of the page to Call or Chat.

Best VPN for Watching Netflix

  1. Express VPN: It is one of the most renowned VPNs with fast speed and wide bandwidth. Logging in with ExpressVPN gives you access to all banned and restricted videos in your region. It is compatible with almost all devices and game consoles.
  2. SurfShark: Using this VPN, one can choose their required server among 3500 servers across 65 countries. This will help people get access to videos and movies banned from their region.
  3. NordVPN: This is a well-known VPN for being compatible with any processor, including Windows, macOS, android phones, iOS phones, Linux, and smart TVs. Now getting access to denied videos is super easy at the comfort of your home.
  4. Cyber Ghost: The CyberGhost high-speed 7000 servers will eliminate the Netflix Error Code M7111 1331 5059 by unblocking all the Netflix libraries. The servers of Cyber Ghost are RAM Based servers to avoid any privacy issues for the customers.
  5. PrivateVPN: This VPN has server access across 60 countries which allows access to almost all Netflix libraries. It offers a high speed allowing buffer-free streaming even for the 4K video.


It is okay to get a streaming error on Netflix while browsing. The answer and solution to the problem is just around the corner. Before reaching out to the internet service provider or Netflix customer support team try and test all resorts available. You might as well just fix the unexpected error on Netflix all by yourself. We tried to keep the solution to Netflix error M7111 5059 as simple as we could for your better understanding. These methods have been tried and tested by our team and have helped us. We wholeheartedly hope this solves your problem too.

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