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How to Setup Logitech – Harmony Ultimate One Remote? | Genuine Review

The Logitech Harmony TV Remote Control Ultimate One comes up with amazing features and flexibility for managing and controlling your devices. You can customize your activities as per your convenience and make them compatible with your use. It offers various activities and settings through which you can adjust your device remote. You can even add your favorite, modify it, recreate it as well as delete it. All the activities will revolve around your touch. You just have to set the commands for once and control them until you feel the change.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Review (Features)

The features of Logitech Harmony Ultimate one universal remote are as follows:

  • Creating activities: You can add different types of activities like watching TV, playing games, watching movies, etc. In addition, you can add a name to your different activities.
  • Adding favorite channels: You can add up to 50 favorite channels to your screen, along with station names. Then, using the screen, you can add, remove or reorder your channel.
  • Switching off the system: You just need a touch on Harmony Ultimate One for switching off all the activities of the devices. It records the current states of devices by recalling the last activities.
  • Tech command function: Sometimes, it may be possible that your device cannot be recognized and has some different internal operation, which requires an additional process for setting up properly. MyHarmony will recognize and guide you properly through the tech command process. 
  • Synching process: The synching process of MyHarmony will save all your details and provide an update to your remote. If the firmware is available, it will be applied the next time the remote gets synced.
  • Activity commands and control: All the buttons are configured to control the activities of devices. You’ll be given control of all the current activities through the MyHarmony remote of each device. 11 different gestures are supported on the screen. 
  • Personalizing your remote: The Harmony Ultimate One allows you to customize your background images, activities icons, and favorite channels.
  • Customizing your remote: You can customize your remote by applying remote lock, changing the background, adjusting the brightness, lengthening and shortening the time after which your screen goes dark, setting up the time of your remote, adding vibration, tilting sensor, etc.
  • Remote control menu: You can perform several activities on your remotes like changing your settings from the Settings menu, getting help from the Help menu, fixing your problems from the Fix it myself menu, etc.
  • Customizing your activities: You can customize your activities by activity tutorials, changing inputs and startup screens, setting up the icons, etc.
  • Customizing devices and general settings: You can customize the delay settings by changing or resetting them. General settings provide a brief description of the synced devices, display the model, hardware, and firmware versions, editing the devices and activities information and legal information.

Logitech Harmony TV Remote Control Ultimate One Specifications

Charging cradleN-R0004
Warranty90 days(email & phone service)
Product CategoryHarmony remote
Device limit15 device
Favourite Channel50 favourite channel
Connection typeMicro USB
Infrared (IR)Yes
LCD displayColor, touch, battery status, number pad, QVGA (320×240)
PowerFor switching on: hold for 3secFor switching off: hold for 15 sec
Battery detailsLi-ion rechargeable and non replaceable
Battery lifeRecharge for 4 hours and use 72 hours under normal condition
Product weight4.2 ounces
Product dimensions3.6×2.9×2.8 inch
InputKeypad, Touchscreen

What’s in the box?

You’ll be getting the following items with Logitech Harmony Ultimate All In One Remote:

  • Harmony Ultimate One Remote
  • AC adapter
  • Charging cradle
  • A USB cable
  • User guide

Pros & Cons


  • Can connect upto 15 devices by using one Harmony Ultimate One.
  • Add 50 preferred channels to your favorite list.
  • Customize your remote by changing its background, gestures, brightness, etc. 
  • Simply power your system off with a touch.
  • It comes with a Harmony charging cradle.


  • Original remote can’t control your device because it will make Harmony the ultimate one to lose the sync. 
  • Can’t control the smart technology of your house.
  • Not compatible with Alexa or Siri
  • Batteries are irreplaceable.

Harmony Ultimate One Setup Process

For Logitech Harmony Ultimate Setup in your device, you’re supposed to follow the below-mentioned process:

1. MyHarmony Account

Firstly, you’ll need a MyHarmony account for using your Harmony Ultimate One. Visit http://www.myharmony.com and sign in yourself. After signing in, you will retrieve your existing account or add a new Harmony Ultimate One. You’ll also be able to re-use your activities and devices information after setting up your Harmony Ultimate One. In case you don’t have an existing account, create one by using Create Account.

Harmony Sign In Page Image

2. Installing the setup plugins

You need to install Microsoft Silverlight and the Harmony Browser plugin. For installing the plugin, you need to click on the Silverlight plugin button and follow the command to complete the installation of Microsoft Silverlight. Then, by clicking on the MyHarmony plugin button, follow the command to complete MyHarmony plugin installation. Now, your browser will be automatically refreshed and continue the setup process.

Microsoft Silverlight App Installation Image

3. Connecting the remote to your device

After completing the above process, you have to connect your Harmony Ultimate One to your computer with the help of USB cables. It may take a few moments to make connections. Then, by accepting Software License Agreement, click on continue. If you’re facing any issue, you can get help with online setups, and you can even access the FAQs at http://support.myharmony.com.

Logitech Harmony Remote Connecting Image

4. Adding devices

Adding existing device: If you’re a user of previous harmony remotes, you can use your previous devices and activities settings to Harmony Ultimate One. You just have to click on copy settings and enter your ID and password for previous accounts. Once you’re done with the above process, you’ll be able to add more devices and modify your settings.

Logitech Adding Existing Device Image

Adding new devices: For adding devices, you need to enter your device’s manufacturer name and model. Make sure you’re entering it correctly to avoid missing commands. You can add multiple devices by clicking on Add device. Once you have entered the correct information, MyHarmony can easily recognize your device.

Logitech Adding New Devices Image

5. Using tech command function

Sometimes, your device cannot be recognized due to some issues. In this case, you can use the tech command function by entering the manufacturer number and model number and confirming the information by clicking yes. If you have an original remote for your device, click yes otherwise, click no. By clicking next, point the original remote at the sensor on the back of your Harmony Ultimate One. By following the instructions, teach the command to the Harmony Ultimate One. 

6. Setting and testing the activities

After adding devices, you can now add activities to your device. For adding activities to your devices, choose the devices you want to continue with. By clicking next, you can choose the devices you want to change channels, control volume, or other additional activities. After confirming the settings, click on the done. You can add more activities as well as customize them.

7. Setting up favorites

For setting up your favorite 50, select Your favorite TV channel page. Enter your country and zip/postal code. By clicking on search, you’ll be provided a list of service providers. Select your service provider and click on next and add your 50 favorite channels. You can manage your favorite channels as well as sequence them as per your convenience. After clicking on finish, you’ll be done with the process. If no list of channel providers is available in your area, you can manually set the process. Select your country and by clicking on next, set the channels manually. Enter channel name and number and browse them. After completing the process, save your settings.

8. Synching and upgrading

After completing the above process, click on sync to save all your setup details and update your remote. After setting up, you can begin using your Harmony Ultimate One by ensuring all the devices are powered off.

For more detailed information once refer the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One manual that comes with the package.

Harmony Ultimate One vs Harmony Ultimate vs Harmony Touch

FeatureHarmony Ultimate Harmony Ultimate OneHarmony Touch
Harmony Hub IncludedYesNoNo
Touch ScreenYesYesYes
Voice Assistance compatibilityLimited Access NoNo
Smart Home ControlsLimited Access NoNo
Harmony App AccessibilityYesNoNo


Harmony ultimate one offers commendable services to its users. It allows you to extract its different features like creating, customizing, synching, and upgrading the activities and devices. Moreover, it offers long-lasting life by just charging it for a short span. The pros and cons are also associated with the devices. The setup process discussed above will help you set up the ultimate harmony one with your device.

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