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Ultimate Guide on Logitech Harmony Hub – Setup & Configuration

Have you ever thought of how simple it becomes to operate entertainment or smart devices with your smartphone? To experience the same Harmony Smart Control Remote comes up with all the efficiency to make things smoother for you. You can now very comfortably control your entertainment devices with the help of an Android or iOS device. Logitech Harmony Hub comes up with all the desired features to connect with Alexa and Google Home. Unfortunately, many people sometimes get stuck with Harmony Hub Setup. So, this article will serve as a complete guide for Harmony Hub and set it up for the new users.

What is Harmony Hub?

To control your entertainment and smart home devices more efficiently, Logitech Harmony Hub is a perfect key. It allows you to control the smart devices using a tablet or a smartphone. You can also control multiple devices through a single interface if you wish to do so. The various devices are powered on, and Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub allows you to navigate through the channels and raise or lower the volume as desired. It can be easily integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home without any complexity. In addition, you get the advantage of replacing up to eight remote controls that you might use for various devices.

What Does a Harmony Hub Do?

The Logitech Harmony Remote app on your Android and iOS device allows you to:

  • Change channels, regulate the volume, and control your favorite TV show and movie more simply.
  • Replacing up to eight remote controls is possible for various components, Roku TV, Apple TV, and soundbar.
  • To get on to your favorite channel, you simply need to click the button meant for the purpose, and it is done. 
  • Controlling the entertainment and smart home devices becomes easier. 
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit/Siri.

What Devices Can the Harmony Hub Control?

Harmony Hub comes with greater efficiency to controlling various types of devices. You can use Harmony Hub to control devices by using Wifi, Bluetooth, and IR. You can also control some of the smart home devices quite conveniently. Here is a small list of devices that the Hub can easily control:

  • Projectors
  • Televisions
  • AV Receivers
  • Set-Top, Cable, or Satellite Boxes
  • Game Consoles
  • DVD and Blu-ray Players
  • Smart Thermostats (Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee)
  • Smart Lights Bulbs and Lighting Systems (Philips Hue, Lutron, LIFX)
  • Devices connected to other various smart hubs.
  • Smart Window Shades (Lutron Caseta, Hunter Douglas)
  • Other Media Devices

How to Set Up Harmony Hub?

Logitech Harmony Hub Setup is quite simple and makes the operation easier for any user. If you got stuck up while using the Logitech Harmony Hub Manual for setup, just follow these simple steps.

1. Connect the USB power to the back of Harmony Hub. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute till it boots up completely.

Logitech Harmony Hub USB Port Image

2. Connect the IR Mini Blaster if required. For example, if all the equipment placed in an open area, you might not need the IR Mini Blaster. However, in case the equipment is placed in a closed cabinet, then you might need one.

IR Mini Blaster Image

3. On your iOS or Android device, download the Logitech Harmony App and open it.

4. To start on with the initial configuration of the Harmony Hub app, open the app once it is completely installed. Click on “Set Up New Hub” to start with the brand new setup.

Set Up New Hub Image

5. Harmony Hub will automatically choose the network with the best signal strength to set up the wifi connection. Enter the password and click on “Join.” If you want to connect to a different network, then click on “Re-scan.”

Harmony Hub Set Up Wi-fi Image

6. Now the Logitech Harmony Hub Login prompts appear on the screen. Create an account if you do not already have it. You might create it using your existing Gmail id also.

Logitech Harmony Hub Login Page Image

7. If you are prompted with any message asking you to restore or add a new device, do so as desired. Click on “Restore” if you have previously set up a Hub and you wish to restore the activities. Otherwise, click on “Add as new remote.”

Same Remote Model Prompt Image

8. For users who already have a Harmony remote, you might get an option to copy the settings from the previous Harmony remote. If you wish to import or copy the previous settings, click on “Copy existing”; otherwise, select “Set up new.”

Harmony Hub Copy Setup Image

9. The Harmony Hub will now automatically come up with the devices connected to your wifi network. Select the devices that you wish to connect and then click on “Next”.

Devices Found Prompt Image

10. Adjust the position of your Harmony Hub or IR Mini Blaster to check the device. Use the “On”/ “Off” commands multiple times to ensure the devices work properly. Click on “Next” if the devices successfully tested.

Harmony Hub Power ON OFF Test Image

11. To start with the device, you will be suggested with some activities or “Add your own activity” as required.

Logitech Harmony Hub Suggested Activities Image

12. To see if the activity is working properly or not, you can test the activity by clicking on “Test now.”

Harmony Hub Test Activity Image

13. Once you tested an activity successfully, then you are done with the setup now. Click on “Exit Setup” to finish the process.

Harmony App Setup Complete Image

Logitech Harmony Hub Activity Summary

The activity summary of Harmony Hub comes up with various things that can be easily done. For example, you can conveniently rename the activity, edit the start and end sequence, set an activity to turn on/off, and reconnect Bluetooth and Wifi devices.

Logitech Harmony Hub Activity Summary Image

Edit Start Sequence

The start sequence enlists the command that is to be executed when you turn on any activity. It includes the power on command for each device, input settings for the device, and a delay. You can also customize it by adding custom commands to the device anytime when desired.

Edit End Sequence

The end sequence encompasses all the commands when the activity is coming to an end. All the commands that executed while turning off the activity included here. It majorly includes the power off command for various devices.


Using this feature, you can schedule an activity to start and end at a certain time for specified days of the week. If you schedule an activity to end at any particular time of the day, it will ensure that everything is turned off if you left it on by mistake. You can also use this as a parental control measure to let your kids stop watching after a particular time.


If your Bluetooth or Wifi devices have lost connection, this will let you reconnect to a different device without any issue.

Using Harmony Hub With Alexa

When Harmony Hub and Alexa come down together, it just asks your voice to control your home entertainment system. So here are a few steps to step up your Amazon Alexa to Harmony Hub.

1. The very first thing you need to be sure about is that whether your Logitech Harmony Hub completely set or not. Check whether all the devices are properly connected through the app that is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Go to the Alexa app or the device itself to look for the “Menu” button.

Alexa Menu Button Image

3. Now tap on “Skills and Games”.

Skill and Games Option Image

4. Navigate to look for the “Harmony skill” and enable it.

Enable Harmony Skill Image

5. Log in to your Harmony account using the same account that tied to your Harmony system.

6. When connected, the Alexa app will develop a list of activities taken from the Harmony app. You can select the activity that you wish to proceed with.

7. You can try out the commands like; “Alexa, turn on the TV” or “Alexa, turn on Sports,” and many more.

How To Modify Button Layouts On The Harmony Hub App?

For most of the activities, you will find a bar at the bottom that is completely customizable. It offers commands and placement of these commands to control any activity and customize it as per the need.

  1. Go to the Harmony Control App homepage and press the “Menu” button at the top left.
  2. Click on “Edit/Reset.”
  3. Then select the “Edit buttons” option.
  4. You can remove the command by tapping on the circled “-” minus symbol.
  5. To add the commands, click on the “+” plus symbol.
  6. When you add the command, you need to select the device you want to send the command to. After that, you can select the command itself.


What are Harmony Hub Compatible Remotes?

Screen less remotes, Smart Control and Companion are compatible with Harmony Hub. Coming to Touchscreen remotes, Elite, 950, Pro, Pro 2400, Ultimate, Ultimate One, Ultimate Home, and Touch are compatible.

Final Verdict

Logitech Harmony allows you to control multiple smart devices at your home in a much simpler way. You can replace the remote control for several devices by using this single device. Setting up Harmony Hub and using it to control various gadgets at your home now can be quite simpler and convenient by just following a few steps. Get through the above article to know all about the Logitech Harmony Hub in detail.

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