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Logitech Harmony Elite Review – How to Setup, Use, & Reset [Quick Guide]

Logitech has truly topped the chart for some of the best smart home remote controls in the market. Getting the best remote control device that fits your home system can be a big decision to make. Plus, if your home media system is a bit complex compared to other standard media players or TV sets, you will need a remote that will manage all the multiple functions in just one remote device. We shall read ahead about the Logitech Harmony Elite remote, which comes with a good design structure and the flexibility to control several different devices. Also, for the users that own a Home Theatre system, Logitech Harmony Elite is just the pick for you.


  • Supports a two-piece system that uses Harmony Hub
  • Controls up to 15 devices
  • LCD screen up to 1.5 inches
  • 50 favorite programmable channels
  • Swipe and tap touch screen


  • Customizable touch screen for more flexibility 
  • Better design structure
  • Can be controlled by a mobile app


  • Expensive price range

Logitech Harmony Elite Compatible Devices

This Elite is designed to be compatible with almost 270 devices from a variety of brands. The below data shows the list of the devices the Logitech Harmony Elite remote is compatible with.

  • Smart TV: – All latest TV models and older versions of Smart TV’s
  • Most A/V receivers
  • Cable TV/ Direct TV: – All new cable systems
  • Most Video Projectors
  • Most soundbars
  • Media Streamers: – Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart Lights: – Lutron Caseta, Phillips Hue, LIFX, and many others
  • Smart Thermostats: – Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, etc.
  • Video gaming consoles: – Xbox, PS4, and Wii.

How to Set Up Harmony Elite Remote?

The basic feature of the Harmony elite remote is to provide the best streaming experience by integrating various home electrical devices and media devices on just one controlling platform. With a simple setup process, you can link several devices such as TV, DVD, AC, Lightings, Laptops, etc. Here are the steps of the Logitech harmony elite setup.

1. Place your Harmony Hub in such a position that there is no obstruction in front of it by any object and power it through the power adapter.

Harmony Hub Position Image

2. Wait for a minute till the Harmony Hub powers up.

3. Download and launch the Harmony app on your Android or iOS phone.

Harmony App on Phone Image

4. From the app page, select “Setup New Remote.”

Setup New Remote Harmony Express Image

5. Move ahead following the instructions prompted on the page. Make sure you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone and have your home Wi-Fi connection.

6. Now, your mobile device and Harmony hub have been paired over Bluetooth.

7. Next, enter the Wi-Fi password and complete the process.

8. Once you have completed the setup process of Harmony elite, select all the devices you would like the remote to control.

What Do Harmony Elite Remote Buttons Do?

  1. Activities: Harmony Elite remote supports activities such as playing a game or streaming movies and TV shows. Once you start watching a particular show, the volume will automatically adjust to the desired volume. 
  2. Off button: Turn off all devices that are included in the activity system. If you power off your watch, TV activity will power off the TV. Also, a few of the devices may be set to remain on the whole time.
  3. Device Screen: Harmony Elite remote is engineered to access various home control devices such as lights, thermostats, and locks. Make sure that individual AV devices must not be accessed in the device mode for regular use.
  4. Home Control Buttons: Each button installed in the remote device has a distinct group of lights or smart plugs assigned to it individually. Just a slight press of the home button will power on your media device. On the other hand, pressing the home button for 5 – 10 seconds will power off all the devices.
  5. Battery and Time: The user can easily toggle between the time status and battery with its current charge percent. You will indicate when the battery has lost its charge, and you will need to plug in the power supply.

How to Reset Logitech Harmony Elite?

Resetting Logitech Harmony Elite can be done within a few steps. Here is the step-by-step process of how you can reset the Elite remote.

1. Press and hold the “Menu” button on the remote and the power “Off” button together for 15- 20 seconds.

Reset Logitech Harmony Elite with Remote Image

2. Now, the remote screen will turn off, further turn it on again by displaying the image of a remote and a circular arrow.

3. Wait for a few seconds. At this moment, the remote will be restored to its factory reset defaults, and you may sync the remote again.

4. Moreover, if you have a Harmony Hub-supported model, follow the next steps.

5. Unplug the Harmony Hub and press and hold the “Pair and Reset” button situated at the bottom of the Hub device.

Harmony Hub Reset Button Image

6. The light at the front surface of the hub will start to flicker red for about 30 seconds, and the Hub device will reset itself to its original factory defaults.

Logitech Harmony Companion

Just like Elite, Logitech Harmony Companion is also capable of controlling smart home devices. The only major difference between Logitech Harmony Elite and Companion is that the companion remote device does not have any screen. Instead, it has buttons assigned for every task to enable streaming on your TV. Moreover, Harmony companion comes with a Harmony Hub that lets users use Alexa and Google Assistant to control all TV operations. Another most spoken-of feature is that Companion has a nice soft grip and works effectively. It is one of the most budget-friendly models of Logitech that offers extensive features within a reasonable price range.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image


  • Works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant for voice control
  • Includes full-featured home entertainment controls with dedicated home automation controls.
  • Can connect to devices behind cabinets and walls.
  • Pairs with gaming consoles such as Xbox, Wii, and PS3.
  • Supports over 270,000 devices, including TV and cable satellite


  • Controls up to 8 devices with the support of the remote and mobile app
  • Large-sized remote with bigger remote buttons
  • Affordable
  • No line of sight required for components (compatible with devices inside cabinets)


  • The six home control buttons are limited to few activities
  • Lacks touchscreen benefit
  • Issues with the setup process with the mobile app.

Logitech Harmony Companion Setup

1. You can set up Harmony Companion in just two simple steps. First, configure the Hub device to your TV cable by following all onscreen instructions.

Logitech Harmony Companion Setup Image

2. Pair all the commands you have created on the Hub to the companion remote control. You can also set The three buttons situated at the top of the remote to multi-step actions such as “Watch TV” or “Listen to Music.”

Customize Buttons on your Remote Image

The remaining buttons of the companion remote are contextually sensitive, which means they are based on the last three actions you have completed lately. Next, the Play and Pause buttons will be compatible with your DVD player when watching a movie. Any changes you make to the remote will require you to resync the Hub device with your PC with the help of a USB connection or a smartphone.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

The Logitech Harmony Smart Control is an incredible universal remote control device that clears the gap between the infrared past and the latest wireless era. This remote control works like any other RF (Radio Frequency) based remote and comes with a separate Hub device that translates all wireless commands. In addition, the harmony smart control remote is compatible with both Bluetooth gaming consoles’ such as Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Moreover, you can also use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote by downloading Logitech’s free app. Adding on, Logitech smart control has been structured with excellent activity-based buttons. You simply need to press a single button that says “Listen to Music,” and the remotes take care of the rest. 


  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant for smart home controls
  • Can control lights, locks, thermostats, and much more
  • Supported with Logitech Harmony mobile app.
  • Easily Compatible with 8 devices
  • Comes with Harmony Hub


  • Can control up to 8 different devices
  • Glossy and elegant appearance
  • No limit to customizing buttons for assigning activities
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Limited functions with physical remote
  • Connection issues while pairing with Hub
  • Small-sized remote

How to Set up Logitech Harmony Smart Control?

1. Plugin the Hub to your TV and wait for 30 seconds for the Hub to activate.

Connect Harmony Hub to TV Image

2. Next, download the Harmony app on your Android or iOS phone, by which you will continue the setup process.

3. Launch the app and wait for the Hub to get connected to the app. This might take a few minutes.

4. Now you can use the activity shortcut buttons located at the top of the Harmony Smart Control remote and customize them through the Harmony app. These are the only buttons on the remote that you can set via the Harmony app.

5. To get complete access to all the remote buttons with multi-step sequences, you will need to make use of the Logitech Harmony remote software.

Harmony Remote Software Image

6. You can install the above software for both Windows PC and Mac operating systems. Moreover, you are also provided with a USB cord that connects the Hub directly to your PC system to activate syncing, if needed.

Harmony Elite Vs Pro

Logitech Harmony Elite has been on the chart for a long time as the best Harmony universal remote to control entertainment and multiple smart home devices. The newly launched higher version of Logitech remote, the Harmony Pro, has been designed to be a much more expensive model and cut above Elite. The main difference between Harmony Elite and Harmony Pro is that elite remote control lets a user control both media entertainment and home devices and has a simple DIY type of installation. On the other hand, Harmony Pro is required to be purchased by the user from a third-party seller, and you require professional hardware technicians to set up the remote. They both feature the capacity to store up to 50 favorite channels. 

While Harmony Elite can support 15 devices together, the Harmony Pro remote goes up to 20 devices’ capability. Harmony Elite offers control over most smart devices at home, such as smart lights, smart plugs, smart locks, smart thermostats, etc. Logitech Harmony Pro can do all the activities that Harmony elite can do. You only need a professional to set up the device. Adding on, batteries can be easily replaceable for an Elite remote, but you cannot replace a Pro model battery. The only option left is to buy a fresh new piece of the Harmony Pro remote. Suppose you have a higher budget price range. In that case, you can opt for the Logitech Harmony Pro universal remote while, on the other hand, for a budget-friendly and DIY pick, the Logitech Harmony Elite pick is the perfect model.

Harmony Elite Tips and Tricks

  • Works with devices other than the TV: Well, you must know that Harmony Elite is designed for excellent streaming of movies and TV shows, but it also helps control other home devices simultaneously. You can dim the lights while watching a movie at night or link it to your thermostat devices.
  • Stores a variety of activities: Logitech Harmony Elite does not limit how many programs it can store. When you live with your family members, you can quickly customize activities for each member of your family. 
  • Auto-Scan Devices: Setting up Harmony Elite is just a breeze; you can also auto-scan the device to find all the compatible devices it could be paired with. Once you have paired your choice of media devices, you can later create custom activities and add your favorite TV channels.
  • PC and Mac setup: For users who are more comfortable using the Windows PC or Mac, they can set up the Elite remote with the help of the Harmony Software rather than using the mobile app. This makes it easy to update the remote to its latest version without thinking about reprogramming everything.

Wrapping Up

Logitech’s Harmony remote control line has been incredibly popular in the remote market. Not just with basic remote features, but also comes with Alexa and Google Home voice assistant for a next-level streaming experience. Logitech has advanced its remotes with higher-end features with all newer versions of its remotes. Here we have spoken about the most popular remote of Logitech, which is Harmony Elite, which comes with a pack of Harmony Hub and a Harmony 950 touch screen universal remote. If you own several media devices, this Elite remote control can control all the devices together. Our guide will answer all your questions about Logitech Harmony Elite remote control and how you could set it up with simple steps. Also, we have covered information about two other popular universal remotes: the Logitech Harmony Companion and Smart Control.

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