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Best Alternative to Kodi – Enjoy Free Online Movie Streaming

Kodi is a great media tool designed with tons of features and provides several add-ons. This is a tool that is very useful to view movies, TV shows, Live TV, and sports. However, learning and using Kodi can be a little troublesome for few users. Interestingly, Kodi is not the only media platform. There are many more such media players that are much more user-friendly in their operations. So, if you are looking out for a media player similar to it, we have listed some Kodi alternatives that offer the same amount of streaming and flexibility.

13 Top Best Kodi Alternatives to Try (Better than Kodi)

Below is the list of programs similar to Kodi. You can enjoy free streaming on any of your device (PC, TV, Smartphone, etc). Are you wondering whether is there anything better than Kodi or not? Yes, in the below list there are a few media players / apps better than Kodi they are, Emby, MediaPortal, Jellyfin, Plex and Stremio. According to many users, these five are the best replacement for Kodi. Remaining are the players what replaced Kodi in many aspects with their features.

1. Stremio

Stremio shares several similarities with Kodi in respect to its functionality and streaming. Therefore, we can say this qualifies as a great alternative for Kodi. For beginners, Stremio comes as a cross-platform service that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and Live TV. Moreover, anyone can find it on any official channels and can get it by sideloading. Just like Kodi, Stremio supports both unofficial as well as official videos. Once installed, this add-on will be available across devices where your account has been signed in. So, there is no need to log in each time. In addition, it is more user-friendly and shows content right away. 

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  • All video content on one single screen
  • User organized media library
  • Clients can keep track of every video watched
  • Watch content through other sources such as Netflix and Amazon.

2. Plex

This client device application can access the server from anywhere worldwide. Plex is known for its client-server design that allows access to all famous TV shows from a single central server location. All a customer needs is to set up a desktop as a server and then access any local media player remotely. Plex is a multi-device app that supports a wide range of appliances such as Android, Amazon Fire TV, Computers, iOS, and much more. This player also supports both official and unofficial apps. Thus, it gives a user the benefit of watching unlimited movies, shows, and Live TV channels.

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  • Stream movies and videos from different gadgets such as Android and iOS.
  • Includes DVR to record Live TV
  • Premium music features
  • User can access their games even when they are away from home

3. Emby

Emby has a cleverly devised client-server display that easily lets users access any of their personal media files from their devices. Plex and Emby have a ton of similarities between them. One eye-catching feature is that it lets us watch LIVE TV supported with easy DVR management capabilities. The load time of this player is much less compared to other Kodi alternatives making it a user-friendly interface. In no time, it gives content of popular TV programs, Live TV stations, movies, and sports. Just like Plex, Emby also doesn’t own any content of its own; it collects stuff from other official sources. Its users can delight with premium subscriptions that let them enjoy features such as mobile sync, offline media, DVR, cloud sync, and much more.

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  • Multiple device compatibility 
  • Supports 3rd-party extensions
  • Downloads content for offline viewing
  • Access Live TV through the web app

4. Media Portal

This player quickly connects to external sources such as TV, DVD players, projectors, and also blu-ray players. Media Portal is an open-source tool that arrives structured to convert a desktop into a media hub. It is available only on Windows operating systems and is the best Kodi alternative Windows. A user will be offered 2 versions of this application, which are Media 1 and Media 2. In short, Media 1 is an older version and also stable in its functionality, while Media 2 is still in its developing process. If your computer is the only device to use at present, then Media Portal is an ideal option.

Media Portal Image


  • Watch, schedule, and record Live TV
  • Play videos, movies, DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • Watch media or TV through any HTPC/PC connected network

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another great user-friendly Kodi substitute. It is a 3rd-party streaming service that lets users watch unlimited free TV shows, sports, movies, and Live content. It had been originally created for Android mobiles and Android-based TV systems. If looking out for Kodi alternatives Android, Popcorn Time is just perfect. At present, this service is available for Windows PC, Mac, and iOS. Moreover, since it is a 3rd-party service, it is best when supported with a VPN. The player does not contain any content of its own but effectively uses other services or apps. All stuff displayed by Popcorn Time is well organized and simple to access.

Popcorn Time Image


  • Stream movies and Live TV anytime and anywhere 
  • Stable user-interface
  • Can be used on multiple devices

6. Universal Media Server

Users will benefit from this media server within a few days of operating it. Universal Media Server is a simple and straightforward media solution that easily shows media to various DLNA devices. This server fits well with both systems, whether it is a gaming console or a simple smartphone connection. Even if a client does not have any DLNA supported device can use the web browser interface to stream all content without any issues. Universal Media is known for its swiftness in supporting a wide range of video formats and ease in connecting to any network.

Universal Media Server Image


  • Automatically scans all of your content from your home network
  • Works on more than 50+ media
  • Completely free with no additional paid services

7. SPMC – Semper Media Server

If you are an Android device user and want to get a Kodi substitute that functions just like that player, then SPMC is a great choice. It offers the same visual appeals on display, giving great entertainment. Moreover, SPMC supports all types of add-ons that Kodi supports. We can assure you that this is the very best replacement for Android phones and tablets. Besides, it’s not under active advancement but is still in full function. Being engineered to be user-friendly, the media server plays all files and videos without any bugs or efficiency issues.

SPMC Semper Media Server Image


  • Elegant user interface 
  • Allows to install various add-ons or extensions
  • Supports local media library
  • Great for Androids and PCs

8. Jellyfin

Jellyfin is the latest media app that has been newly launched and has become relatively popular among many Kodi users. This media app is completely free and is open-source software. It allows a client to manage his/her content stored in their library locally. And simultaneously, they can access videos from a website comfortably. Another interesting feature about the Jellyfin player is that it has a super quick user interface supporting dark mode plus modern UI elements. Customers can also benefit from features such as fast forward, subtitles, full-screen controls, and much more. Adding on, the app supports Live TV channels, and you can even record the live stream by DVR assistance.

Jellyfin Image


  • Completely free software service
  • Records Live TV for future streaming
  • Supports web browsers

9. Terrarium TV

Certainly, if you are a dedicated fan of movies and Live TV shows, the “Terrarium TV” is just for you. Its service allows clients to stream unlimited movies and TV shows for free. This app can be truly listed as an option for top-rated Kodi streaming alternatives. With this Android-based streaming application watching and recording popular shows without any hassle is a piece of cake. Terrarium TV offers its users the exclusive benefit of streaming videos in 1080p HD resolution. There won’t be any connection issues even when travelling, which is just amazing. Being backed by an attractive user interface, the app offers customized content on a single page, from popular shows to the latest trending series.

Terrarium TV Image


  • Offers video content in full HD 1080p and 720p
  • Compatible with Firestick and Fire TV 
  • Provides new series or movies notification
  • Supports VLC media player and MX player on PC

10. Mobdro

Mobdro is a free player created for Android users to watch Live TV channels worldwide. It differs from other apps we have listed previously since you cannot install any plugin, add-ons, or channels. Besides, Mobdro has sufficient content with thousands of movies, Live TV shows, and news. Even if an individual likes to view any news channel in his/her own home country with a specific language Mobdro has it all. With just $2.99 a year, download desired content and watch it offline later. Most channels offered by Mobdro are supported by HD quality content. One can install this app as a stand-alone application or use it through the Kodi page.

Mobdro Image


  • Allows clients to stream videos online for free
  • Supports various languages 
  • Provides with ability to bookmark videos
  • Movies and TV shows are divided into specific categories

11. Cinema HD

For movie lovers, this is the perfect media player with absolutely no cost. We can watch tons of movies with HD quality for free. The best part about Cinema HD is that each and every movie on display has an HD quality. There are no adverts within its application, so users can quickly navigate to its user-friendly interface and scan through their movie library. Another feature is that customers can watch and download any video content to watch it later. Cinema HD has a system of scanning each link before it starts to play. Moreover, if it scans any link and reckons that it is suspicious or dead, it moves to the next link source. One can quickly load it onto their Fire Stick or Chromecast. Also, if you are looking for one of the best Kodi Alternatives for PC or Laptop, then you can go for this.

Cinema HD Image


  • No hidden charges; is absolutely free
  • High-quality video content
  • Easy to use with minimalistic user interface
  • Can be installed on any Android Smartphone or PC

12. Filelinked

Another great app to enter into the list of Kodi Alternatives. Filelinked is an incredible app for bulk downloading of videos on Android tools. It offers direct installation of APKs to any media streaming means such as a Firestick. Filelinked has a smooth user interface that works well on Firestick, Android TV Box, and much more. Also, we can possibly share files such as photos, videos, apps, and documents. Furthermore, this media player functions on code. So simply upload the file link server, create a code and share the same code with family and friends.

Filelinked Image


  • Suitable for bulk downloading of videoS
  • Works with code encryption
  • Easy to use interface and system

13. Syncler

Syncler is a video-on-demand app that lets customers watch unlimited movies, TV shows, and news channels. Along with its solid media library, this app is straightforward and functions with a simple user interface. Unlike other apps mentioned in this Kodi alternatives list, Syncler requires its customers to integrate a provider package to scrap certain links. Moreover, by featuring Real-debrid and Trakt integration, this one becomes highly desirable. Adding on, it has an exclusive package of premium content to choose from for enjoying an ad-free streaming experience. Thus, Syncler has the potential to be the best Kodi replacement for Firestick. 

Syncler Image


  • Let’s users browse, track, organize and sync video content
  • Syncler seamlessly integrates with Trakt
  • Stable UI for TV optimizes remote navigation

What Should You Look for in a Kodi Alternative?

While browsing for the best alternatives to Kodi, consider these listed down points for making streaming much more enjoyable.

  • Platform/device Compatibility: As you know, one of the best features of Kodi is that it is compatible with almost every gadget. Most alternatives will run on almost every media device. This will leave us to think twice about which device we want for our new home theatre system to cover. So choose an alternate that fits most media such as Androids, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac.
  • Maintenance and Updates: Volunteers or individual developers develop Kodi alternatives. So, one may expect updates after a few days or months. Thus, a commercial substitute is ideal if you care about getting the latest features for streaming movies and shows, plus bug fixings.
  • Media File Organisation: Kodi became so popular for its import and store media library features. Search for an alternate that will store and download videos, photos, and music in an offline store for future use. Most replacements in our list will fulfill this feature.
  • Online Services Integration: This point here is one of the biggest limitations seen in Kodi alternatives. Most substitutes do not have a rich library with all official and unofficial add-ons. So these options use 3rd-party services that allow clients to import from cloud libraries.


We have recommended several Kodi alternatives and lookalikes for your convenience in watching great content worldwide. One must agree that Kodi lacks ease of use and is a little complicated for beginners to get comfortable with. Thus, this guide comes to their rescue. These options offer unlimited Live TV streaming without any fee charges. They are truly user-friendly, and anyone can access hundreds of shows, movies, and Live Channels for free.

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