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How to install Hulu on Amazon Firestick (2 Quick Ways) & Easy Guide to Fix Issues

Hulu being a popular and efficient app for streaming shows is on-demand by the US people. This subscription-based service is very common among people in the US to enjoy Live TV channels and other TV shows. It offers abundant content in movies and TV shows that provides unlimited hours of entertainment to its users. Hulu is a collaboration between Walt Disney, AT&T, Comcast, 21st-Century Fox and also offers live sports and music events. Hulu on Amazon Fire Stick comes up with great features allowing you to watch 65+ American entertainment, news, sports, and various other channels.

With an affordable subscription, Hulu Firestick can give great entertainment that one might look at in their home. That’s why we wanted to present this article that highlights various details about Hulu. If you have any doubts about it, like how to get Hulu on Firestick, etc., this article will be a one-stop to answers.

Hulu App Features

  • Hulu comes up with HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and Cinemax.
  • Has a partnership with Disney Plus and ESPN+.
  • Offers access to all events, sports, or news.
  • Bears the largest library for streaming hit TV series.
  • Also helps to get a personalized TV experience.
  • Standard version streams more than 85,000 hit episodes.
  • Paid subscription provides ad-free content to watch.

Method 1: How to Download Hulu on Firestick through Amazon App Store?

Getting Hulu on Amazon Fire Tv calls for these simple steps to be followed:

1. Open the Firestick device and go to its homepage.

Firestick Homepage Image

2. From its top menu, go to “Search” and click on it.

3. Type “Hulu” in that search bar, and from those several available options, select the first one.

Search Hulu in Firestick Image

4. Click on “Download” to start downloading this app.

Download Hulu in Firestick Image

5. When this downloading process is finished, press on “Open” to start Hulu.

Open Hulu on Firestick Image

6. If you are located outside the US, then this app will give out a geo-restriction error when opened.

Hulu Unavailable Location Image

7. To connect to the US server, one can subscribe to “Surf Shark”.

Surfshark Image

8. When connected to the US server, open this service again that shows 2 options “Login” and “Start your free trial”.

Hulu Login Page Image

9. Select the desired option and start streaming popular shows.

Method 2: How to Get Hulu Firestick APK using Downloader App?

For those living outside the US, installing Hulu on Fire stick is no longer a tough task. Just ensure getting Surf Shark VPN on your device for changing the original IP address to the US IP address. Now with this VPN, an individual will be able to access free Hulu on Firestick.

1. Open “Settings” on the Firestick home page.

Firestick Homepage Image

2. From multiple options available, select “My Fire TV”.

My Fire TV Image

3. Here, some other options appear from the Device menu, from which select “Developer Options”.

My Fire TV Developer Options Image

4. Go to “Apps From Unknown Sources,” and if it is turned “Off,” select it to turn it “On”.

Apps from Unknown Sources Image

5. A confirmation message for turning on appears, there select “Turn On”.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

6. Now get back to the Firestick Home screen and press the “Search” icon on its upper left.

7. In that search bar, type “Downloader” and select the desired option from a list that gets generated.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

8. Locate ‘Downloader’ from the displayed list of various apps.

Firestick Downloader Image

9. Click on “Download”to get it.

Download Downloader on Firestick Image

10. When its download is finished, “Open” the Downloader app to get on your Firestick.

11. In the space provided,, enter URL and then press “GO”.

Firestickhacks Hulu Image

12. After entering this link, an apk page opens up. Click on “Download APK” to get Hulu’s APK file.

Download Hulu APK Image

13. Wait when the download is in progress. Allow it to get completed.

14. Now to install this file, if it asks for permission, click on “Install” on the bottom right corner.

Install Hulu on Firestick Image

15. When this application is successfully installed, a message appears. Click on “Done” to complete this whole process.

16. Now press the remote’s home button for a few seconds, and from the menu that appears, select “Apps”.

Firestick Applications Image

17. Locate “Hulu” on the screen and click it to open.

Hulu app on Firestick Image

18. It will now ask you to “log in” or “Start your free trial”. Select one option from these 2 as per your wish and enjoy watching great content.

How to Update Hulu on Firestick?

For uninterrupted services, it is always best to update apps regularly on any Firestick device.

1. Go to “Settings” and click on “Applications”.

Firestick Applications Image

2. From the appeared options, select “Manage Installed Applications”.

Manage Installed Applications Image

3. Now, from the apps list, scroll down to locate “Hulu”.

4. If its update option is available, click on it to update. If no update option is available, it means that the app is already updated.

How to fix Hulu not Working on Firestick?

Users might sometimes get stuck up while watching Hulu live on FireStick / Fire TV. It can be very irritating and worrisome, especially when someone is in the middle of a super thrilling movie, video, or sports. Thus, it is of great necessity to learn how to fix Hulu loading error on Firestick or any other connection error. Precisely for that, try out these methods as stated below:

  • Check the internet connection as Hulu requires high-speed, stable internet connectivity for uninterrupted streaming. If the bandwidth is poor, this service will not work properly.
  • Sometimes streaming errors can be due to devices. In such a case rebooting Firestick devices will help to overcome any problem related to errors.
  • Also, Hulu won’t load on Firestick if using an outdated or obsolete version. Check for updates if available and update this service. 
  • If individuals cannot access the Hulu library, it can be due to low Hulu servers. Check for whether its server itself is low or not.
  • Even after several attempts, if Hulu keeps crashing on Firestick, then clear its data and cache. This might help to resume services flawlessly.
  • If the problem persists even after trying all these methods, one can uninstall and reinstall Hulu on Firestick.


Is Hulu Free on Firestick?

Hulu is free on Firestick but with limited content. One must get a paid subscription to the app to watch all popular shows and TV channels.

Is Hulu Free with Amazon Prime?

No, Hulu is an add-on that does not come included with Amazon Prime subscription. So you will have to purchase it separately in order to access Live TV and favorite shows on this application.


With various advancements in entertainment and media, Hulu is now available to stream on several other devices. Hulu Live TV on Firestick is one of the trends going on in the US. If anyone wishes to access it from outside the US, getting a VPN will work for them. Adopting different methods for this player’s installation and fixing it can be well known with the help of this article. So, if you are new to Hulu on Firestick, going through this article would be quite beneficial.

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