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How to Stop Roku from Talking – Quick Guide to Turn Off / Fix Audio Problems

When switching to Roku, sometimes it automatically starts talking to you. You may find that its audio settings have been turned on, and Roku is narrating everything in its voice. This happens when the audio guide has accidentally turned on, as this service provides a feature for voice narration for those who need it. By turning it off or on, you can select whether to let it speak or not. People who need this voice assistance keep this audio guide on. But some of them might feel it irritating and would like to turn off Roku voice control. Therefore this article has come up with a detailed description of how to turn off Roku voice.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku through Settings Menu?

This step-by-step procedure is a perfect solution for how to turn off audio description on Roku:

1. On your Roku remote, press its “Home” button to access the home screen.

Roku Remote Home Button Image

2. A list of options will appear. From them, select “Settings” in the left pane.

Roku Settings Page Image

3. Click on “Accessibility” on “Settings”

Roku Settings Accessibility Image

4. Now select “Audio Guide”. To turn it on, select “ON” on the option that appears on the right side. To turn it off, select “OFF”.

Roku Audio Guide Turn Off Image

How to Make Roku Stop Talking using Remote Buttons?

All Roku players and smart TVs generally come with a shortcut to turn on/off their audio assistance. If one feels that its voice commands are active on their device, it probably might have occurred accidentally. In such a case, one can easily turn them off simply by using the Roku Mute Button on remote. To turn off its audio, press the “*” button on your remote 4 times. It might take some minutes for Roku to get silent.

Turn off Roku Audio using Remote Image

How to Stop Roku from Streaming Automatically?

Most devices are generally switched on. Wondering about how to automatically stop Roku from streaming, then these steps can be quite helpful:

1. Press “Home” on the Roku remote that you might have.

2. Now select “System” under “Settings”.

3. Go to “Power”.

Roku Power Settings Image

4. In the left menu that appears on your screen, select “Auto Power Savings” and select the box next to “Turn off after 4 hours”. This will stop streaming on your device.

Roku Auto Power Savings Image

Fixing Audio Problems on Roku

If a certain Roku device is not giving proper sound or it isn’t working properly, then follow these methods. It can help to serve the problem.

  • Check all wired connections properly to ensure that they are not loose. Make sure that your HDMI, component, or optical cables are well inserted on a Roku device. On the other end, check for A/V receiver, HDMI switcher, and soundbar whether they are properly connected or not.
  • All these components should be powered on.
  • Input source on your A/V receiver, HDMI switcher, and soundbar should be correct. 
  • Adjust volume levels on audio components to see whether raising up or lowering down the volume makes any impact.


How do you Turn Off the Narrator on your TV?

On your remote control, go to Menu > enter TV settings > choose Accessibility > Video Description. Now turn it Off to stop the Narration on your TV.

Why is my Roku talking to me?

If the Audio Guide is enable in your Roku player, then it reads the descriptions or text aloud. This feature is mainly for visually impaired users. If you don’t want Roku to read the on-screen texts, then you can disable the feature following any of the above mentioned methods.

Final Verdict

While using the Roku device, if you feel like you need audible assistance and hear all the narration, this application offers you an audio guide feature. Individuals can very conveniently turn it “ON” when they want to enable the Roku voice feature. And at some point of time, when one needs this device to be quiet, they can turn that audio guide to “OFF”. The above simple methods can be employed in a fraction of a second to change Roku audio settings effortlessly. This guide will be helpful in knowing how to turn off voice on Roku in no time.

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