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[3 Quick Ways] How to Delete Channels on Roku – Multiple Channels/Single Channel

Wondering how to delete that channel that you don’t want to watch anymore from your Roku device? Roku media players help you access online streaming platforms and other channels through your TV. All you need is your Roku media player and an Internet connection. You can view various channels such as BBC, Demand 5, ITV Hub, among others, through Roku. Some channels are free, while others need to be paid for depending upon your location. In addition, different apps can be downloaded onto or deleted from your Roku device at your convenience. This article tells you how to remove channels from Roku.

There is more than one way to remove Roku channels. One is by deleting it on the device itself, and the other is through the mobile app.

Things to Remember Before Removing Roku Channels

Unsubscribe before you Remove

Removing channels from Roku will not unsubscribe to it. Certain channels in Roku are paid for through a recurring deduction every month directly from your card. If you remove a channel without unsubscribing, Roku will still charge you for that channel. Therefore, you must first cancel the channel subscription and then go on to removing it.

Channels can’t be removed via

One can only remove channels via the Roku device or its mobile app. It is difficult to remove Roku channel from computer by logging on to their official website.

Removing a channel from Roku account removes it from all Roku devices

Roku channels have a direct link to a certain Roku account. Therefore, when you delete a channel from your Roku device, this action deletes the concerned channel from all devices connected to that Roku account.

How to Remove Channels from Roku?

As mentioned earlier, you can remove channels from Roku by two methods- removing through the device or the app.

1. How to Uninstall Channels on Roku via Roku Device?

Within this method, there are two ways in which you can remove channel from Roku on your streaming device. Follow these simple steps to know how to remove a channel from Roku successfully:

Removing channels from your Channel Lineup

1. Take your Roku remote and press the Home button.

Roku Remote Home Button Image

2. Find and go to the channel that you wish to remove.

3. On your Roku remote, push the Star (*) button in order to open the Menu.

Roku Remote Star Button Image

4. Choose the option ‘Remove Channel’.

Select Roku Channel to Remove Image

5. Confirm the selection on the prompt by choosing ‘Remove’ option.

Confirm Roku Channel Removal Image

After following these steps, your Roku channel removed.

2. Removing Channels from Roku Channel Store

1. Via your Roku remote, push the Home button.

2. In order to open the Channel Store, go to Streaming Channels.

Remove Channels from Roku Channel Store Image

3. Find the channel that you wish to delete and select OK on your Roku remote. If a channel is installed in your account, then a checkmark will be visible at the bottom right hand of the channel icon.

Select Roku Channels to Remove Image

4. Finally, select Remove and confirm the selection to uninstall channel on Roku. The channel is no longer installed in your account.

3. Removing a channel/channels through the Roku App

In order to delete channels from Roku app, you can follow these quick and easy steps.

1. Open the Roku streaming app on your mobile phone or tablet.

2. Go to the Channels tab. This will open the list of channels installed in your Roku account.

Roku App Channels Option Image

3. Find the channel that you wish to remove. Long press on the channel icon.

4. You will now see an option to Remove. Tap Remove and confirm the action. After you confirm, the channel will be removed from your Roku account.

Remove Roku Channel from App Image


Through these simple methods, you can easily remove any channel from your Roku account. However, you can add Roku channels even after deleting them any time later on. It is, thus, very simple to add or remove channels from your Roku media player. This media streaming service gives you plenty of options to explore, from live TV channels to online streaming platforms. You get to choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. Your Roku experience completely personalized as per your own wishes. This article helps you navigate through one of these processes conveniently.

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