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4 Easy Ways to Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick [How to Use, Update & Fix Issues]

To give a new definition and meaning to home entertainment, the Kodi app is a better option for many Firestick users. The Kodi firestick app offers a huge library of programs and TV shows that provide unlimited hours for your entertainment. Installing Kodi on Firestick can be troublesome until you are well aware of the complete installation process. To aid yourself with the same and to make things easier for you, we have come with a complete guide on Kodi. This article will lead you through how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick and how to update and fix Kodi issues on Firestick. You can access Kodi on your FireTV effortlessly with this guidebook.

What is Kodi on Firestick?

Kodi on Firestick or FireTV is a free media-based application that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, sports, live channels, and much more without any subscription. This open-source software is designed to keep home entertainment in mind, and it has been fulfilling the purpose for about two decades. Since this app is not available on the Amazon store, it has to be installed as a third-party app. Being available on different operating systems, it lets users stream Kodi on various devices. How to add Kodi to firestick can be quite challenging for the people who are using it for the first time. But it can be eased out by going through this article and following the steps as directed.

What is the Latest Version of Kodi?

For the smooth and better functioning of the app, it is recommended to keep updating the Kodi app every time a new version is released. This helps to provide some of the new features, fix the bugs, stability and performance improvements, and security updates. As of now, Kodi 19.0 Matrix is the latest version that is available. If you update Kodi to the latest version, you can enjoy all the advanced features and benefits. Let’s see simple guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick.

Method 1: How to Install Kodi on Firestick Using Downloader App

If you are a firestick user and looking for how to get Kodi on Firestick, then following these steps can be helpful.

1. Launch Firestick homepage and click on the “Search” option.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. In the Search bar that opens, type “Downloader.” Click on the desired result that appears on your screen.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

3. To get the Downloader app on your device, click on the “Download” option.

Download Firestick Downloader Image

4. Now let’s get back to the Firestick home screen and click on the “Settings” option. You can find this option in the right end corner of the middle bar.

5. From the various options that appear on the screen, select “My Fire TV.”

My Fire TV Image

6. Go to “Developer Options” in the My Fire TV list.

My Fire TV Developer Options Image

7. Select the first option that is displayed, “ADB debugging,” and turn it “ON” (This is optional).

My Fire TV ADB Debugging Option Image

8. Now come to the second option, “Install unknown apps,” and turn it “ON” to install the apps from the Downloader app on your device.

Install Unknown Apps Option Image

9. Get back to the “Settings” option now and open “Privacy Settings” under the “Preferences” menu. Look for “Device Usage Data” and “Collect App Usage Data” and turn both the options “OFF.”

Preferences Device Usage Data Option Image

10. Launch the downloader app that you have just installed, and in the URL tab, type for Kodi 18.9 and click on “GO.”

Downloader Enter URL Field Image

11. The Kodi APK download process will start. Wait till the download is finished.

Downloader File Downloading Progress Image

12. When the download is complete, click on the “Install” option in the bottom right corner.

Install Kodi on Firestick Image

13. Wait as the installation process is in progress.

14. Once the app is installed, click “Open” to launch the Kodi app on your device.

Kodi App Installed on Fire TV Image

Method 2: How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick using ES File Explorer?

1. Launch the Firestick homepage and come to the “My Fire TV” in the “Settings” menu.

My Fire TV Image

2. Open “Developer Options” and in that turn ON “Apps from Unknown sources.”

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

3. Now let’s get back to the Firestick homepage and click on the “Search” option, and type “ES File Explorer.”

Search ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

4. To get the ES File Explorer app on your device, select the “Download” option.

Download ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

5. When the downloading is done, open the app and navigate the “Downloader” option in ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer Downloader Image

6. Select the “+ New” option that is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

ES File Explorer Home Page Image

7. A dialog box appears in which type in the pathname. And in the name section, you can enter any name of your choice.

ES File Explorer Path Name Options Image

8. Click on the “Download Now” option and wait till the download process is finished.

Download Kodi on Firestick using ES File Explorer Image

9. When the download is complete, select the “Open File” option to proceed further.

10. To install the file on your device, select the “Install” option.

Install Kodi on Fire TV using ES File Explorer Image

11. Click on “Install” again when it confirms you for installing the app.

12. Kodi now gets installed on your Fire TV device.

Open Kodi on Firestick Image

Method 3: How to Download Kodi on Firestick using AppStarter?

1. To install the apps using Appstarter, access the “My Fire TV” and turn ON the “Apps from Unknown Sources” as done in the previous methods.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

2. Now, install the Downloader app on your device as described in the first method.

3. Launch the app on your Firestick and click on the URL box.

Downloader Enter URL Field Image

4. The URL window appears in which you enter and then proceed ahead with the “GO” option.

AppStarter URL on Downloader Image

5. When the App starter is downloaded, click on “Install.”

Install AppStarter on Firestick Image

6. Launch the app when the installation process is complete.

7. In the left pane, go to the “Updates” option. Now to install Kodi look for the “Install” option on the right side next to Kodi.

Install Kodi using AppStarter Image

8. Kodi is successfully installed on your Firestick using the App starter.

Method 4: Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick with FileLinked

1. To install Kodi on Fire Tv with the help of the FileLinked app, the very first thing is to get the FileLinked app on your device and launch it.

2. When it asks you to enter the code, write “54780130” and then click on “Continue.”

Enter Kodi code on Filelinked Image

3. You might get several Kodi versions available on the screen. Click on the “Download” icon next to the version that you wish to install.

Download Kodi on Firestick using Filelinked Image

4. Once the download is complete, click on the “Play” icon displayed next to the version you have downloaded.

5. To successfully download Kodi for Firestick and install it, follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.

How to Use Kodi on Firestick?

1. To use Kodi, the major step is to understand its user interface. When you launch the Kodi app, you get several options based on various categories on the left-hand side. You can easily switch between the options as and when you like. But to start with, click on the “Enter Files section” to share your media library with Kodi.

Kodi Enter Files section option Image

2. When you have added all the files from various sources, you can conveniently play the local media as shown in the image.

Play Local Video on Kodi Firestick Image

3. The “Search” button on the top allows you to search all the local content, add-ons, and streaming services directly.

Search on Kodi Image

4. With the help of the “Power” button on the left, you can exit Kodi whenever desired. You can also reboot and perform similar to other tasks.

Kodi Power Options Image

5. For making the Kodi home screen more advanced and pleasing, you can also add weather information or use various Kodi skins.

Kodi Weather Option Image

6. For accessing a huge media library laced with videos and movies, you can get various Kodi add-ons that are meant for the same.

How to Update Kodi on Firestick?

To update the Kodi app on Firestick, first, check the existing version. To get the updated version of the Kodi app goes through these steps.

1. Open the homepage of Firestick and go to the “Settings” menu on the top.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. Click on the “Applications” option.

Firestick Applications Image

3. In the Applications menu, go to “Manage Installed Applications.”

Manage Installed Applications Image

4. In the available apps, hover over the Kodi app to see the current version displayed on the right side.

Fire TV Manage Installed Applications Kodi Image

5. Now go back to the home screen and launch the Downloader app on your device.

6. In the URL box, enter for Kodi version 19.0 Matrix and click “Go.”

Kodi APK URL in Downloader Image

7. When the update file is downloaded, it will ask you to install the file. Click on “Install” as shown in the image.

8. The Kodi app will begin to update. Wait till the update is in progress.

9. When the update is complete, click on “Done.”

Kodi App Installed using Downloader Image

10. To free up some valuable space on your device, you can delete the Kodi installation file that is no longer required. Select the “Delete” option.

Delete Kodi APK on Firestick Image

11. A confirmation message will appear before deletion. Click on “Delete” again to remove the file.

12. Now launch Kodi by going to “Your Apps & Channels” and scroll to the right to find the Kodi app.

Kodi on Firestick Image

Step-by-Sttep Process of Uninstalling Kodi on Firestick

At any point in time, if you wish to remove the Kodi app from your Firestick device and you are trying to figure out how to uninstall Kodi on Firestick, then here it is.

1. Come to the Firestick homepage and open the “Settings” menu.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. In the Settings menu, select “Applications.”

Firestick Applications Image

3. From the menu that appears on the screen, go to “Manage Installed Applications.”

Manage Installed Applications Image

4. A list of all the apps on the device appears. Please scroll down to find the Kodi app and click on it.

Kodi in Firestick Manage Installed Applications Image

5. Select the “Uninstall” option to remove the app from your device.

Kodi Uninstall on Fire TV Image

6. A confirmation message appears before uninstalling. Click on the “Uninstall” option again.

Uninstall Kodi on Firestick Image

How to Fix Kodi Not Working Issues?

If you are facing Kodi not working on Firestick, then here are a few fixes that might help resolve the issue.

Method 1: Always Use a VPN With Kodi: If your Kodi is not working properly, then there might be a possibility that your ISP is blocking the streaming requests that are being generated. This could be overcome by using a VPN with Kodi. VPN will keep all the streaming requests safe, and the ISP will not block any further requests. 

Method 2: Get The Latest Updated Version: If Kodi is constantly crashing, make sure that you have the latest version of kodi. Check for the installed version, and if an updated version is available, update the app to get the latest available version. Getting the updated version might help to resolve the Kodi crashing issue.

Method 3: Clearing Kodi Cache and Data: At times, clearing all the cache and data on the app also helps fix the problems. To clear Kodi cache and data, these steps can be followed:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu from the Firestick home screen page.
  • After this, select “Applications” from the various options that are available.
  • Now open the “Manage Installed Apps” menu to get the list of all the installed apps on the device.
  • Scroll down the list of apps to find the Kodi app.
  • Now go to “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” to remove any cache files that create trouble.
Kodi Clear Cache on Firestick Image

Resetting Kodi on Firestick

If you are willing to reset Kodi on Firestick, then here is the complete process for you to move ahead. 

1. Launch Kodi home screen and select the “Applications” menu by clicking on the “Settings” option.

Firestick Applications Image

2. To open all the installed apps on your device, click on “Manage Installed Applications.”

Manage Installed Applications Image

3. Find the Kodi app from the available list of apps.

Kodi in Firestick Manage Installed Applications Image

4. Now click on “Clear Data.”

Kodi Clear Data on Firestick Image

5. To reset Kodi to default settings, click on “Clear Data” again.

6. Now select “Launch Application” to open Kodi on your device.

Kodi Launch Application on Fire TV Image

7. It will ask you to access the media on your device. Press “Continue” to proceed.

Kodi Launch Application Continue Option Image

8. On the next window that appears, click on “Allow.”

Allow Kodi to Access Files Option Image

9. Kodi starts rebooting. Wait till the process is in progress.

10. When the rebooting is finished, Kodi has been reset to default settings on FireTV.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies and TV on Firestick

To watch some of the best movies on firestick kodi, here are some top add-ons that you can get on your device.

  • BBC iPlayer
  • PlayOn Browser
  • YouTube
  • British Pathe
  • FilmRise – YouTube
  • Crackle
  • Internet Archive [Video]
  • Classic Cinema
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Sling TV
  • Tubi
  • Popcornflix
  • BFI Player

Best Movies on Firestick Kodi

Kodi on Firestick provides a wide library of content from all genres. If you are looking for some best movies to watch on Kodi, here is a small list. These are some of the top picks to stream for many Kodi users. 

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Nobody
  • Vanquish
  • The Unholy
  • The Marksman
  • Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Chaos Walking
  • Secret Magic Control Agency
  • The Funeral Home
  • Nomadland
  • Peninsula


Kodi app for Firestick can be one of the best apps for entertainment if you are acquainted with all the know-how about the app. You can get several Kodi add-ons that let you stream multiple movies and TV shows. Kodi download firestick can be much simpler with this article that portrays all about the Kodi app. Even if you stuck with any issues on your Kodi app, you can resolve them in no time.

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