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[SOLVED] HDCP Error Roku – 4 Simple Ways to Fix Error Code 020

HDCP is a standard created by Intel and Microsoft. The protocol allows you to output 4K video, but only on devices approved by Intel and Microsoft. It is controversial because it’s a part of the HDCP specification but does not actually involve Intel or Microsoft. The HDCP protocol used by movie studios and DVD manufacturers is intended to prevent people from transferring content they’re allowed to view on their devices to other devices. The DRM (Digital Rights Management) enables companies like Netflix and Amazon to sell digital video disks, also known as movies or films. Before seeing fixes for HDCP Error Roku, let’s see what it means.

DRM is a Content Management System (CMS) used primarily to prevent or control the copying of digital media. However, it can also be used to limit a device to only playback purchases from specific retailers and manufacturers. HDCP is an encryption technology designed to protect copyrighted content as it moves across a digital connection. It’s an impenetrable barrier that prevents people from taking digital video, audio, or software content—or video games, for instance—that you have paid for and downloading or capturing it for free.

What Does HDCP Mean?

HDCP is short for “High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.” It is an encryption technology used in the transmission of HDTV content. The HDCP system has been designed to prevent piracy and protect copyrighted content. It is a digital copy protection system, which prevents HDCP encrypted content from being copied. In addition, HDCP prevents a non-encrypted HDMI or DisplayPort video stream from being recorded by a digital VCR or DVR. 

This standard is mostly intended to protect content providers who have worked hard to create copyrighted programs. However, the downside is that recording digital streams from devices such as Roku for later viewing on other devices becomes impossible. However, if you are experiencing an HDCP error Roku, then there is a way to fix the HDCP error detected Roku and enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows.

How to Fix HDCP Error on Roku?

It’s pretty simple to fix the Roku Error Code 020 (HDCP Error). It’s also extremely time-saving because you won’t need to follow several other complex troubleshooting tips and tricks in order to resolve the HDCP Roku error question on your device. Instead, follow the below-mentioned methods to fix the HDCP Error on Roku:

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Method 1: Steps to Fix “HDCP Error Roku”

1. If you’re trying to stream your content in Ultra HD and suddenly your app crashes, then take a look at the step mentioned below.

2. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your problem. Although, if this does not solve your problem, then follow the next steps.

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3. Remove the HDMI cable from your TV and the Roku player as well.

4. Now, disconnect the cord and turn off the TV.

5. After this, connect one end of HDMI cable to your TV and another end with a Roku player. Make sure the cable is not loosened up.

6. Turn on the power to both the Roku player and your TV. Wait for them to start normally.

7. At this moment, your HDCP error Roku should be fixed, and you can start watching content like before. You can follow the same to fix Roku HDCP 2.2 error.

Method 2: Alternate Methods to Troubleshoot HDCP Errors

If following the above steps does not solve your problem, you can try some alternate methods to troubleshoot your issues. 

  1. Try using an alternate HDMI cable for your TV. 
  2. If you’re using another cable, then make sure it’s less than 6 feet. It’ll help you to ensure if the HDMI cable is defective or not. 
  3. If you’re using AVR or HDMI switch, try connecting it directly to the TV. 
  4. There is a high probability that the main problem lies in your television set, so try switching the Roku player with another TV set. 
  5. You can even consider a monitor to do so. 
  6. If the error appears just after installing the Roku Player or setup process, ensure that AVR supports your HDCP.

Method 3: Switch Display Type

Roku streaming device looks good no matter what type of TV and display type you have. Therefore, you can adjust the settings on your device based on the characteristics of the type of your TV. To find the display settings navigate to main Settings and then select the “Display Type” option.

Method 4: Equipment is not HDCP Compliant

There’s a possibility that it won’t have a video card that works correctly with HDCP enabled for any old television. If you receive the error repeatedly, you may want to try different cables and/or video cards. If this doesn’t work, you can try stripping HDCP out of your connection altogether. For example, if you try to connect your Roku to your television and see a Roku HDCP error detected, it could be due to the HDMI cable. HDCP is a copy protection protocol that only exists on HDMI cables. Older standards, like VGA and DVI, don’t have HDCP. 

For this instance, an HDMI splitter is the best solution. To buy a device that ignores HDCP, you’ll spend at a minimum half the price of this splitter for a device that will do nothing more than strip HDCP out of an HDMI connection. This will solve your HDCP error Roku and help you to stream content without any fuss.

What Does HDCP Unauthorized Mean on Roku?

One of the most common Roku problems is the HDCP unauthorized error message, which often appears on a purple screen. The HDCP unauthorized purple screen on Roku can mean a few different things. The most common is that it’s a High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection issue. If you see this HDCP unauthorized message after plugging your Roku into a particular HDMI input on your TV or receiver, the issue is most likely with your TV. 

Although, If you were able to play content on channels before but now see the “HDCP Unauthorized: Content Disabled” message above your content selection. You should know that it is because of a new copyright protection scheme. The HDCP unauthorized message appears when the Roku detects a digital signal from the HDMI port on the TV. However, if you cannot solve these issues independently, you can contact customer care for support. In addition, there is some conjecture that the TV set or home theater receiver you purchased several years ago may not be able to pass a higher-resolution signal from your Roku device over HDMI.


The above article on “HDCP error on Roku Player” is a comprehensive guide with all the information you need to fix your problems encountered during the installation of the Roku streaming player. Just go through this article and follow each step very carefully to fix all problems related to HDCP errors like Roku purple screen fix. Once you have gone through this article, you won’t have any problem installing the software and enjoying your Roku streaming player right on your TV screen.

This article aims to provide every bit of information on “HDCP error on Roku Player.” We have tried to solve every problem caused by HDCP during installation. So make sure to go through the article and follow every step so you can enjoy the features of the Roku Player on your TV with delight.

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