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16 Free & Premium VPNs for Firestick with Easy Installation Guide

Firestick is truly an incredible device that lets you stream thousands of apps over a single device. In case you are located in a region where you do not have access to certain popular streaming apps, you can easily unleash this issue by adding a Free VPN for your Firestick. There are tons of totally free VPN for Firestick in the market that will activate several streaming apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and much more. In short, VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network that prevents third-party websites from sneaking into your online streaming activities. By installing a VPN for your Firestick, your IP address will be masked from internet service providers and copyright sites. We have listed down the most popular VPNs that are free and also the ones that offer premium service. The VPNs we’ve pinned down are safe to use and have a quick setup process.

Best VPN for Firestick in the Market

Below is the list of free VPN, Premium and cheapest VPNs for firestick. Check out and choose the best VPN for Fire TV.

10 Best Free VPN for Firestick

1. Speedify

Speedify is an excellent choice if you are looking out for a completely free VPN service for your Fire TV. This VPN is known for its ultimate speed with maximum performance. Speedify is one of the fastest VPN for Firestick that comes with a high-speed connection that ranges up to 10 connections. Its free plan offers free data of 2GB/month that works on 1 device, but the user needs to create an account to get started. Another feature about the free VPN is that it has a below-average unblocking performance. For users that would use Speedify VPN for restricted streaming platforms such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer, this VPN might cause a few glitches. Adding to it, the user can later upgrade to an individual plan for the specific Firestick, during which they can test the VPN and cancel it after that. Speedify VPN is compatible with almost all devices and software.

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2. Turbo VPN for Firestick

Turbo VPN is one of the most popular free VPN services to download for your Firestick. Although Turbo VPN is not available on Amazon App Store, you can still install it by jailbreaking your Firestick and sideloading the app onto your Firestick. When you first begin to use the VPN service, you are directed to use the 7-day free trial of its VIP service. Turbo VPN features solid encryption, decent speed, and unlimited data, making it a good fit for your Firestick. The only concern about using Turbo VPN for free is that it limits your access to only certain locations. Turbo VPN free service may also be backed by ads periodically. Most importantly, Turbo VPN has all the basic features to secure your data and information over your Firestick streaming activities.

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3. Opera VPN Firestick

Opera is known to be one of the most used web browsers on Windows PC. With Opera Browser, a user will get the Opera VPN as a built-in feature. This Opera VPN is completely free for Firestick without any data limitations. There is no dedicated Opera App available on Amazon App Store. To download Opera best VPN Firestick, you will need to sideload the app onto your Firestick using the Downloader app. With Opera VPN, there is no need for registration or the requirement of handing over any personal information. Simply enable the VPN in the Opera web browser’s settings section, and you are ready to go. Opera VPN acts like a proxy service that protects the users streaming activities with the use of HTTPS. If you already have your Firestick set up, then you might want to consider installing this free VPN so that you can quickly stream your favorite movies and TV shows from regionally restricted streaming apps.

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4. Ultrasurf Free VPN Firestick

Ultrasurf VPN is a remarkable VPN tool that you can install on your Firestick free. This VPN solely runs on just one basic feature: it creates a VPN tunnel for the user’s location and masks their IP address from advertisers, third-party websites, and search engines like Google. If you want to get access to Netflix, a restricted streaming app in your region, Ultrasurf VPN will offer you access to this app with more stealth. Getting access to any restricted video content with the help of Ultrasurf is just a tap away. Ultrasurf VPN is also one of the fastest VPN services over today’s internet platform. This app is completely free, and you never have to register or enter any username to get access, simply download and install the VPN and get started.

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5. Windscribe Free

Windscribe VPN is a straightforward and simple VPN created for Firestick users. This VPN is a relatively small app that doesn’t take up much space and can be used seamlessly by a first-time VPN user. Windscribe VPN comes with both paid and free versions, so you can opt for the best version that fits your preferred features. If you opt for the paid version of the VPN, you will get access to 600 servers located in over 50 countries. The free version of Windscribe offers to effectively work on any web browser platform and provides an additional extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Windscribe Free VPN comes with a monthly data capacity of 10GB which is higher than most of the free VPN service providers in the market, plus gives access to restricted content to over ten countries.

Windscribe Image


Hide. I offer an average free package for all Firestick users to safeguard streaming activities. This VPN doesn’t offer any special features but has all the basic needed features to keep sites from sneaking into your activities. Hide. It is known to be a mid-range VPN service and is an ideal option for casual VPN users. The free VPN version is highly compatible with most streaming devices that includes Fire TV and Android devices.

Along with being flexible and compatible with several media platforms, it also supports a huge list of VPN protocols, making it easy for users who like a much more customizable VPN service. The only concern about VPN is that it just offers 2GB/month, much less than many of the popular VPN service providers in the market. Free VPN for Firestick Image

7. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPN services free, and which one can easily install and set up. With millions of users installing this VPN monthly, this Hotspot Shield VPN has become one of the most popular VPN markets. Hotspot Shield VPN has the fastest internet speed than the VPNs mentioned above, plus it has a quick and easy-to-navigate user interface. This VPN allows torrenting and P2P file sharing with any geographical restrictions. Moreover, Hotspot Shield supports a wide range of devices that is PC, iOS, and Android. This Free VPN comes with a paid version that will improve some additional features and offer better stability and dependable service. Hotspot Shield offers the user to browse in private, protects streaming apps from malware, and provides unlimited bandwidth. Last but not the least, this free VPN is completely ad-free, so there is nothing that will interrupt your interface.

Hotspot Shield VPN Image

8. VyprVPN

Vyprvpn is known to be the safest and most secure free VPN for Firestick. This free VPN service can unlock thousands of geographically restricted sites. Vyprvpn is not completely free, and it offers a 1-month free trial and further offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows a user to test and cancel the VPN anytime they want to. The free VPN has almost 700+ servers from all across the world, which makes it an incredible pick for your Fire TV. With VyprVPN, a user can access a huge range of popular apps such as US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Hulu. In addition, a user can quickly link five device connections at a time to the VPN service. Another eye-catching feature that makes Vyprvpn different from other VPN service providers is that it offers live chat support, so the user’s problem is just a click away.

VyprVPN Image

9. ProtonVPN

Our next pick for the best free VPN for Firestick is ProtonVPN. If you are looking out for a flexible and stable VPN is the perfect pick for your firestick. The main feature of ProtonVPN is that it offers unlimited data. This feature comes truly handy for excessive internet users when you would like to stream more but wouldn’t want to get a premium or pay extra for the VPN service. The best part about ProtonVPN is that you can freely use the service for free as long as you would like to. Besides, this VPN service is poor in accessing content from all over the world, and the user gets its access connected to only three countries. If you would like to access other restricted geo-contents, you will need to opt for the ProtonVPN paid version.

ProtonVPN Image

10. Tunnelbear VPN

The last pick of our free unlimited VPN for Fire TV list is the Tunnelbear VPN. Tunnelbear VPN service is yet another VPN provider company that offers the user access to the free private network. Moreover, this free VPN service provides only 500MB/month of bandwidth, much lower than other free VPN service providers on the internet. This bandwidth range can be too little when streaming continuously over your Firestick device and switching between popular apps. Tunnelbear VPN supports servers from 22 countries and also offers fast speed for downloading and navigating the interface. Besides this, Tunnelbear VPN comes with a built-in kill switcher, wherein even if your VPN gets disconnected due to some reason, your IP address is still hidden. Tunnelbear also features a multi-login option and is greatly compatible with various streaming platforms.

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3 Best Premium VPN’s for Firestick

1. Express VPN Firestick

While we speak about paid and premium VPN service providers, ExpressVPN has topped the charts for its flexibility and stability in its functionality. ExpressVPN known as an all-around VPN for Firestick. This paid service is based on top-notch quality of security. Let’s say you can stream, download, bypass geo-restrictions, and stream uncensored video content from any part of the world. Furthermore, ExpressVPN supports around 3000 systems servers and is created for fast connections with any loose-speed connections. ExpressVPN includes other features in their security system kill switch, DNS leak protection, spilled tunneling, and much more. Also, if the user comes across any issue, they can immediately deal with the support team and get the query cleared, plus the support team works 24/7. ExpressVPN is currently offering a discount over its annual plans and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee service.

ExpressVPN on Firestick Image

2. Nord VPN on Firestick

NordVPN is another most loved premium VPN that offers a smooth service and comes with all the necessary features a VPN user is looking for. It is known to be a user-friendly VPN that also manages to navigate around Netflix’s VPN blocks. NordVPN is also backed by a large network server that offers 5150 servers from all over the world. No matter the country or region you live in with NordVPN, you can easily stream and download your favorite movies and TV shows with ease. In addition, NordVPN provides the user with a budget-friendly VPN service pack for just a few dollars each month for a 3-year plan. With NordVPN, a user will benefit from multiple VPN protocol options that will protect the streaming apps.

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3. CyberGhost

Cyberghost VPN confidently portraits itself as an extensive VPN solution with excellent features to safeguard your streaming activities. This free VPN also claims to be one of the safest VPNs you can install over your Firestick. Cyberghost offers several features such as an automatic kill switch, DNS and IP leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, and a no login policy. Adding to it, Cyberghost has its ad-blocker to stop malicious ads from popping up over the screen. Moreover, it also features a malware blocker and an online tracker. Installing and using Cyberghost is just a few steps away, and it is easily compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. Its paid plan offers support to 7 connections at once and covers 6800+ servers from 89 countries. Lastly, the user benefits from a 45-day money-back guarantee if the VPN does not appeal to them.

CyberGhost VPN on Firestick Image

3 Cheapest VPN for Firestick

1. Pia VPN Firestick

Private Internet Access offers its users an affordably priced security package that provides great benefits with just a few dollars of investment. Comparing it to other paid and premium VPN services, Private Internet Access still comes with a low range billing fee. This paid VPN provides three billing options that are $9.95/month, $35.95/six months, and $39.95 a year. The best part about these billing options is that each set of billing options offers the same features, so there are no added features for the higher paying users. In addition, the PIA VPN security service is compatible with five devices simultaneously. Furthermore, Private Internet Access is backed by several protocols that can be used to create the encrypted tunnel, with a good list of operation locations with servers in 30 different countries.

Pia VPN Image

2. Surfshark VPN

With the increase in demand for VPN services, Surfshark VPN has become popular with its highly intuitive UI and excellent bunch of features. If you are looking for a cheap VPN with all the basic features for your Firestick, Surfshark is the ideal pick. Surfshark VPN runs over 1700 servers in 63 countries, and every server is easily compatible with P2P sharing. If you are a frequent Torrent user, Surfshark will hide your IP address and help you download video content. Like many popular VPN services, Surfshark also offers its customers a no login policy, kill switch, and DNL leak protection. In addition, Surfshark offers you Adblocker, Whitelisting, and No border mode options to connect more than one country’s server at once. You can easily download and install the Surfshark VPN app on Android, Kodi, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and Firefox.

Surfshark Free VPN for Firestick Image

3. Ipvanish VPN

IPVanish VPN is an award-winning VPN for the best VPN security provider that is stable and offers unlimited bandwidth. This VPN security is one of the best VPN for Kodi Firestick as it has automatic cycling, wherein your IP address will keep changing without disturbing your network connection. IPVanish VPN works with 650+ servers in over 60+ countries. Not just compatible with Kodi but also provides a P2P service for torrenting. A user can now own a single subscription and use it over multiple devices such as Fire TV, Android, iPhone, iPad, and many more. IPVanish is certainly a one-proof solution for the safety of your online identity. For beginners who would like to opt for an affordable yet functional VPN service, IPVanish is an excellent choice.

Ipvanish VPN Image

How to Install Free VPN on Firestick?

Method 1: How to Put VPN on Firestick from Fire TV App Store?

1. Launch Fire TV home page and go to the “Search” icon located in the top menu bar.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. Next, type in your VPN’s name and click on the most relevant option.

Search ExpressVPN on Firestick Image

3. Once clicked on the relevant option, click the yellow highlighted “Download” button.

Download ExpressVPN on Firestick Image

4. Wait for the download process to complete.

5. Once completed, click “Open” to launch the VPN app on your Fire TV.

Open ExpressVPN on Firestick Image

6. Now, sign in to your VPN app and further select a location and click on “Connect.”

ExpressVPN Sign In Page Image

7. If you are prompted with a connection request, click “Ok,” and you can get started.

Accept ExpressVPN Connection Request Image

Method 2: How To Install VPN on Firestick via Downloader App?

1. Go to your Fire TV “Search” box and type “Downloader,” and select the most relevant option.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

2. Click the “Download” button and wait for the process to complete.

Download Firestick Downloader Image

3. Once the “Downloading” has finished, click “Open” to launch the app.

Open Downloader on Firestick Image

4. On the first page of the Downloader app, enter the direct download URL of your preferred VPN. Click “Go.”

Downloader Enter URL Field Image

5. Download the APK file and further click “Install.” Wait till it finishes installing the APK file.

6. Next, go to your “Settings” section of your Fire TV.

Firestick Homepage Image

7. From the “Settings” page, click on “Applications.”

Firestick Applications Image

8. Now, select “Manage Installed Apps” and scroll down to find your VPN app.

Manage Installed Applications Image

9. Click on the installed VPN and select “Launch Application” from the right side menu panel.

NordVPN Launch Application Image

10. Now, sign in to your VPN application and enter the necessary details to start using the application.

Sign In VPN Firestick Image

How to Test VPN is Working On Firestick?

1. Once your VPN app has been downloaded on your Firestick, tap the “Home” button and launch the Firefox website.

Firefox Homepage Image

2. Now type the following URL link: “” Click next and wait till the new page loads.

3. Further, you shall see a map that displays your location and also your IP address.

4. If your location and IP address displayed on the map is correct, then the VPN isn’t working on your Firestick.

5. On the other hand, if the VPN server’s registered IP address and location are displayed, then the VPN server is working fine.

VPN Server Details Image

How to choose the best Free VPN for Fire Stick?

  • Dedicated VPN app for Firestick: A free VPN will be worth it if it is completely compatible with your Fire TV. Several VPN service providers offer dedicated free VPN service apps installed directly onto your Firestick from the Amazon App Store. Most of the VPN apps that we have listed above have a dedicated app for Firestick/FireTV. 
  • Log-in Policy: In many cases, there have been serious complaints that many free VPN services do not have a proper log-in policy and collect user behavior data on the background to sell it to third-party marketing agencies. Make sure that, before you download any free VPN service onto your firestick, read through their logging policy thoroughly. 
  • Connection Speed: The VPN mentioned above services have a nominal speed and fast enough to live excessive video content over your Firestick. However, the free versions of VPN services cannot offer the unbeaten speed that paid versions offer.
  • Security Features: A highly strong security system is a must for every good VPN service. We have listed down free and paid VPN service apps that offer AES-256-bit Encryption, which will protect your virtual data. With a good security backup, you can safeguard your online activities. 
  • Ease in Use: Any VPN you would install over your firestick must be easy to use and have a simple user interface that makes it easy to navigate. We have listed down VPNs in our guide that take just a few minutes to install and have a simple interface that first-time VPN users can use.

Free VPN Vs Paid VPN – Which is Better?

When it comes to a free VPN, you get all the basic features to secure your IP address from third-party websites for free. But along with the free version comes a not-so-stable network connection and limited bandwidth. Free VPNs are also restricted to monthly data caps and speed throttling. Moreover, many Free VPN apps do not work well with Netflix and few other popular streaming apps. On the other hand, the paid or premium VPN services can be trusted and offer unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, with a monthly subscription fee, you can access advanced features like DNS leak protection, kill switch, and, most importantly, large server packs. If you are a one time and not so frequent user of the web browsers, then a good free VPN service would be enough, but in case you stream and browse a lot through multiple steaming apps at once, then we would recommend you to try out the paid or premium version of a VPN.


Why Do I Need a Vpn for Firestick /What Does a Vpn Do?

Installing a VPN for your Firestick will help you protect your streaming activities from malicious and unwanted websites sneaking into your activity data.

Are Free Firestick VPNs Safe to Use?

Not all Free VPNs are safe to use. There might be some free popular VPN that might not be too dangerous for you to install. Do thorough research before downloading a free VPN on your Firestick.

Does Ipvanish VPN Work with Netflix?

Yes, Ipvanish VPN works very well with Netflix.

Final Verdict

A VPN service will offer you quick access to geo-restricted websites and streaming apps over your firestick. You can install a free VPN with ease as it does not require any login or registration process and improve your online privacy. The free VPN services that we have listed above are restricted to Firestick devices and installed on other devices such as Android, Mac, iOS, etc. Users can also opt for premium VPN services that offer advanced online security systems. Before starting by using the paid version, you can use the 7-day free trial and check whether the VPN suits your device.

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