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How to Fix it when my Firestick Remote is not Working or Pairing? (8 Easy Solutions)

If you are in the middle of your favorite show and suddenly stuck up with a faulty Fire Stick remote, then you might wonder how to resolve it. Firestick remote not working is one major issue that many firestick users might have come across. Some of our friends and acquaintances have complained that ‘my Firestick remote won’t work all of a sudden’. There can be several underlying reasons like improper pairing of the device, faulty batteries, distance, or obstruction. Whatever the reason may be, one needs to resolve that issue. Checking out these various methods would surely help anyone to fix issues regarding ‘Firestick remote stopped working’.

How To Pair Firestick Remote?

When getting a Firestick device, its remote generally comes paired with it. But sometimes, your device might not be already paired, and in such situations, one will try to pair it. But due to some glitches or errors, Firestick remote won’t pair. So try pairing Firestick remote by employing these steps:

1. Plugin a Firestick device and turn it “ON”. Let this appliance boot up completely.

2. Now get its remote close to Firestick.

3. Press and hold “Home” on this control for at least 10 seconds.

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4. Now release this Home button to check if its remote works.

5. If the issue is not resolved, hold its Home button once again and repeat it twice or thrice.

Sometimes this process requires several repetitive attempts to resolve the issue. So, simply follow it if you don’t know how to pair remote with Firestick.

How to Reset Fire TV Remote?

If your Firestick remote stopped working even after pairing, following these simple steps that will help to reset Fire TV Remote.

1. Unplug a Fire TV device and wait for 60 seconds.

2. On its remote, press and hold the left button, menu button, and back button simultaneously. Hold it together for 12 seconds.

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3. Now release these buttons and wait for 5 seconds.

4. Plugin FireTV back and wait for 60 seconds.

5. Now press its remote’s “home” button.

6. Thus, you can reset Amazon Fire Stick remote with these 5 simple steps.

Fixing Fire Stick Remote By Resolving Battery Issue

If the Fire Tv remote stopped working in the middle of streaming, it could be due to inefficient batteries. These simple steps can be helpful in fixing issues regarding inefficient batteries:

1. Remove batteries that are placed inside this remote.

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2. Carefully check how they have been installed. If installed backward, reinstall them in the opposite direction and then try using this control.

Fire TV Remote Batteries Installation Image

3. If it doesn’t work, then install a pair of new batteries.

Fire Stick Remote New Batteries Image

4. Try checking the remote now. If the remote does not work now also then there might not be the battery issue.

Resolving Distance And Obstruction Problems (If Any)

For Firestick not responding to remote, it could be due to some obstruction or large distance between this control and its appliance.

  • Bring this control closer to a Fire TV.
  • If any obstruction is there between these 2 then remove that obstruction.
  • If the control only works when you hold it very close to the TV, try using the Fire Stick extension dongle to reposition this gadget.
  • And if the gadget is placed somewhere inside a cabinet, take it out from that enclosure and check if this remote works now.

Checking Fire Stick Remote Compatibility

If the remote came along with its device, then this check is not required. But if using some 3rd-party remote, then compatibility is required for verification. Amazon and other game controllers can work for Fire TVs. One thing to note is that make sure of its model and compatibility with the control. Check for its genuinity as many replicas are available that can be misleading.

How to Fix it Using App when Firestick Remote Stopped Working?

When done with all methods for fixing this remote, but still, if Fire Stick remote not responding issue persists, then for immediate usage, getting ahead with its remote app will be advantageous:

1. Install the Fire TV control app on Androids, iOS, or Kindles.

2. Plugin this TV and let it boot completely.

3. Download this app and install it. After it is done, launch it.

4. Sign in to this app with your Amazon account details.

Amazon Account Sign In Image

5. A list of gadgets will appear. From that list, select your Firestick gizmo.

Select your Fire TV Stick Device Image

6. A code appears on the screen which one needs to enter in this app.

Fire TV Remote app connection request image

7. After entering its code, your phone will now work as a control for streaming.

Restarting Firestick Device with Remote

If Fire Tv remote app not working to fix the issue, just restart Firestick with remote by following these steps.

1. Go to “Settings” on the Fire TV and click on “My Fire TV”.

My Fire TV Image

2. Look for “Restart” in “My Fire TV” and click on that.

My Fire TV Restart Image

3. Wait for your appliance to restart. After that, unplug its power cable and plug it back in after 5 seconds.

Fire Stick Remotes and Interference

Bluetooth-connected controls have some advantages over Infrared. If a proper line of sight is not available between Fire TV and its control, then it only reduces the range rather than preventing completely from connecting. But Bluetooth remotes are likely to interfere if appliances such as microwave ovens, wireless phones, wireless speakers, and other wireless devices are nearby. Any such gizmo can create interference in Bluetooth connectivity that removes connection and creates a great obstruction. Try to shut it down once just to check whether your remote works now or not.


When an Amazon Fire Stick remote stopped working, trying to know the reason behind it and fixing it becomes a necessity to get unlimited entertainment. Various methods to work on this fault or damage have been listed above in this article. So if an individual is looking for methods to resolve such issues, this piece of information proves to come in handy. We suggest you go for Firestick remote app as a backup option if those above options are not fruitful.

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