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How to Fix Buffering on Firestick | Causes & Simple Fixes to Loading Issues

We barely get time to watch TV at home, especially the televised show at specific timings. Nowadays, people prefer to watch content online that can be available at any time from anywhere. As a result, content consumption patterns have evolved, and now, instead of investing your money in a smart TV, you can view online content on your TV directly with the help of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. The FireStick is a streaming device that offers a wide array of entertainment options such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, and much more. However, even the advanced devices have some drawbacks as per circumstances. One such drawback is Firestick buffering while streaming the content. Let’s see the reasons behind that and quick solutions to fix it.

Amazon Fire TV/FireStick Buffering Issues

It is the nature of electronic devices to go wrong sometimes; similarly, Amazon Fire Stick streaming issues are the most common problems that users face. It is one of the most popular streaming devices that is easy to set up and use. If your FireStick keeps buffering all the time, then there must be some problem with your gadget. You may also experience other issues, such as visual problems, a black or a frozen screen, app crashes, and others. But if you are only seeing that your Firestick keeps loading, here are a few methods to avoid this problem.

Why Does My Firestick Keep Buffering? – Reasons for Not Loading

As there are a number of factors that may cause your Fire TV buffering, however, there are some common causes for why your FireStick keeps buffering; these are:  

1. Slow Internet  

Why my FireStick keeps buffering constantly? The first thing that comes to your mind is, it might be due an internet connectivity issue. Remember your internet connection should not be too slow; it must be at least 10Mbps for 1080p and 20 Mbps for 4K streaming. Moreover, any alteration, gradation, or degradation might affect your network speed. 

2. ISP Throttling 

Your internet service provider (ISP) might be slowing or throttling down your connectivity on purpose due to too many streaming activities from your side. Mostly, ISPs such as Time Warner or Comcast scan for particular traffic categories regularly, and if they find you are streaming too much content, they might reduce your download speed. 

3. Storage Running Low  

It is a very common issue among FireStick users because the gadget has just 8GB of space, many of which are used by the OS. Moreover, cache chunks are also a common factor to degrade the performance of the Fire TV. Due to lots of unused apps that consume high bandwidth might slow down your connectivity as well. 

4. Poor Power Source or Hardware Issues 

Inadequate power sources such as connecting cables or power adaptors might be the reasons why your Firestick is constantly buffering. It can also be caused by problems with your modem, Ethernet cable, router, or even with Firestick itself. Some power issues may happen if you use a USB port or other port rather than the wall socket. 

5. Remote Server Malfunction  

The FireStick TV downloads the content to be available when you stream as a temporary cache automatically. Remote server malfunction can also be one of the Firestick buffering problems as the server hosting your content could malfunction or operate at a slower pace. Moreover, if your FireStick is placed too far from the modem, the signal strength will be weak.

How to Stop Buffering on Firestick?

It is frustrating when you binge-watch your favorite TV series, and your Amazon Firestick keeps buffering. Once you identify the problem behind the problem, you should stop Amazon Fire Stick buffering issues by following these fixes.

1. Restart your FireStick

One of the first things to try is to restart your FireStick if you can’t really put the finger on the causes. It is one of the most basic Firestick troubleshooting fixes that could be the solution, especially if your device is turned on all the time. Here are the steps on how to reduce or stop buffering:

1. Go to the Home menu by launching your FireTV, scroll to the topmost part of the screen, and select “Settings.”

Firestick Homepage Image

2. To the right choose “My Fire TV”.

My Fire TV Image

3. Then click on “Restart.”

My Fire TV Restart Image

4. For confirmation, select Restart again.

5. The FireTV will automatically reboot, the process will take a few minutes.

2. Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps

Suppose you are thinking about fixing buffering on Firestick. In that case, you should uninstall third-party apps that may cause your Fire Stick not to load if your device has many notorious apps and are not optimized to perform properly. Here is a guide to uninstall them.

1. Launch your Fire Stick, then from the home menu, select “Settings.”

2. Now select the “Applications” on the right.

Firestick Applications Image

3. Go to “Manage Installed Applications.” Here you will also find how much internal storage you have.

Manage Installed Applications Image

4. Next, select an app, and you will find the details about it, such as the app size and cached data info.

5. Click on “Uninstall” and click “Uninstall” again after confirmation.

Firestick Apps Uninstall Image

6. You can uninstall any other unnecessary app with this method.

Before uninstalling any app, make sure you clear data and cache to erase all the leftover temporary data that is taking enough space in your device.

3. Clear Cache on Firestick

Installing an app is the easiest way in Amazon FireTV, and if your device has a lot of apps, you must uninstall unwanted apps. The cache is the memory stored in your computer for instructions and data. Clearing the cache of streaming apps may help in reducing your Firestick streaming issue. You can also clear the app data to reset the app to its factory settings. Here are a few steps on how to clear cache on Firestick.

1. Go to the home menu and select “Settings.”

2. Click “Applications” by scrolling to the right.

Firestick Applications Image

3. Now, Choose “Manage Installed Applications.”

Manage Installed Applications Image

4. Next, select an app from the list.

5. Select to select either “Clear data or Clear cache” on the right side of the window.

Netflix Clear Data Image

Note: Clearing the only cache will keep your other information intact such as any sign-in information, etc. However, clearing the app-related data will clear the cache and clear and reset the app to the factory defaults.

4. Use a VPN Server

If the above methods do not work for you and you are still worrying about stopping Firestick from buffering, you should install a VPN. One of the common practices of ISPs is internet throttling. Therefore, your ISP may slow down your connection due to too many streaming activities from your side. However, if your Firestick keeps crashing or loading slow, then subscribing to a VPN (virtual private network) might be a good idea. 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for FireStick will not only hide your IP address but also stop the ISP from throttling your speed by disguising your traffic and browsing history. In addition, VPN offers a fully encrypted network that provides complete privacy from your ISP. You can also sign up for a service on your PC or smartphone before installing a firewall on your FireStick. 

For the best result, opt for a well-known VPN to stop your Kodi and other apps buffering on Firestick problem. Moreover, select a different location to hide your actual location when you open the app. A VPN with in-built speed and automated connection features improves your chances. Once signing up for a VPN service, on the homepage of your FireStick, select the search option and then search your VPN, install it and log in to connect.

5. Factory Reset

After trying all the above solutions, if you still have not found your Firestick buffering fix, you should perform a factory reset of your Fire Stick. Your last resort is resetting your device that will clear everything on your FireStick, including your settings, sideloaded software, and all downloaded apps. However, you should remember that you still have your purchases, important data, and downloads. Here are two ways to factory reset your FireStick.

First Method

  1. The first method is to select the “Settings” from the home menu.  
  2. Now, select “My Fire TV.”  
  3. Select “Restore to Factory Defaults” from the bottom of the page and confirm.
My Fire TV Reset to Factory Defaults Option Image

Second Method

The second method is from your FireStick remote itself.

1. You can do it by pressing and holding for 10 seconds the right key of the navigation circle and back key at the same time.

Reset Fire TV with Remote Image

2. A message will pop up on the screen about factory reset.

3. Choose the “Reset” option, or the action will happen automatically after 20 seconds if you don’t choose.

Final Verdict

Amazon FireStick is a convenient device that can give you access to all types of content available. However, if you are experiencing buffering issues, you can opt for any solution provided above and check for your internet connectivity and Wi-Fi signal strength. Finally, make sure that you are using authenticated power assets, power cable, and power adapter. Here, you will find all the scenarios that are common with these devices. You can fix the issue by following these simple steps. However, if your problem does not solve even after applying all of these solutions, you should hire a professional.

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