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2 Ways to Install FireDL on Amazon Firestick | Best FireDL Codes [100% Working]

FireDL codes are the ones that are used to install various applications on your device using the FireDL application. By entering the specific FireDL app codes mentioned below in the article, you can download the apps you want. These codes are different and specific for every application and automatically downloads the app linked to the code.

What is FireDL?

Before knowing about codes, first, you must understand what FireDL is. It is a free platform on the internet that is similar to Filelinked. FireDL is an android application used for sharing files anonymously. Sharing files includes downloading, installing, and managing files via URL. The basic purpose for which people use FireDL is because it is used to install streaming applications like Cinema, Kodi, etc. Due to its fast-downloading speed and adaptability, FireDL has become popular in very little time. It allows you to download applications via entering FireDL APK codes.

In the following article, we have explained how to install FireDL on your android TV and how to use it. The steps will work for android TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, MECOOL, firestick, or other appliances that work with Android TV. FireDL used to be on the amazon store, but it is no longer there, so you have to install a downloader only then you can use FireDL. But make sure you only use FireDL authentic codes, which are available below. If you find your Aidymatic FireDL codes not working, that is probably because it contains malware.

How to Download FireDL on Firestick using Downloader?

Follow the steps given below to install FireDL on your TV easily. FireDL download is a very easy process if you follow the steps correctly. While downloading FireDL, you can also use a VPN connection to keep your id anonymous and for security reasons too. Unless you are using a VPN, your location and IP address will be saved while using the app. If you use a VPN, your connection will be encrypted.

1. First of all, install the downloader app on your device (from your respective store) and enable installations from unknown sources in the settings of your device.

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2. If you haven’t installed a downloader, follow the steps to install it first because only later you can install FireDL.

3. Go to the home screen of your TV and navigate the search icon. Now in the search icon, type downloader and wait for it to download.

4. Next, it will request access to various things like media, files, etc., on your device. Click allow.

5. Once it is complete, your screen will display a dropbox having various instructions about the downloader. Please read them carefully and click on ok.

6. Allow installation from unknown devices under developer options in settings.

Downloader Enter URL Field Image

7. Now again, in the downloader app, click on the go option.

Troypoint FDL URL in Firestick Image

8. From the virtual keyboard on your screen, type download FireDL and click on ‘go’.

9. Wait for the download to finish.

10. Once the APK file is downloaded, you have to install it. Click on the install button. Once installed, click on done.

Install FireDL on Firestick Image

11. After installation, it will automatically redirect you to the downloader. It will ask you to delete the downloader. If you wish, you can delete the downloader if it is of no use to you anymore.

12. Go back to your home screen and launch your app.

How to install FireDL on Firestick using ES File Explorer?

ES file explorer or file explorer is a versatile app that can be used to manage, download, and store various files on your TV or device. Follow the given steps to install FireDL using file explorer.

1. Firstly, open the ES file explorer app on your firestick.

2. Now from the home screen of the app, click on the downloader app.

3. Now, you will see a +New icon at the bottom of your screen in the download manager window; Click that.

ES File Explorer Home Page Image

4. It will ask you to enter the URL and name of the app. Enter the URL and name it as FireDL App and click on download now.

ES File Explorer Downloader Image

5. It will start downloading the app. Once the app downloaded, click on the next button on your screen and install the app.

ES File Explorer Path Name Options Image

6. After the installation finished, go to the home screen of your TV and launch the FireDL app.

How to use FireDL Codes to Install Apps on Firestick?

Once you have installed the application, you must know how to use it. Using FireDL is very simple, and you can easily access it if you know the right codes. All you have to do is enter the correct code, and it will automatically work. Given below are the steps to follow while using the FireDL app.

1. Firstly, launch the FireDL app from your firestick.

2. As soon as you open the app, a pop-up keyboard will appear on your screen, asking you to enter the code. You have to enter the code of the application you want to download. You can check the FireDL New Codes in the below section.

Enter FireDL Code in Firestick Image

3. Once you enter the last number, it will automatically turn into a URL link, as shown below. Click on next.

4. The file or the app will be downloaded now. Wait for it until the download is complete.

5. Once downloaded, it will ask you to install the app, click on install.

Cinema HD Install on Firestick Image

6. After the installation is complete, click on done, and you will be redirected to your app list.

Cinema HD Installed on Firestick Image

7. You will see your installed app in there, launch it, and you are done.

Cinema HD Image

Best Codes for FireDL

To install an application using FireDL, you will need specific codes for the apps. You must enter updated FireDL codes; otherwise, they won’t work. Following are the FireDL Codes for Fire Stick, Kodi, Windows, etc.

  • MX player FireDL code: 278885
  • Mobdro FireDL code: 680004
  • Cinema FireDL code: 355256
  • Firefox FireDL code: 300011
  • PTV sports FireDL code: 680012
  • IPTV FireDL code: 680018
  • HBO movies FireDL code: 680010
  • Fildo FireDL code: 300006
  • Kodi 17.6 FireDL code: 999000
  • Kodi 16.1 FireDL code: 600001
  • Freeflix HQ FireDL code: 452090
  • Aptoide FireDL code: 280847
  • Live net TV FireDL code: 790249
  • Morph FireDL code: 355326
  • Terrarium TV FireDL code: 666244
  • Amaze file manager FireDL code: 300013
  • I4sports FireDL code: 680021
  • Showbox FireDL code: 680005


FireDL is a great app to have on your firestick. Everything you need to know about this app has been mentioned in the article above. From what is FireDL to the most used codes. The article involves two ways in which you can install FireDL on your firestick. First, you can easily download any app using the FireDL app by entering the correct code. Second, apart from downloading apps, you can use them as a file manager for your device. We hope that this article was helpful for you.

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