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Quick Guide to Fix Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working & Pairing Issue [100% Solution]

Once you master your Fire TV remote functions, you can conveniently use it for various activities, from streaming movies to controlling your smart home devices. Moreover, learning how to use and get comfortable with this device may not seem that easy, plus with the Alexa feature built into the fire tv remote, your navigation cannot get much easier. Although with all the excellent features of a Fire TV remote, this little device can have glitches at times while working. You need not worry when something goes wrong and your Fire TV remote not working just while you are about to stream a movie; you can use the solutions we have listed below to fix the issues quickly.

If there is a serious issue with the remote device and it doesn’t solve it with the help of the solutions we have listed, try getting a new Fire TV replacement remote and start streaming again.

5 Best Firestick Remote Alternatives

Here are the replacement remotes which you can choose when your Firestick remote stopped working completely even after trying the fixes.

  1. Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV (1st Gen)
  2. Rii i8+ Keyboard Remote
  3. iPazzPort Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
  4. AuviPal R9 Wireless Mini Keyboard Remote
  5. iPazzPort Mini Remote with Backlit

Top Replacement Firestick Remote Controls

1. Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV (1st Gen)

Our first pick on the list is the model from Amazon itself that is Alexa Voice Remote. This remote pairs perfectly and instantly within minutes to your Fire TV with its easy and simple setup process. This Alexa-enabled remote comes with all the essential navigation buttons, making it much easier to operate the Fire TV. You can seamlessly use this remote device with Firestick TV, Fire TV Cube, and Amazon Fire TV. Adding to it, this Amazon remote comes with features such as Alexa voice commands, navigation arrows, cross-app voice search, play, pause and skip buttons. Furthermore, you can also use this remote to control the soundbar system and AV receiver. Users can also benefit from the ultimate voice search, such as checking weather updates, sports scores, play or pause a movie, and much more with just a word away.

alexa voice remote for fire tv image

2. Rii i8+ Firestick Replacement Remote

If you lost Firestick Remote, then this Rii i8+ keyboard remote is one of the best 3rd party replacement remotes for your Fire TV. This remote is created to be a multifunctional remote, wherein it has a LED-backlit Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboard with a touchpad. Rii i8+ may not be a newly launched remote but has received tremendous positive response from customers for its functionality and performance. If you are a gamer who loves playing games over your Fire TV, this is the perfect pick for you since Rii i8+ is geared towards gamers. This multifunctional Firestick remote alternative comes with a game handle design structure with 2 round dials on the two ends of the keyboard. Not just compatible with Firestick devices, but this remote also works well with PC, iPad, Android TV box, Google TV Box, and Xbox Players.

Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Remote Image

3. iPazzPort Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

iPazzPort Mini Wireless Bluetooth keyboard remote is ideal for users who would not like to use any sophisticated remote, which can be difficult to use. This iPazzPort Mini keyboard remote is user-friendly and takes just seconds to pair up with your Fire TV. iPazzPort Mini Wireless Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with almost all Android-based devices, Fire TV Cube, Xbox 360, PS3, Nvidia Shield, and many more. It features a QWERTY keyboard and a multi-touch touchpad backed by a 3600 flip body design. This remote comes with multimedia keyboard buttons and dedicated PC gaming controls. Moreover, you can make use of the touchpad that acts as a mouse with the Firestick. This mini Bluetooth keyboard remote is a perfect match for customers looking for an affordable Amazon Fire TV remote replacement.

iPazzPort Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Image

4. AuviPal R9 Wireless Mini Keyboard Remote

Just as it looks, this high-tech-looking gadget truly looks like a remote that has been derived from a sci-fi movie. AuviPal R9 mini keyboard remote has loads of exciting features that make it one of the best Amazon Fire TV replacement remote. Like the previous keyboard models, this AuviPal R9 remote also features a mini Qwerty keyboard, trackpad, directional pad, clearly lined up media buttons, and all of the keys backlit. This remote gets linked with a specially designed USB cable created to connect to the Fire TV. AuviPal R9 is compatible with Android devices, Kodi media player, Raspberry Pi, PC, Xbox 360, etc. The remote works well when you want to browse the web, stream movies and play games with just a single handheld device. Studies say that typing on the AuviPal R9 mini remote is 10 times faster than other Fire TV replacement remotes.

AuviPal R9 Wireless Mini Keyboard Remote Image

5. iPazzPort Mini Remote with Backlit

iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard remote with backlit keyboard resembles a traditional keypad remote rather than a remote gaming device. This remote has a sleek and compact design structure that makes it convenient to use and hold while navigating. Just like other models, it features the Qwerty keyboard backed with backlit LED keys. Includes dedicated buttons for home, play, pause, rewind, menu, etc. The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard remote supports a 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity and is well-matched with devices like Amazon Firestick, Tablets, PC’s, Laptops, and many more.

Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery comes with a long life span for continuous long working hours. You can also turn off/on the backlit function with the “Light Bulb” key button over the remote. With a pack of 8 programmable IR buttons, the iPazzPort Mini wireless remote is easy to program and set up with your Fire TV.

iPazzPort Mini Remote with Backlit Image

What Causes a Fire Stick Remote to Stop Working?

There are several reasons as to why your Firestick remote could stop working. The most common issues could be drained out batteries, no proper network connection, obstacles interfering between firestick remote and Fire TV signal, and much more. Here are some frequent problems that cause the Amazon Firestick Remote not working, and you can resolve them by applying these solutions.

1. Fire Stick Remote Battery Problems

This is one of the most common issues most Firestick remotes face. It could be due to damaged or drained-out batteries. Simply take out batteries from the backside of your Firestick remote and insert new batteries and wait for a couple of minutes. Now, turn on the remote by pressing any button over the remote. Now you can use the remote like before.

2. Firestick Buttons Not Working

When the buttons on your Firestick remote do not work properly, the remote was not paired correctly to the Fire TV. To fix this, hold and press the “Home” button on your remote for 10 seconds and pair the remote again to your Fire TV. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, try resetting the Firestick remote and re-pair the remote to the Fire TV once again. We have pinned down the complete steps on how to reset your Firestick remote above.

3. Obstacles blocking connectivity signal

Though the Firestick remote uses Bluetooth for connectivity and not IR signals, it is not necessary that you must point your remote straight to the Fire TV device. Besides, you can still check the remote by moving a little nearer to the Fire TV and trying the navigation controls. Moreover, remove any obstructions that could be between your Firestick remote and TV. This should resolve the interrupted signal problem.

4. Interference Problems

Since Firestick remotes are Bluetooth enabled, they are susceptible to interference, not the issue with IR-based remotes. If you have gadgets or appliances such as microwave ovens, wireless speakers, unshielded coaxial cables, wireless phones, or wireless devices, try shifting them from their place or plug out their cord from the power supply outlet.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement Pairing

Here are the steps to pair your newly replaced Firestick remote. There are few steps that would be a little different from pairing your original Firestick remote. So here is how you can pair it.

1. Tap the “Home” button on your new Firestick remote

2. Now, click on the “Settings” tab from your Fire TV home page.

Firestick Homescreen Image

3. Under the settings page, select “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices”.

Firestick Controllers and Bluetooth Devices Image

4. Click “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” from the right panel menu panel.

Amazon Fire TV Remotes Option Image

5. Next, click “Add New Remote”. Here your Fire TV will scan and list down all the discoverable remotes.

Add New Remote Option Image

6. Then press and hold the “Home” button on your Firestick remote for a couple of seconds and release it. By doing this, the name of your remote will be displayed over the screen.

Use New Remote Home Button Option Image

7. Further, press the “Select” button from your old Firestick remote.

Use Old Remote Select Option Image

8. Lastly, you will see your new Firestick remote listed on the screen that appears on the Fire TV. Simply click on it, and your remote has been paired successfully.

Amazon Fire TV Remotes List Image

How to Reset Firestick Remote?

Here is how to restart Firestick remote with 5 simple steps.

1. Stay on your Fire TV Home page and press the “Left + Menu + Back” buttons together for 10 – 15 seconds.

Firestick Remote Reset Image

2. Now, wait for about a minute and remove the Firestick from the TV.

3. Next, take out the batteries from your Firestick remote and wait for another minute.

4. Then, plug in the Firestick device back into your TV and insert the batteries back into the Firestick remote. Once the fire Tv home page appears, press the “Home” button on your remote for 40 -50 seconds.

Firestick Remote Home Button Image

5. Wait for about a couple of minutes till the process is complete. Once the process to reset Fire TV remote is complete, try using the remote and check whether it works well.

Can I Use My Firestick TV Without a Remote?

Yes, you can control your Fire TV without using a remote by using the Amazon Firestick remote app. It just takes a few minutes to install and use the smartphone remote.

1. First, Download the Amazon Fire TV app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Amazon Fire TV App Image

2. Once the installation has been completed, open the app.

3. Make sure you link the same network connection to your Remote app connected to your Fire TV.

Fire TV Remote app Image

4. Select your particular Amazon Fire TV name that gets displayed over the remote app page. Next, a code will appear over your Fire TV screen. Enter the same code on your remote app.

Fire TV Remote App Connection Request Image

5. Now your mobile remote app successfully connected to your Fire TV. Use the virtual remote just swipe the left/right/up/down buttons and tap them.

6. You can also use the voice search option and other virtual playback keys to control your Fire TV while streaming movies.

Final Words

The Firestick has been a hit innovation by Amazon for providing a convenient and incredible streaming experience for an affordable price. However, along with the fun aspects of Firestick, there are those days when you come across issues with the device. It’s not a big deal to resolve these issues. In the worst cases, you can even replace the Firestick remote with a compatible replacement remote. We have listed down the 5 best Fire TV remote alternatives that do not just offer streaming controls but can also be used as a gaming console. Adding to it, we have put down the listed step-by-step process over how you could pair, program, and reset your Firestick remote. If your Fire TV Remote not working and you come across any glitches, try out the solutions mentioned above.

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