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All about FileLinked Firestick – Installation & Set up Guide with Updated Codes

Filelinked, as many of us might be familiar with, is a file-sharing tool that was formerly known as DroidAdmin. This efficient app provides services to download files and APKs on Firestick. It brilliantly works well on Android TV, Firestick, and other media streamers. Filelinked Apk Codes are used to download the required app by just entering a code of the file. With this application, sharing all sorts of videos, music, APK files, and photos is highly possible. Efficiently download any service, upload it or perform both these tasks with Filelinked for Firestick. Using its codes, you can also share any files or folders to family persons providing them with the same code. And there is much more to know about this service, which this article gives an in-depth guide along with knowledge on how to install Filelinked on Firestick.

What is Filelinked?

If you are tired of downloading apps from 3rd-party stores on your Firestick device, then Filelinked is here to ease out such issues. It is a service provider that allows downloading different applications on Fire TVs conveniently and effortlessly. All it uses are a set of codes of each kind of app that is to be entered in the space provided. Then, using a certain code, find the desired application and download it. Also, it aids in sharing and uploading on Firestick quite feasibly and rules out any complexities.

Filelinked App Features

  • This service provider is compatible with various devices.
  • Does not call for any charges as it is absolutely free.
  • Allows convenient file creation, sharing, and download.
  • Provides faster apps and file downloads.
  • Does not require zipping and unzipping of files.
  • Gives access for file sharing only when people have the same code. 
  • Allows multiple file sharing simultaneously.

Method 1: How to Download FileLinked on Firestick through Downloader?

Getting a Filelinked app for Firestick using the Downloader app is very simple. Follow these step-by-step measures:

1. To Download Filelinked for Firetv, first open the Firestick homepage and locate “Settings”.

Firestick Homepage Image

2. Various options will appear on your screen. From them, go to “My Fire TV”.

My Fire TV Image

3. Under “My Fire TV,” select “Developer Options”.

My Fire TV Developer Options Image

4. If “Apps from unknown sources” is off, then turn it “ON”.

Apps from Unknown Sources Image

5. If the confirmation message appears, click on “Turn ON”.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

6. Now go to the homescreen, and in its search bar, type “Downloader”.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

7. Click on “Downloader” from the generated results.

Firestick Downloader Image

8. Press on “Download” to get the app. Let its downloading process finish, and then open it on your device.

Download Downloader on Firestick Image

9. In case a message prompts up to ask for your permission, “Allow” it.

Downloader Allow Permissions Image

10. Downloader homescreen is now open with “Home” preselected in the left navigation panel. Now, click on the provided URL field.

Downloader Search Box Image

11. Enter this URL and then select “GO”.

Firesticktricks Enter URL Image

12. Now, Filelinked APK download starts. Wait for it to complete.

13. Once this APK file is successfully downloaded, Downloader automatically runs it and starts the installation process. Here, click on “Install” on the bottom right.

Install Filelinked on Firestick Image

14. Wait till its installation process gets done. When Filelinked is installed completely, the confirmation message will be displayed on the screen. Select “Done”.

15. Downloader now asks you to delete the APK file that no longer required. Select “Delete” to remove this file.

Delete Downloader on Firestick Image

16. Here, a confirmation message appears on your screen. Then, click on “Delete” once again.

17. That’s it! Filelinked Firestick is now available.

Method 2: How to Install Filelinked on Firestick Using ES File Explorer App?

Here’s a complete and clearly furnished process to get answers for how to get Filelinked on Firestick using ES File Explorer:

1. Launch the Firestick homepage, and in its search option, type “ES File Explorer”.

Search ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

2. To get the ES File Explorer application on a device, click on “Download”.

Download ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

3. When its download gets completed, open it and “Allow” any permissions required to proceed further.

ES File Explorer Allow Permissions Image

4. Now on the homepage of ES Explorer, look for “New+” on the screen’s bottom.

ES File Explorer Home Page Image

5. A dialog box appears that asks for “Path” and “Name”. Enter the following details and click “Download now”.

Name: FL (or any file name that you may like)

Firesticktricks Enter URL in ES File Explorer Image

6. Filelinked APK for Firestick download begins to start. Wait till it gets completed.

7. Now select “Open File” when the download process gets over.

Filelinked Open File in ES File Explorer Image

8. A window appears with installation confirmation on the ES File Explorer screen. There, click on “Install”.

9. Wait till the Filelinked Firestick installation process gets finished. Once this service gets successfully installed, an “App installed” notification will appear.

10. Click on “Open” if you want to use the app right now.

How to Download and Install APKs on Firestick Using Filelinked

To access the Filelinked Firestick app efficiently on your gadget, press and hold the “Home” button on Firestick remote for a few seconds.

1. From the displayed window, select “Apps”.

Firestick Applications Image

2. Scroll down to locate “Filelinked” and open it.

3. The Filelinked homepage gets opened that asks for a code for entering. Click on the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner.

Filelinked Settings Option Image

4. To make the homescreen free from any ads or tips, locate “Show Hints And Useful Information” and turn it “OFF”. Then, click on “Apply”.

Filelinked Turn Off Show hints option Image

5. Now to download any app enter the code of any preferred APK that is desired.

Filelinked Code Image

6. After entering a certain code, it displays all files and apps regarding that code. Look for “Download” or an icon on the screen’s right side to get any application that you want.

How to Sign Up with Filelinked?

Sign up for Filelinked Account required when uploading any content. For downloading, only codes are sufficient.

1. On your computer browser, visit the Filelinked website, and on the top menu, click on “Create Code”.

Filelinked Create Code Image

2. On a window that opens, go to “Sign Up”.

Filelinked Login Image

3. Enter all the required details with email and password and select “Register”.

Filelinked Registration Image

4. You have now successfully logged in to your Filelinked Firestick account.

How to Upload and Create a Code on Filelinked?

1. Log in to a Filelinked account with an email id and password.

Filelinked Login Image

2. When logged in, go to “Create New Configuration”.

Filelinked Create New Configuration Image

3. Write “Name” and “Description” of the configuration if you want to. Then, click on “Save”.

Filelinked Enter Detailes for Configuration Image

4. For uploading files, select “Create files”.

Filelinked Create Files Image

5. A window opens where you have to enter “Download URL” and “Logo URL” and then click on “Save”.

Enter Download URL in Filelinked Image

6. Now “Go back” and “Add new files” options arise.

Filelinked Add New Files Image

7. If chosen “Go back,” a code arrives. This represents the code of your configuration.

Top Best Filelinked Codes for Sports, Music, & More

Filelinked is a great tool that works well on Firestick and Android. To get any app on devices, Filelinked codes come in handy. So, some of the best Filelinked codes for Firestick listed down as below:

  • Filelinked Code: 51829986
    Name: Stream & Tech Now
    PIN: None
    No. Of Apps: 583
    Categories: Vpn, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, Media Player
  • Filelinked Code: 67664537
    Name: StreamItAll
    PIN: None
    No. Of Apps: 319
    Categories: Kodi, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Music
  • Filelinked Code: 71607934
    Name: FireTVSticks
    PIN: None
    No. Of Apps: 216
    Categories: Live TV, Kodi, Anime, Adult, Music, Games
  • Filelinked Code: 11039868
    Name: NxtLvLTech
    PIN: None
    No. Of Apps: 298
    Categories: Music, Tools, Sports, VPN, IPTV
  • Filelinked Code: 85810914
    Name: Electrical M.D. Super App Store
    PIN: None
    No. Of Apps: 38
    Categories: Kodi Builds, Movies, TV Shows, Media Players
  • Filelinked Code: 76705196
    Name: Amazon Fire
    PIN: 3223
    No. Of Apps: 148
    Categories: Live TV, Media Players, TV Shows, Games, Sports
  • Filelinked Code: 32364318
    Name: iTrustStream
    PIN: None
    No. Of Apps: 123
    Categories: Live TV, Music, Free Movies, VPN, Anime
  • Filelinked Code: 22222222
    Name: New Tech Evolution
    PIN: 9898
    No. Of Apps: 107
    Categories: Kodi, Movies Apps, TV Shows, Live TV, Media Players


Is Filelinked Free?

Many people wonder if Filelinked requires any subscription or not. Filelinked Firestick is a completely free application that does not demand any subscription. Simply download it following any of the methods mentioned above.

Is Filelinked Safe?

Yes, Filelinked is absolutely safe to use unless you get it from some unauthorized application store. We always recommend you to get this service from certain verified app stores for security concerns.

Is Filelinked Illegal?

No, using Filelinked is not at all illegal. It is a 100% legal application that anyone can utilize without any worries. Though some apps on the Filelinked store might not be legal, Filelinked itself is safe to use. Ensure that you install apps from a secured and verified app store to prevent installing illegal ones.


Sharing photos, videos and downloading various applications and services can never be as simple as this Filelinked app on Firestick. With this host, individuals can effortlessly install apps and shows on their Firestick using APK codes. One can also very conveniently upload and share files to friends and family. Codes for various types of shows and apps required for searching and later for downloading. These codes for some of the popular and famous apps can be available very easily. Overall, this article tries to prove itself as a guidebook on how to use Filelinked on Firestick.

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