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Latest Filelinked Codes for Movies, TV Shows, Sports & More (100% Working)

Filelinked is an app that allows you to access lots of user-created lists that contain a wide variety of content. The content could easily stream on Firestick or other devices. You must enter some specific filelinked codes and pins considering the security purposes to access these lists. Filelinked along with these codes provide abundant streaming content that is unlimited and never-ending. With a long list of codes, you may confuse about what apps to get on your device. For this, we have come up with some of the best filelinked app codes that will offer you all the categories to wish to stream from.

Updated Filelinked Codes for Android TV, Firestick, Kodi

Latest Filelinked working codes for Sports, Kodi, Live TV, Movies, Shows and more are as follows,

Best Filelinked Codes for Kodi

  • 28002962 – Diggz Xenon Fan Store
  • 67664537 – Stream It All
  • 76908483 | Pin: 2010 – Ezzer Mac Build and APK
  • 27256340 – Dr. Venture
  • 36260523 Kodi APKs and Forks
  • 44427643 Peters Youtube 2018 Build Wizards and Repos 
  • 20469053 – The Tank Show Youtube channels and APK Forks PYTHONBUILDS45.

Filelinked Codes for Live TV

  • 56001333 – Hidden Gem
  • 67664537 – Stream It All
  • 71607934 – Firesticks TV
  • 51829986 – Stream Tech and Now
  • 17779393 – Jo714 Filelinked Store

Filelinked Codes for Sports

  • 76908483 | Pin:2010 Ezzer Mac Build and APK
  • 56001333 – Hidden Gem
  • 13131313 | Pin:4545 – Youtuber’s Optimum Bliss 
  • 51829986 Stream Tech and Now
  • 17779393 – Jo714 Filelinked Store

22 Top Filelinked Codes List

1. Filelinked Code 22222222 – NewTech’s APK Store

Name: NewTech’s APK Store

PIN: 4754

This code’s total number includes more than 100 that covers various TV shows & Movies, Live Tv, and Utilities. NewTech comes up with one of the best File Linked Codes For Android and Firestick. Various third-party apps like Cinema APK, Bee TV, Cyberflix, and many more can be covered using this code. You can also find several utility apps like Mouse Toggle after getting this Filelinked code. It is also easy to get the latest and older versions of the Kodi app to stream your favorite content. With this code, you can download the modded, ad-free versions of numerous popular apps.

NewTech's APK Store Code Image

2. Code 85810914 – Electrical MD

Name: Electrical MD

PIN: Not Required

The Electrical MD Filelinked code covers categories like movies, TV shows, utilities, etc., encompassing about 40+ apps. It features all the popular apps for movies and Tv shows and the top-rated services for Live TV. Though you may not find a huge library of content other codes, you can still get quite a good and required collection. This Filelinked code contains the apps that one may use to stream any popular movie or show. Some of the common apps included in this store are, Cinema APK, CyberFlix, Mobdro, Live Net TV.

Electrical MD Image

3. Filelinked Code 71607934 – FireTVSticks

Name: FireTVSticks

PIN: Not Required

This Filelinked code contains 200+ apps for movies, anime, Live TV, and TV shows. All that you would wish to stream on your Amazon Firestick device, you can get here. For watching on-demand content, there are apps like Cinema HD and Cyberflix. You can access apps like Mobdro, Live TV net, and many more to stream the live TV. Also, you can find many utility apps in this Filelinked code. You can download Mouse Toggle and Blokada to get an enhanced streaming experience. For your convenience, it also offers the modded version of many apps.

FireTVSticks Code Image

4. 11039868 – NxtLvLTech

Name: NxtLvLTech 

PIN: Not Required

This File LinkedIn code is one of the longest-running codes with 298 apps that stream all the major content people look for. It provides some of the best streaming apps of today, like Kodi. Live TV, sports, music, anime, tools, and utilities can all be covered under one roof. This NxtLvLTech app equipped with the best thing because it gets constantly updated and maintained to let its audience enjoy the enhanced and updated features. It is due to this reason that this code is one of the Best FileLinked Codes for Firestick.

NxtLvLTech Image

5. 32364318 – iTrustStream

Name: iTrustStream

PIN: Not Required

With over 136 latest apps from diverse categories, this app is another gem for Firestick users. You can get both free and paid apps here from various categories like Live TV, media servers, TV shows, movies, IPTV players, and tools. Some of the popular apps that this Filelinked code contains are Plex Media Server, Tubi, ZiniTevi, IPTV Smarters, Cinema APK, BeeTV, MX Player, and others.

iTrustStream Image

6. 95030652 – Review on This and That

Name: The Review on This & That 

PIN: Not Required

This Filelinked code includes various categories like browsers, Kodi builds, sport streaming apps, media players, and other tools. Apart from the normal apps that you can access from other stores, it provides you with extra modded applications that make streaming better. You can find some of the top and best apps here in this code.

Review on This and That Image

7. 33627466 – Stream Doctor

Name: Stream Doctor

PIN: Not Required

This new store for media streaming comes up with more than 55 apps that stand out to be the best apps for Firestick devices. For more convenience and ease, it features all the apps that are compatible with a Firestick device. This is among the new filelinked codes that offer everything you need from Movie and TV Show Apps, Live TV Apps, Alternative App Stores, Media Players, Kodi, and Adult Apps. You will get all the videos that you are looking for. It will surely not leave you disappointed and will leave you satisfied with the wide library it holds.

Stream Doctor Image

8. 76705196 – Kevin Porteous

Name: Kevin Porteous

PIN: 3223

The Kevin Porteous store is at the top of the filelinked codes list since many users liked and readily used. With 148 apps that it offers, it covers the best and top quality apps from varied categories and a lot more to offer. This well-maintained app store has some popular apps like Aptoide, Cinema APK, APKTime, MX Player, and others. In addition, Kevin Porteous has a youtube channel through which he gives free tutorials on apps. A website is also there that tells all about the most updated apps and requested APKs. This is what makes it one of the perfect codes for Filelinked and for people who are entertainment lovers.

Kevin Porteous Filelinked Code Image

9. 66324670 – EK Sored APK Store

Name: EK Sored APK Store

PIN: Not Required

This is one of the newest Filelinked code that you could have for your Firestick device. You can access some of the most popular apps like Mobdro, Nova TV, CatMouse, FilmPlus, Cinema HD and many more through this app. To make your Firestick the all round streaming device, this is one of the finest Filelinked Firestick codes. 

EK Sored APK Store Image

10. 57518849 – Juggernaut’s Vault

Name: Juggernaut’s Vault 

PIN: Not Required

This filelinked code was inactive for some time but has now re-emerged with all the top apps and smart features. It contains the latest versions of all the apps, and the features are up-to-date. Here you can get all the apps that you would like to stream on your Firestick device, covering movies, Live TV, TV shows, and sports.

Juggernaut’s Vault Image

11. 57585686 – Streaming 2.0

Name: Streaming 2.0

PIN: 1234

This is another efficient Filelinked code that offers about 44 additional apps to stream a decent amount of content. It covers various apps covering various domains like Movies and TV Show apps, Utility Apps, Official Apps, Free IPTV, Modded Apps, and Video players. The apps that these Filelinked code covers are some of the top and most-used apps on Firestick. It is undoubtedly one of the best File Linked codes for movies that most entertainment lovers wish to have on their device.

Streaming 2.0 Image

12. 27352278 – MGMShop

Name: MGMShop

PIN: 4242

This Filelinked code comes with a total of 49 apps featuring Ad Blockers, Anime Apps, IPTV, Live TV Apps, Movies and TV Show Apps, Sports Apps, and Utilities. Though it may seem to have fewer apps, it covers all the major and essential apps that one may require. Thus, you need not worry about any content that you wish to stream. You can easily get it on the app store through this Filelinked code.

13. 23885279 – Cord Cutters and APK Tool Shed

Name: Cord Cutters and APK Tool Shed

PIN: 2020

With a total of 125 apps, this Filelinked code works a great job to provide entertainment over a vast field. It contains a mixture of various apps that may be required to stream any video of your choice smoothly and efficiently. You can install the apps for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Utilities, IPTV, Kodi, and many more.

Cord Cutters and APK Tool Shed Image

14. 19867227 – The APK Tool Shed

Name: The APK Tool Shed

PIN: 2021

The APK Tool Shed is another addition to the list of Filelinked codes consisting of 300 apps. It comes with a huge library of content that combines all the useful apps you might be willing to have on your device. These apps meant to enhance your streaming experience and provide all the content you are looking for. You can download all the major apps from various categories like Anti-Virus scanners, VPNs, Utilities, IPTV Players, Live TV, Live Sports, and VOD. This is one of the most liked Filelinked APK codes for many Firestick and Fire TV users.

The APK Tool Shed Image

15. 69253274 – Android Pi Guy

Name: Android Pi Guy

PIN: 0639

The Android Pi Guy comes with a new set of libraries that offers free legal streaming apps. With 56 apps that it contains, it covers a wide range of content from Sports Apps, free VOD apps, Free IPTV Apps, and utility apps. Though you may not find a larger quantity of content with this code, you will surely get the desired quality of content that you might be looking for. This is one of the most commonly used filelinked codes for sports that users love to have.

Android Pi Guy Filelinked Code Image

16. 11111111 – Web Safety Tips

Name: Web Safety Tips

PIN: Not Required

Web Safety Tips contains about 54 apps in total that basically meant to keep your Firestick operating in an optimal condition. Some of the major essential apps like Mouse Toggle, Set Orientation, Clean Master, and MX Player that are quite important to have on your device can be found in this code. With the help of this, you can maintain your Firestick device and enjoy streaming without any hassle.

Web Safety Tips Image

17. Filelinked Code 51829986 – Stream & Tech NOW

Name: Stream & Tech NOW

PIN: Not Required

This filelinked code contains 500+ TV shows, movies, utilities, Live TV, and modified apps. It is one of the most useful codes that can be used for streaming all that you could think of. With a large content library of movies and shows, you can get all videos of your choice. You can access some popular Firestick apps like Cyberflix, Cinema HD, Mobdro, Live Net TV, and many more through this code. Apart from the normal third-party apps version, you can also get modded versions through this code. You can also get to see various video tutorials and guides for various devices through this code.

Stream and Tech NOW Image

18. 57003108 – Doomzday

Name: Doomzday

PIN: Not Required

Doomzday wizard is one of the best Kodi builds with great features and offers a diverse collection. This lightweight app has many options to be streamed like Live TV, Movies, Shows, Sports, and many more. With its rich content and interface, it becomes one of the best choices for its users.

19. 73748207 – Bujiki Filelinked Depot

Name: Bujiki Filelinked Depot 

PIN: 0000

This is one of the greatest Filelinked codes, with about 291 apps covering a wide range of genres. This recently developed app trying to maintain its position in the market by constantly developing itself and updating from time to time. It covers different streams like VPN, VOD, Music, Sports, Adult apps, Add-ons, Kodi build, IPTV players, and Media players to keep you entertained. It can also be considered as one of the top codes for Kodi.

Bujiki Filelinked Depot Code Image

20. 27256340 – Dr. Venture

Name: Dr. Venture

PIN: Not Required

With 123 apps, Dr. Venture comes with an abundant library to stream the content from various categories. It holds various apps from TV shows, Kodi builds, movies, utilities, and Live TV. Regular updation of the app is one of the best parts that this Filelinked code is laced with. Thus, you can access all your favorite content from streams like VPN, Live TV, Sports, IPTV, Kodi, Music, Anime, Utilities, Media Players without any complexity.

Dr Venture Image

21. Filelinked Code 67664537 – Stream It All

Name: Stream It All

PIN: Not Required

It consists of 250+ apps covering categories such as Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Live TV, Games, and Utilities. This code provides you a single place to get all the content that you would wish to stream. With tons of apps for movies, shows, anime, and a lot more, you can get to watch anything you feel like. You can also access popular apps like Cinema, CyberFlix, Bee TV, Mobdro, etc., through Stream It All. Not only this, but you can also get the modded versions of these apps that make your entertainment more comfortable. It provides top-quality apps in many categories, like you can access the modified version of Youtube that is smart Youtube. This is one of the top codes you could have with on-demand streaming and Live TV content.

Stream It All Image

22. 17779393 – Jo714 Filelinked Store

Name: Jo714 Filelinked Store

PIN: Not Required

Jo714 Filelinked store loaded with 125 apps that offer extended content for its viewers. This is one of the best-filelinked codes with non-English streaming apps. For people looking for Spanish and Latino movies and TV shows, then here it is for you. One can also access some of the best free streaming apps like Cinema HD, Bee TV, and Nova TV through this app.

Jo714 Filelinked Store Image


To make your entertainment more advanced and enhanced, we have come up with these latest Filelinked codes that you can easily get on your Firestick device. These codes come with several apps that you can easily download to stream the content of your choice. Almost all the different categories that you might be looking for are covered under this codes list. For better results, check out all the codes mentioned above.

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