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Exodus Redux Not Working on Kodi – 6 Simple Fixes along with Installation Guide

Exodus Redux provides unlimited entertainment on Kodi devices and gives a key to watch most loved shows and movies. This Kodi addon has been streaming high-quality content for the past several years. However, many users have been facing some Exodus Redux errors while watching due to poor maintenance. This breakdown could be due to multiple reasons that one must figure out to face and fix such issues effectively. In searching for answers on why Exodus Redux not working on Kodi, how to install and resolve errors, we gained a great knowledge of this app. Thus, furnished this article. With complete information on Exodus Redux on Kodi and its working, this article will serve as a guidebook for you.

What is Exodus Redux?

Exodus Redux, as you might be looking for, is an advancement to the Exodus Kodi addon. It comes with a huge library of movies and TV shows that one can access at their comfort. With its smart content and interface, it becomes user-friendly, which makes operations simpler and convenient. Although this service was shut down after some time, its addon continued to exist. Revived by professional developers, it now comes with an updated version known as Exodus Redux. A new set of scrapers inbuilt in it constitute to offer good quality links. No doubt this addon is quite popular among many Kodi users and is liked by many people.

How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi?

This step-by-step procedure is a perfect guide for how to install Exodus Redux on Firestick or Kodi. You can get Kodi add-on for your device following these steps:

1. Click on “Settings” in the Kodi home screen’s left pane.

Kodi Home Screen Image

2. From several options that are available, go to “System Settings”.

Kodi System Settings Image

3. Highlight on “Add-ons” that is displayed on the screen’s left side. From various options that pop up, go to “Unknown Sources” and enable it.

Kodi Unknown Sources Turn On Option Image

4. If a warning message appears, simply select “Yes”.

5. Now open “File Manager” from Kodi Settings.

Kodi File Manager Image

6. In the File Manager menu, find “Add source” on the screen’s right side.

Kodi File Manager Add Source Image

7. On the “Add file source” window that opens up, select “None” as shown in this below-given image.

Kodi Add File Source None Image

8. In the URL bar displayed, enter https://i-a-c.github.io and click on “OK” to continue.

Kodi Github URL Image

9. Another window now appears, which will ask to “Enter a name for this media source”. Type “Redux” or any name you wish, and then select “OK”.

Edit file source name Redux Image

10. Go back to Kodi’s home screen and once again press on “Add-ons”.

Kodi Add Ons Option Image

11. On your screen’s top left corner, tap on “Package installer” in the form of an open box.

Kodi Package Installer Image

12. Various menus will appear and among them, select “Install from zip file”.

Install from Zip File Image

13. Locate the file with the name “Redux” or whatever name you have entered previously.

14. Click that name’s zip file as shown in this below-given image.

Select Exodus Redux Zip file on Kodi Image

15. Wait for some time while the Exodus redux repo file installation file is in progress.

Exodus Redux Repo Installed Image

16. After this installation is finished, on the same window, click “Install from repository”.

Install from Repository Image

17. From the list of available options, select “Exodus Redux Repo”.

Select Exodus Redux Repo on Kodi Image

18. Now open “Video add-ons”.

Exodus Redux Repo Video Add ons Option Image

19. Choose “Exodus Redux” and click on “Install,” which will be on the bottom.

Install Exodus Redux on Kodi Image

20. To install an additional Exodus Redux Addon, click on “OK”.

Exodus Redux Additional Add ons Image

21. Wait for a few minutes for an add-on installation confirmation message.

Method 1: Fixing Exodus Redux No Stream Available Error

Exodus Redux no streams available error sometimes creates unexpected interruption when tuned with a popular show. To fix this error, adopt following steps:

1. Navigate to Exodus Redux’s main menu and click on “Scraper Settings”.

Exodus Redux Scraper Settings Image

2. In “Open Scrapers Module,” click on “Disable All Providers”.

OpenScrapers Module Disable All Providers Image

3. Now go to its next option that is displayed below, “Enable All Providers”.

OpenScrapers Module Enable All Providers Image

4. After all these changes are made, finally tap on “OK”.

OpenScrapers Module Settings Ok Image

5. Now, no streaming must be resolved. But unfortunately, if this problem persists, try to restart the device and check.

Method 2: How To Fix Exodus Kodi Not Working By Clearing The Cache?

Cache collection for Exodus Redux can also be a reason that creates errors while watching videos. So try clearing the cache using these measures:

1. From Kodi’s home menu, open “Exodus Redux”.

Open Exodus Redux on Kodi Image

2. A list of menus will appear on your screen. Scroll down to look for “Tools”.

Exodus Tools Option Image

3. In that “Tools” menu, navigate to “Cache Functions”.

Exodus Cache Functions Image

4. Scroll down further to find “Clear All Cache”.

Exodus Clear All Cache Image

5. A confirmation message pops up on the screen. Click on “Yes” to clear the cache.

Method 3: Fixing Exodus Redux Error By Updating Add-On

When facing a Kodi Exodus not working issue, then force update Exodus Redux add-on following the below steps which can be fruitful:

1. Open Kodi on your device, and in its left pane, go to “Add-ons”.

Kodi Add Ons Option Image

2. In “Add-ons” click on “Video add-ons” as displayed in the menu on the left side.

Kodi Video Add Ons Option Image

3. Scroll down to get the “Exodus” app and right-click on it. From options that are generated, select “Information”.

Exodus Information Image

4. Click on “Update” in the bottom menu and then try using its add-on now.

Method 4: Connecting Through A VPN

Even after several methods to resolve the issue, if Exodus no stream available on Kodi still continues, try using a Vpn to fix Exodus Redux not working. Whatever device you are using, ensure that it is connected to the internet through a VPN. Get the server with minimum traffic and check for the DNS leak test to not leak any DNS information.

Method 5: Adjusting Time-out Settings

When stuck up with the question, how to prevent Kodi Exodus not working issues, then adjusting certain timeout settings can prove to be quite helpful.

1. Launch Exodus Kodi add-on on your device.

2. From the menu, select “Tools”.

Exodus Tools Option Image

3. Go to “Settings” and select “General,” which is the first option in the left pane.

Exodus General Settings Option Image

4. Go to “Providers Timeout” on the main screen and turn the slider to about 30. This might help to prevent any error.

Method 6: Reinstalling Exodus To Overcome Streaming Issues

When done with all these options and still your Exodus Redux videostream not working, then uninstalling and reinstalling it is another option.

1. Open Kodi on your device and go to “Add-ons,” later click on “My add-ons”.

Kodi Add Ons Option Image

2. In its left pane, select “Video Add-ons” and then go to “Exodus”.

Kodi Video Add Ons Exodus Image

3. In the bottom tab, tap on “Uninstall”.

Uninstall Exodus on Kodi Image

How To Fix Kodi Exodus Redux Buffering?

Issue of frequent loading Exodus on Kodi is a problem that many users might be facing. To fix such an issue, take these measures:

  • Ensure a proper internet connection with high speed. 
  • Make sure that the internet speed is working well with the site you are using.
  • Streaming source should have the required available bandwidth.
  • If any speed issues exist, then go for lower streaming quality.
  • Check Kodi’s streaming cache.
  • A different streaming add-on with a different source can be helpful.

Kodi Video Tries To Play, But Never Starts

For trying to play on Kodi, which is not able to start, then it probably is a sign of some issue with Kodi. There are high chances that there might be some issue with its software. To get over this, try clearing its cache or uninstall the recently installed add-on. This helps to get rid of an add-on that might be an issue.


Using Exodus Redux on Kodi is likely to have buffering or streaming issues sometimes. If you, too, are looking for some solutions on how to fix Exodus Redux not working on Kodi, then here it is. All your queries about using Exodus Redux and various methods to fix its errors have been enlisted in detail. Hope after following this article there will be no more interruptions for unlimited entertainment to watch any movies and TV shows.

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