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Step-by-Step Guide to Install DirecTV App for Firestick | Fixes for Common Problems

Direct TV Now is a television streaming service in the United States that allows you to stream TV channels directly to your Smartphone. The platform works by using your internet connection to stream a variety of live television channels available in your area. The DirecTV Now Firestick app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. DirecTV on Firestick is a huge player in the television streaming service industry. They are in the market for quite some time with their application, DirecTV Now. The service is available on various platforms like Android, Firestick, Roku, etc.

Since the launch, Direct TV on Fire Stick has managed to attract a lot of attention and scored over 1.7 million customers. According to a report by Forbes, DirecTV is one of the more stable streaming services. However, DirecTV has been known to be expensive in the past, and there were some complaints about it being available only in certain regions. Still, you can easily access the DirecTV Now Fire Stick app with your Amazon Firestick device. Here is how you can access DirecTV in the US easily and watch it anywhere along with your Amazon Firestick.

What is DirecTV Now?

DirecTV Now is a streaming service by AT&T that allows you to watch live TV, including local and national channels. It’s the cheapest way to get your favorite news channels and sports programming without having to sign a long-term contract or commit to an expensive service. The app is geared towards cord-cutters, who generally don’t mind getting fewer channels for less money than cable TV. You can stream local channels with DirecTV Now, but only in select markets.

Since DirecTV Now is a streaming live TV app, this means you need a consistent internet connection in order to stream the channels. All channels are available for streaming, but some may require a DirecTV Now login from a cable or satellite provider. DirecTV Now is different from other streaming apps because it’s designed for the typical TV watching experience. Instead of populating its app with cable channels, it has partnered with major TV networks to create content just for DirecTV Now customers.

Features of Amazon Fire TV DirecTV Now

Suppose you’re looking for an excellent and affordable package for cord-cutters or viewers who don’t want to pay for television channels but still want access to thousands of movies and shows on the satellite platform. In that case, DirecTV Now makes a great alternative.

  • With this platform, you can watch 100 percent of the top movies and shows from major studios just as you would on a traditional television set-top box.
  • DirecTV on Firestick is a reliable and elegant entertainment package that provides you with everything you need to enjoy live TV programming from the most popular networks around the world.
  • It allows you to discover new content each month as new movies and shows are added by Hollywood studios directly to its streaming platform without requiring any subscriptions from third-party sites.
  • The package provides access to over 120 channels that offer a wide variety of entertainment options for people who prefer to experiment with different types of entertainment.
  • You can watch entire seasons of popular shows and movies on-demand without having to worry about finding a copy of the episode along with the rest of its series on physical media.

How to Install DirecTV Now on Firestick?

In the recent past, cable TV providers took all the credit as they only streamed television. However, with the arrival of a new network called DirecTV Now, things have changed. DirecTV has slowly become a front-runner in the streaming world, and it is set for more growth in the near future, given that it is now compatible with Amazon Firestick. DirecTV Now is one of the cable alternative streaming services that is available for you to try. This service has grown in popularity over the years since its release.

Method 1: How to Download DirecTV App on Firestick using Amazon Online Store?

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to watch DirecTV Now on Firestick, then you are in the right place. Here are some instructions on how to do that effectively.

1. Turn on your Firestick and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Head on to the search bar and enter “DirecTV.”

Search DirecTV Now on Firestick Image

3. Hover over the results to find the DirecTV application.

4. Once you find the official application, press the “Download” button.

5. Wait for a few minutes, as the download can take a while based on your internet connection.

6. Upon completion of the download, a small pop-up will appear on your screen.

7. Click on the pop-up to open the DirecTV application.

8. Sign in to DirecTV or create a new account to access all features of the application.

DirecTV Now Sign In on Firestick Image

Method 2: How to Get DirecTV on Firestick using Downloader App?

You can follow the above-mentioned steps where you are directed to the Amazon App Store for downloading the DirecTV APK for Fire TV. But if you are still wondering how to connect DirecTV to My Firestick, then you could opt for a different alternative method as mentioned below:

1. If you can’t find DirecTV Now on Firestick Amazon Store, you can download via Downloader app. Search for the Downloader application in your Firestick.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

2. Hover over the Downloader application and click on the “Get” or “Download” button.

Download Firestick Downloader Image

3. At this moment, the Downloader application will start downloading.

4. Open the Downloader app upon completion of its download.

Open Downloader on Firestick Image

5. Head on to the settings menu from your Firestick.

6. Now find the option “My Fire TV” and press enter.

My Fire TV Image

7. Here go to the developer options and allow “Apps from Unknown Sources” for your Firestick.

Apps from Unknown Sources Image

8. A small dialogue box will appear asking for your confirmation to do so.

9. Press the “Turn On” option, and now you can install any third-party application in your Firestick.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

10. After this, open the Downloader application, and a search box will appear in the application’s main interface.

Downloader Enter URL Field Image

11. Enter the link and press “Go.”

12. Now the DirecTV APK for Firestick will start downloading.

13. As the download completes, you can install and delete the APK file then and there.

Install DirecTV Now on Firestick Image

14. As the DirecTV application is installed, open the file.

15. This is how you can install the DirecTV application even without the Amazon store.

Method 3: How to Install DirecTV App on Firestick using ES File Explorer?

However, if you’re not able to download DirecTV on Firestick with the help of the downloader application, then you can consider the following method.

1. Search for ES File Explorer in the Amazon Store.

2. Hover over the application and select it.

3. Press on the “Get” or “Download” button to download the application.

Download ES File Explorer on Firestick Image

4. The installation will take place automatically upon completion of the download.

5. Before moving further, open the “My Fire TV” section from the settings menu.

6. Access developer options to allow apps from unknown sources.

7. This step is necessary to install third-party apps in Firestick.

8. Open the ES Explorer and click on the download icon.

ES File Explorer Home Page Image

9. Paste the link in the ‘Path’ dialogue box, provide the Name and press the “Download Now” option.

ES File Explorer Path Name Options Image

10. The download will start automatically, and you’ll receive an installation pop-up upon completion of the download.

Install Directv on Firestick using ES File Explorer Image

11. Press the “Install” option to proceed.

Download DirecTV APK for Firestick Image

12. Wait for a few minutes, and DirecTV will be installed in your Firestick.

13. Now you can run the application and enjoy its features.

Is DirecTV Now Available on Amazon Fire Stick?

Can you watch DirecTV on Firestick? Yes, DirecTV Now is available on the Amazon Fire Stick. You can download it from the Amazon online store or directly from the device as a third-party app. To do so, follow the steps mentioned above. Once the app is installed, you should see a DirecTV logo on your Amazon Firestick home screen. Now just follow the configuration instructions, and you’ll be enjoying live television via satellite in no time. This service is ideal for users who have an Amazon Fire Stick device. Using it will allow the user to view the content directly on their TV screen without going through the expensive cable services and satellite dishes.

DirecTV Now Not Working on Fire Stick

Some users will face the issue of DirecTV not working. Here are some fail-proof methods to resolve the issue and get your DirecTV back on track.

  • Check if you are still using the Beta app. If so, Uninstall the beta app.
  • Try restarting the Fire TV. For that, go to Fire TV Settings → Select Device → Click on Restart.
  • If the Directv stopped working while running, then follow the steps mentioned below
    1. Go to fire TV settings.
    2. Select applications 
    3. Click on Manage Installed applications option.
    4. Now select DirecTV Now.
    5. Click on the force stop option.
    6. Now clear the cache data. 
    7. Relaunch the Directv and sign in 
  • The next option for you is to Uninstall and reinstall the DirecTV app.
  • If none of the above options worked, then your last stop is “Reset to Factory Defaults.” Fire TV Settings → Select Device → Click on Reset to Factory Defaults.


This article aims to provide every bit of information regarding DirecTV on Firestick. As we have provided you with information about how to stream DirecTV on Firestick, there is no need to worry about anything else. Furthermore, we have explained the process in both methods in a step-by-step manner. Therefore, there is no need to wander here and there for installing DirecTV on Fire Stick.

You can follow the steps provided in this article and watch your favorite TV shows and movies every moment via DirecTV. You can decide which method to choose to set up DirecTV on your Firestick device at this juncture.

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