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How to Install & Update Cinema HD on Firestick? | Simple Guide with Best Alternatives

Cinema HD is an incredible app for your Fire TV to stream on-demand videos and watch unlimited free movies. Just after the shutdown of Terrarium, TV users searched for a suitable app to stream movies and TV shows without any interruption. Cinema HD APK has been one of the best suitable replacements for Terrarium TV. This app has an extensive library that offers thousands of movies, TV shows, and Live TV. It is the ideal app to binge-watch any latest TV show with an easy interface easily accessed by anyone. Now, let’s learn how to install Cinema HD Firestick and update it when needed.

What is Cinema HD?

Cinema HD, also formally known as HD movies, is a streaming app based on open-source media that fetches video file links from a third party. This app features thousands of movies, TV shows, web series, and Live TV without any subscription fee. In addition, this app pulls in posters and synopsis from trusted movie database websites and stores them in its media library. Thus, a user is updated regularly with the latest collection of movies and TV series. The best feature about Cinema HD is that a user can stream content in 1080p Full HD and 4k quality. Before learning about how to download Cinema HD on Firestick, let’s see the app features.


  • Offers 3000+ movies, TV shows, and web series
  • Video streaming in 1080p Full HD and 4k quality
  • Option to select between the default media player and play a video with subtitles
  • Designed for large TV screens and home theatre systems
  • No in-app advertisements or pop-ups

How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick?

We shall now get into the step-by-step process to sideload Firestick Cinema HD. Since we are going to sideload the app, this means that the app isn’t present in the Amazon Store.

1. The first thing you must do is to install the Downloader Apk for Firestick. With the help of the Downloader app, you can sideload the apps on your Fire TV.

2. Type “Downloader” in the search bar and select the relevant option.

Search Downloader in Firestick Image

3. Click on the app to “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

4. Next, select the “Settings” icon located at the end of your Fire TV home screen.

Firestick Homescreen Image

5. Now from the settings page, select “My Fire TV.”

My Fire TV Image

6. On the next page, select “Developer Options” and click on “Install Unknown Apps” from the right-side panel menu.

Install Unknown Apps Option Image

7. Enable the option for the Downloader app by turning it “On.”

Install Unknown Apps Downloader ON Image

8. Open the Downloader app and select the “Home” tab from the left side menu. Scroll to the URL link space and type in the following URL: to download the APK file of the app and click “Go.”

Cinema HD url in Firestick Downloader Image

9. The next window that will be prompted over your screen will be the status of the Downloader app getting connected to the server. Wait till the download process is complete.

Downloader File Downloading Progress Image

10. At this step, go back and complete Cinema HD APK download by clicking “Install.’

Cinema HD Install on Firestick Image

11. Firestick will install the app from the APK file you downloaded a while before.

12. Once Fire Stick has successfully installed the Cinema HD V2 APK file, you will receive a message notification. Click “Done.”

Cinema HD Installed on Firestick Image

13. This is how to get Cinema HD on Firestick with simple steps. Now move back to the Downloader app page, you will be prompted by a message. Highlight and select “Delete.”

14. Click “Delete” once again to confirm deleting Cinema HD APK Firestick.

Delete Cinema HD APK from Firestick Image

15. With this, you have successfully installed Cinema HD APK on your Firestick device. Launch the app from your Fire TV home screen and use it.

How to Update Cinema HD on Firestick?

One of the main reasons that you must update your Cinema HD on your Firestick is that it makes streaming TV shows and movies much faster without interruption. Here’s how you can update,

1. Go to “Settings” on your Fire TV from the home screen.

Firestick Homescreen Image

2. Select “My Fire TV” from the settings page.

My Fire TV Image

3. Now from the new page, click “Developer Options” from the right panel.

My Fire TV Developer Options Image

4. Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources” from the right menu bar.

5. Next, from the pop-up window that appears, click ‘Turn On’ and move ahead.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Image

6. Open the Cinema HD app on your Fire TV, if there is a new update to be made, you must see it on the dialogue box that appears on your screen as a pop-up window. Click “install.”

Cinema APK New Version Image

7. Cinema HD will now download by itself once you click on “Install.” This process will take a couple of minutes to complete.

8. Next, click “Install” and wait for the installation to complete.

Install Cinema HD New Version Image

9. Once the Cinema Hd has been updated, you can either click “Done” or “Open.”

Open Cinema HD on Firestick Image

10. When you open the Cinema HD app Firestick next for the first time after being updated, the following Change Logs popup window is displayed. Select “Ok” and move forward.

Cinema HD APK Change Log Image

How to Use Cinema APK on Firestick?

Cinema HD offers its users high-quality resolution streaming that is completely free. Let’s learn ahead how you could use this on your Fire TV.

1. When you first-time launch/open the Cinema HD app, you will have to click on “Allow” to access your device storage if you want to download a movie or TV show.

2. Next, you will get to choose your desired media player. Make sure you have pre-installed it on your Firestick. You may change your preference later by going to the “Settings” page.

3. On the Home page, find what can you watch on Cinema HD on Firestick. You can see all the latest and popularly listed there. From the drop-down arrow located above, you can select a movie from your favorite genre.

Cinema HD Home Screen Image

4. Click the three horizontal lines at the extreme left side of the page, and here you can make a switch between Movies, TV shows, Live TV, History, or Downloads.

5. To watch a particular movie or TV show, you can use the “Search” icon and type in the name of the movie or show. Next, scroll down to the streams section and select the stream link with your desired picture quality. You can also choose the subtitles for your movie. Once you do these steps, the video will load and play on the default media player app.

8 Best Apps Like Cinema HD for Firestick

Coming to the last section of our guide, we have covered some of the best Cinema HD alternatives you must try out when you cannot download or install Cinema HD on your Firestick. These alternatives will allow you to stream with the support of various devices, which are Firestick, Android Smartphones, Android TV, and many more.

1. CatMouse APK

CatMouse Apk has topped the list of being one of the most reliable replacements for Cinema HD. It offers tons of movies, TV shows, and Live TV channels for free. CatMouse streaming app is also known for its simple user interface, making it easy to select movies from different genres. Moreover, the app continuously keeps on updating itself with the latest video content to have the latest movies and TV shows when they like to. CatMouse Apk uses one of the best scrapers to provide high-quality HD video content to all its users. The app’s user interface is quick and stable, with no streaming glitches.

CatMouse APK Image

2. Kodi

Kodi is truly one of the most incredible streaming apps that offer thousands of movies and TV shows with excellent features. You can replace this app with Cinema Hd anytime you start to find issues relating to Cinema HD. It has all the latest, trending, and popular TV shows and movies from across the world. Kodi supports several devices such as macOS, Linux, PC, Raspberry Pi, and many more. One of the best parts about Kodi is that it is an open-source platform that means it doesn’t depend upon a single app developer. Instead, you need to click on a particular video add-on from the list of add-ons. If one add-on fails, there are hundreds of them to take its place.

Kodi on Firestick Image

3. CyberFlix TV

Another powerful streaming app that has made its place as the alternative to Cinema HD is CyberFlix. The CyberFlix offers a variety of on-demand video content at an HD quality resolution for enjoyable streaming. Also, you can watch a long-hour movie without facing any technical problems, and the streaming will flow with full speed and smoothness. Furthermore, CyberFlix is an easy-to-use app and comes with an attractive interface that is also well-organized so that you can pick your favorite movie within minutes. Another feature of CyberFlix TV is that it provides multiple language options as subtitles while streaming a movie or a TV show.

CyberFlix TV Image

4. BeeTV

BeeTV is a friendly streaming app that has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. It can be replaced with Cinema TV without any issues at any point in time. This app offers a huge extensive library filled with loads of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Furthermore, BeeTV also fulfills the wish of watching anime that makes it more exciting for all anime fans. It also offers an in-built subtitle feature that lets you stream the movie or TV show with your preferred language option. You will regularly be kept updated with the latest movies and TV shows when they are released. BeeTV pulls in high-quality streams generated from trusted sources to offer the best streaming experience.

BeeTV Image

5. Morph TV

Morph TV has left a tremendous impact on the free streaming app market. It has undoubtedly one of the best quick user-interfaces, so you need not wait for your video to keep buffering or loading for too long. Morph TV can be truly placed as a reliable alternative to Cinema TV. Being a remote-friendly streaming app, Morph TV will let the user explore and search through its extensive pack of movies and TV shows that come with HD quality viewing. Morph TV supports and works well with Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire TV, Android Smartphones, Android TV box, and Nvidia Shield TV.

Morph TV Image

6. OneBox HD

OneBox HD streaming app may be fairly new to the market but has caught the attention of many users for its remote-friendly and stable operating system. It provides its users a package of thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and Live TV channels sourced from trusted sources to offer a memorable streaming experience. There are no complaints regarding the navigation functions related to the app since it flows seamlessly. Also, OneBox HD plays your video content quicker than most of the apps listed above with HD quality resolution. Furthermore, OneBox keeps its library updated and works great with multiple media player devices.

OneBox HD for Firestick Image

7. Typhoon TV

Typhoon Tv is an incredible replacement app for Cinema HD Apk, and it can be called a perfect clone to Cinema HD. It offers high-quality streaming that is sourced by links from tested sources to provide quality entertainment for free. Typhoon TV keeps updating its video content library regularly, so the user is not left behind in streaming the latest shows and movies. It works well with Fire TV and Fire Stick without buffering issues or high loading time.

Typhoon TV Image

8. UnlockMyTV APK

Typhoon Tv is an incredible replacement app for Cinema HD APK, and it can be called a perfect clone to Cinema HD. It offers high-quality streaming that is sourced by links from tested sources to provide quality entertainment for free. Typhoon TV keeps updating its video content library regularly, so the user is not left behind in streaming the latest shows and movies. It works well with Fire TV and Fire Stick without buffering issues or high loading time.

UnlockMyTV Image

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, we would say that Cinema HD is an excellent app that can be sideloaded onto your Fire Stick. It just takes a few minutes to install and download the app so that you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows within minutes for free. We have given detailed step-by-step instructions to help to install and update the app. Moreover, in cases where you cannot download to fetch the Cinema HD app, we have listed down the eight best alternatives you could opt for in place of it. Cinema HD supports various media player devices to display on-demand content. After you use Cinema HD Firestick, it will become one of your favorite go-to apps when you want to stream a movie.

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