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Best Universal and Touch Screen Smart Remotes for your TV (Top 15)

With increased technological advancement, people are getting more inclined towards home entertainment. And for this reason, upgrading electronic and media devices has become a trend now. People are setting up large home theatres with unique devices for sound and display. However, controlling multiple such gadgets with added remote controls creates a hassle. Thus, smart remotes come into the picture. The best smart remote will effectively replace multiple typical remote controls enabling us to operate all features with a single controlling agent. These are kind of a magic remote control that offers abundant unique features making any operation process quicker and simpler. Moreover, one can sync them to several appliances, and many of them come with a voice control ability too. Some of the best smart remotes have been enlisted below to provide you with improvised and smooth-running entertainment. 

How to Choose the Best Smart Remote?

Before you go and get yourself the remote control for smart home entertainment, it is important to have done a little research about various trending gadgets. Getting a precise remote control is what you must be wishing for, but knowing how to reach one is the major key. Just knowing a few things would help you with this. Whatever product you are going to buy, check whether it serves its purpose for all TVs or not. Also, look for whether it can be set up as a universal remote control. Knowing about its compatibility with other appliances also sometimes helps to get a worthy one. 

Top 15 Best Smart Remotes to Buy

  1. Logitech Harmony 350
  2. Logitech Harmony Remote
  3. Harmony Hub from Logitech
  4. Logitech Harmony One
  5. Logitech Harmony Elite
  6. Harmony 665 Logitech
  7. Caavo Control Center
  8. Logitech Harmony Companion
  9. Ray Super Remote
  10. Amazon Fire Tv Cube
  11. Sevenhugs Smart Remote U
  12. Sofabaton U1
  13. GE Universal Remote
  14. Flipper Remote
  15. Philips Pronto

1. Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Remote for Smart TV

With a universal control for up to 8 entertainment accessories, this Logitech Harmony 350 remote is a product that meets requirements well. It can control TV, cable or satellite box, DVR, Blu-ray player, and many other such pieces of equipment. This easy-to-use remote control presents one button press that turns on a satellite or cable box with apt settings. With a simple guided online setup, connecting this remote to an internet-connected computer becomes effortless. Inclusion of 5 channels lets anyone jump to their favorite channel with the help of programmable buttons.

Logitech Harmony 350 Remote Image

2. Logitech Harmony Remote   

To make entertainment controlling more fun, Logitech Harmony remotes come up with greater customization and personalization. It allows creating one-touch personalized activity, thereby letting us have an improved entertainment system. Logitech Harmony works with about 270000 devices from more than 6000+ brands. Providing increased compatibility with several kinds of devices makes it one of the best remotes for smart TVs. 

Logitech Harmony Remote Image

3. Logitech Harmony Hub

Logitech’s smart and elegant control is one of its kind from the Harmony list. It is the only remote that does not contain any actual physical form or buttons. Everything can be very smoothly managed using the Harmony app that is compatible with Android and iOS. You can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Speaker. Anyone can set this smart hub equipment well inside a cabinet emitting infrared, Bluetooth, or wifi signals that reach devices. If using Harmony App, then this gadget is a perfect match for a home.

Logitech Harmony Hub Image

4. Logitech Harmony One Universal Smart TV Remote

Next up, there is another best smart remote from the brand: Logitech Harmony One. It is an advanced universal remote that offers simple usage and convenient operation. Enabling an easy-to-use one-touch operation makes it comfortable to use. Ergonomic and decent design turns it into users’ perfect choice without any complaints. Since it is rechargeable with an included docking station, you need not worry about the tiresome task of changing batteries every now and then. Inclusion of a colored touchscreen allows it to be used more efficiently. Sculpted buttons are well organized and come with a backlight that offers simple usage even in darkness. By supporting more than 5000 brands, it allows connecting to various entertainment equipment at home without worries.

Logitech Harmony One Remote Image

5. Logitech Harmony Elite

This Harmony Elite accessory from Logitech is a wise pick for people looking for Smart Touch Screen Remotes. Being able to command up to 15 gadgets, it has an effortless setup and intuitive interface for users. There is a colorful touch screen with physical buttons to get to our favorite channel in no time. Impressive, isn’t it? Customization is also possible, which lets us create buttons like Watch a Movie that automatically turns a device to exact settings. Though a little expensive, this controller can work with a large number of appliances smoothly and effortlessly.

Due to included Harmony Hub compatibility, it can work even for hidden devices inside a cabinet or wall and with Philips Hue Lights and Ecobee Smart Thermostat. Suitable for Google Chrome and Alexa makes us conclude that this is undoubtedly one of the best among touchscreen remotes. However, a touch screen with a backlight consumes greater power and thus demands frequent charging.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Image

6. Logitech Harmony 665

If you are looking for a basic and budget-friendly universal wireless TV remote, then this Logitech Harmony 665 is a perfect pick. There is a small display that is not a touch screen but is adequate enough with an array of buttons given for smooth operation. These buttons can offer swift access to our favorite channels. With the help of on-screen, it becomes convenient enough to troubleshoot if any issue persists. Pairing up this universal remote for smart TV can be effortless with up to 10 gizmos. In addition, one can even set up to 23 favorite channels for light processing. Since it works with Infrared, ensure that no entertainment center component is behind walls or in cabinets.

Logitech Harmony 665 Smart Remote Image

7. Caavo Control Center

Caavo Control Center is just perfect as this one is cooperative with voice commands too and can connect upto 4 electronic appliances. Though inexpensive, it requires a service fee in order to enjoy some advanced features. It is furnished with an HDMI switch in which you simply need to plug your device, and it’s done. There is a smart voice control system and an onscreen display to make searching and watching of stuff more comfortable. This universal smart TV remote is simple and elegant and does not require line of sight to operate. Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa does operations simpler with just voice commands. Another great thing that Caavo offers is the Watch With Friends app. One can sync their device with Netflix on Roku TV, Apple TV, and Chrome and enjoy the same show at one time.

Caavo Control Center Remote Image

8. Logitech Harmony Companion Smart TV Remote

There are various smart remotes, but only a few of them are known as worthy buys. And Logitech Harmony Companion is one among those few that controls smart appliances along with entertainment media. Being able to control 8 devices at a time, this inexpensive product works with Alexa and Google Assistant as well. Logitech’s Harmony Companion does not possess any kind of screen display and thus requires physical buttons only for operation. Since it arrives accompanied by Harmony Hub, anyone can even hide AV components and manage them efficiently. Presence of a physical number pad makes it more obvious to work with and jump to any specific channel. With its sleek design, this one becomes the best remote control for TV with batteries that last for months.

Logitech Harmony Companion Image

9. Ray Super Remote

This is one of the ultimate touch screen universal remote controls that can turn out to be handy to get a better experience with entertainment. Switching between any means with just a single tap proves the Ray Super Remote a wise pick. Thus, we can be free of juggling with all previous media and have an improved experience. Controlling and managing various appliances becomes a play with this one for all universal remote. Controlling hue lights and nest thermostat is never before swifter. However, this gadget requires a direct line of sight for operation. Since it comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, one can conveniently use this best smart remote anytime and every time.

Ray Super Remote Image

10. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is a great gizmo that excels well to meet up the requirements of smart home devices. This best universal remote control is cube-shaped, which gives it a unique and different look. Although there are buttons, the actual control is done using voice. The IR emitter in this equipment helps to control the gear. Also, a mic accompanies this one that is efficient enough to listen to voices even with any blaring music. For certain functions, you might have to keep your old remotes handy. Since Amazon’s Fire TV Cube boasts smart features and advanced technology, no doubt customers have to pay a hefty price.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Image

11. Sevenhugs Smart Remote U

If you are a home entertainment freak and passionate about music, movies, sports, and gaming, getting this device home can turn out to be wonderful. Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote U can command up to 20 media and is cooperative with Infrared, Wifi, and Bluetooth. It can be more useful if you are a podcast or music lover as Sonos and Spotify come built-in. Advanced features allow customization to overcome struggling with functionality and making any operation easier. Since it lacks working with Alexa and Google Control, one might tend to think twice about buying. But the smart technology makes this Wifi universal remote an ideal pick for many.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote U Image

12. Sofabaton U1 Wifi Universal Remote

The Sofabaton U1 universal control system appears with an OLED display and can be connected to 15 entertainment pieces of equipment. It can support up to 500000+ media from more than 6000 brands. The gadget is compatible with both Bluetooth and IR but does not support wireless or Wifi. Inbuilt customized app presents one button settings and does not require complex functions to be performed. This is what makes it user-friendly and convenient for various users. Effortless connection with Roku, Kodi, and other smart TVs, STB, DVD, and projector is impressive. Knowing about the current status, a bright-colored LED is present, which also helps in convenient switching between electronic systems. For better and increased battery life, motion-activated features automatically adjust the remote’s brightness. In addition, a unique wheel design is granted for quicker switching between gadgets just by scrolling.

Sofabaton U1 Remote Image

13. GE Universal Remote

We are proud to present to you this best smart remote from GE. The brand’s universal remote being programmed with GE codes makes it comfortable to operate multiple media simultaneously. Entertainment electronic systems such as TV, Blue-Ray, DVD Player, VCR, and various other devices are controllable by using this single remote. Various program codes have been formulated to link to different available devices. Ability to command up to 4 devices lets this remote deliver efficient results. Being suitable for almost all kinds of appliances, it turns out to be the best all in one remote for all purposes.

GE Universal Remote Image

14. Flipper Remote Control for TV

The Flipper smart remote is a simple tool for those who are looking for an easy-to-use means. Its operation is restricted to only 2 devices, and it does not control smart home devices. For people who are not much into technology, this remote is an appropriate choice as it has limited features and large buttons. 5 buttons in its front proffer a greater comfort while using. This pocket-friendly gadget requires an effortless setup which is possible by anyone. And thus, Flipper’s smart remote is comfortable for senior citizens who hardly have to make any special operations. The flipper remote arrives combined with TV cable, making it user-friendly. Its large buttons render simple ON/OFF features with volume and channel control.

Flipper Remote Image

15. Philips Pronto Remote

Last but definitely not least, here comes another best rated smart remote control that is worth every penny invested. Pronto is a small technology-based means capable of converting an iPhone into a universal remote device. It allows you to control many electronics and devices in your home using 360-degree infrared signals. All a user needs to do is to connect Pronto to his/her iPhone with the help of Bluetooth along with the Peel smart remote app. Being compatible with numerous electronic systems such as Blu-Ray players, DVD players, and set-top boxes, this one becomes the perfect choice for many users. You can connect it with almost all television sets and work with Apple TV, Roku Players, etc. Peel App allows rapid switching between various devices.

Philips Pronto remote Image

Final Verdict

With advancements in technology, smart remote controls designed to meet up Android, iOS, and other operating system requirements. Many smart remote devices come up with characteristics that make their operation easier, allowing us the freedom of customization. Many of these controls can even be paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, making things more manageable. The touchscreen ability in many electronic appliances makes workability modern and simple, converting them into user-friendlies that many people are generally looking for. Going through the products mentioned above will help you figure out the best smart remote for your home theatre.

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