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20+ Best Kodi Builds [Works without Buffering] & Quick User Guide

If you are new to Kodi, then you might not be much aware of Kodi build. Kodi is an open-source app available on all major platforms and provides access to a huge media library with various add-ons. Now Kodi builds an enhanced way of getting everything and running well with the Kodi app. Kodi build installs everything, including add-ons, skins, settings and electronic program guides that might be required to run Kodi. What is the best build for Firestick is something that has a varied definition. Different builds offer different features that people like as per their choice. We have brought you a long list of trending builds from which you can pick up the ones that serve you the best.

How Do I Use a Kodi Build?

To know how to use Kodi builds safely, follow the below step-by-step procedure.

1. To use a Kodi Build, the first thing that you need to do is download the ZIP file of your favourite build.

2. When the ZIP file is downloaded, open Kodi and click on the “Add-ons” tab. From here, select the “Install from ZIP File” menu.

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3. Look for the ZIP file that you have just downloaded and click on the “OK” button.

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4. A wizard is installed, and a setup menu is prompted up. Choose the preferences that you wish to have here and select the “Continue” option. You may also leave the settings to default.

No limits Wizard Image

5. Now, in the wizard box that opens, click on the “Build menu” button.

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6. You will now be able to see several multiple versions of the build. Select the latest version to proceed ahead.

Select Latest Kodi Build Image

7. If you want to start fresh, click on “Fresh Install”. If you wish to keep the previous add-ons, repos, and user data from default Kodi, then go with the “Standard Install” option.

Kodi Build Fresh Install Option Image

8. After a few seconds, the wizard starts downloading the required build. Since the build file may be quite heavy, it might take some time to download.

Downloading Kodi Build Image

9. Once the installation is complete, select “Force Close” to make the core changes to Kodi.

Force Close Kodi Build Image

10. Now reopen the Kodi app and you can see the Kodi build app installed and ready to use on your device.

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22 Best Builds for Kodi

1. Xanax Kodi

Xanax Kodi builds a product from one of the top developers that many users like. It works with Kodi 18.1 to Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton. This build gives the best user interface similar to Durex, one of the most popular and liked Kodi builds. In addition, it provides a great library of add-ons, including Exodus Redux, Yoda, The Magic Dragon and several more.

Xanax Kodi Image

2. Best Wizard Build Diablo 3

Diablo is a new Kodi build found within the Narcissist Kodi Repository that contains several other builds like Green Monster. Its impressive interface and user navigation makes it a perfect choice for Kodi users. The smart video add-ons and real debrid integration help to enhance the workability of this build. No doubt, this build is amongst the top choices for many people who are looking for entertainment in various categories.

Best Wizard Build Diablo 3 Image

3. Rising Tides – Top 3 Best Kodi Build

Rising Tides on Kodi is a sports add-on that offers a wide range of categories to be streamed. It is one of the best Kodi builds for sports lovers that lets you play sports highlights and sports live channels. Rising Tides keeps itself updating now and then to come up with new trending streams for its users. You can find many streams such as IPTV / Live Sports TV with this add-on.

Rising Tides Kodi Image

4. CCloudtv Org

This Kodi add-on lets you watch live TV on all kinds of Kodi devices. You get a wide range of categories that allows you to choose your favorite shows in no time. Ccloudtv Org is completely free of cost and does not require any special subscriptions. You can watch comfortably on TV, Firestick devices, or Android mobiles.

CCloudtv Org Kodi Image

5. Durex Build

Durex Build is one of the best current Kodi builds that changes the look and feel of Kodi to make the interface more attractive. The new features and functions help to enhance the experience of using Kodi with this build. Being used for Kodi 17.6 krypton, it offers access to a huge library of media just with a simple click. Neptune Rising, Placenta, and Uranus are some of the top pre-installed add-ons that this build comes with. To offer more, it is loaded with various more add-ons that will help you get the desired videos from all genres.

Durex Build Image

6. Titanium Build

This is one of the best Kodi 18 builds that has retained its popularity for many years. Equipped with a whole world of entertainment, it lets you enjoy Live Sports, Live TV, Kids Zone, Sports Replays, Movies, YouTube, and Highlights. It also comes with Live TV for the major UK and US cable TV channels. This build-on features various add-ons like Death Star, Gaia, Yoda, SportsDevil, and many more to offer such a wide range of entertainment libraries. This build has a simplified home screen that works well for all Kodi users. You can also find various options to edit or update the build according to your preference. These options are available under the Main Menu settings. To stay up to date with the trending online media, this build constantly receives updates. It also serves well for the Spanish users who are looking for the same.

Titanium Build Image

7. Xontech Build

One of the most popular developers, Team Falcon, has come up with their other build, Xontech. This developer is known to have provided the users with plenty of decent add-ons and builds. Its pleasing design without any complexity and hassle is what makes it people’s loved choice. The simple and straightforward navigation makes it one of the top builds for Kodi 18 Leia users. A number of preinstalled working and popular add-ons makes it an additional advantage. It also comes with many add-ons for maintenance and utility.

Xontech Build Image

8. Misfit Mods Lite

The Lite Version of the Misfit Mods is one of the best Kodi builds for Firestick users with little storage. With this build, you can stream all your favorite content with just one quick installation. It allows people to access free music, TV series, movies, sports, shows, and live sports to stream on their devices for free. For easy and improved accessibility, it consists of various videos that are subdivided into different categories. Add-ons like Death Star, The Crew, Temp TV, Chain Reaction, and The Magic Dragon, with numerous others, are available on this build. It holds tons of content so as not to leave you empty-handed to suit the streaming according to your mood. This build works with Kodi 18 Leia only.

Misfit Mods Lite Image

9. Streamline Build

Streamline Kodi Build is a lightweight build with awesome add-ons that is a perfect match for Kodi 18 users. It also works well on Kodi 17 and is a suitable pick for devices with low RAM. You can flawlessly play your favorite movies, TV shows, live sports through famous add-ons like Exodus Redux, The Magic, Magic Dragon, YouTube, and more. The simple, neat, and easy-to-use design is what makes this build the most liked by Kodi users. You can get plenty of sources to pick from when you are streaming using this build. Often the content is provided in 1080p HD and gives the best of what you wish to have.

Streamline Build Image

10. Diggz Xenon Build

The Diggz Xenon Kodi builds an efficient build with a user-friendly interface available for Kodi 19 and 18. Various categories like sports, TV shows, music, kids zone, and several other genres can be covered with this Kodi build. The smart add-ons that comes with Diggz Xenon Build are The Magic Dragon, IT, The Crew, Numbers, Loki, Nole Cinema, Venom, DeathStar, and many more. It works well even for smaller devices like Firestick owing to its lesser size. This is among the top Kodi 19 builds that many users like.

Diggz Xenon Build Image

11. No Limits Magic

Most Kodi users are fond of the No Limits Magic Build for its advanced capabilities and features when it comes to online entertainment. It is currently one of the Best Kodi Builds that works well for Kodi 18 and 17.6. The simple user interface with several add-ons is what makes this build the top picks for many users. Some of the best add-ons included with this build are Yoda, cCloud TV, Copy & Paste, Pulse Fitness, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon, and many more. You can enjoy limitless music, movies, sports and watch your favorite TV shows with these add-ons. In addition, no Limits Magic build features a sleek futuristic look and is constantly revised with functioning add-ons.

No Limits Magic Build Image

12. Cellardoor TV

Cellardoor TV Wizard is a part of the eponymous repository that encompasses some of the finest Kodi builds. It works well with Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton. You can find multiple Krypton builds with this Wizard. Each build is designed to develop the best Kodi build catalogs offering a huge library of content. These builds provide the latest and smart add-ons like The Magic Dragon, DeathStar, SportsDevil, Seren, Numbers, and many more. All these add-ons contribute to providing numerous videos, programs, live TV, and weather updates. One of the best things that people like about Cellardoor TV is that its simple and easy user interface makes it convenient for users to adapt its working.

Cellardoor TV Image

13. Doomzday Builds

Doomzday Build Wizard is a quite efficient build that comes up with a huge library suitable for all kinds of Kodi devices. The lightweight builds are designed keeping in mind the low RAM devices. Thus, it can work well on Android TV Boxes and Firestick devices very conveniently. Some heavy builds are also available, loaded with abundant features, and work well on computers or spec-loaded mobiles. These builds provide you with numerous choices and various Kodi add-ons that will not let you compromise with the content you wish to watch. It is compatible with Kodi 18.1 to Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

Doomzday Builds Image

14. Blue Magic Build

This build comes from the Luxury Blue Wizard, which offers other efficient builds for Kodi 18 and Kodi 17.6. It is one of the best and new builds that improvises the Kodi build catalog providing its users with many more options. With a decent collection of video add-ons to provide a variety of streaming, this build completely satisfies its users without any compromise. Its sleek user interface is what makes this build comfortable to use without any hassle. You can explore various categories like Sports, kids, live TV, movies, TV shows, and a lot more straight away on the home screen. In addition, You can access some popular add-ons like Monster Munch, Yoda, DeathStar, cCloud TV, The Magic Dragon, and more conveniently through this add-on.

Blue Magic Build Image

15. The Joker Kodi Build

This new wizard comes with multiple options to add to the existing catalog of best Kodi builds. It includes builds like The Biohazard, The Crow, and various others popular among the users. You can get the options for all types and different sorts of Kodi devices without fail. Thus, this build will not let you restrict to a limited device, making things easier for you. It comes up with one of the best Kodi builds for Android phones due to its smaller size. You can use various Kodi builds from this wizard that are good enough for Firestick, Android devices, or any other device with low specs and RAM. Thus, it is among the top trending Kodi builds people wish to have on their devices.

The Joker Kodi Build Image

16. Insomniacs

Insomniac’s wizard for Kodi builds currently possesses two builds for Kodi 18 Leia and none for Kodi Krypton 17.6. Both the Black and Gold builds are good and stand out. Though Insomniacs doesn’t come with many builds, whatever they offer is quite good and satisfying for most users. These builds are designed of moderate size to work well for devices with low spec streaming. This is what makes this the best Kodi build for Android as well as Firestick. Though they are smaller in size, they cover all the basic features you might expect from a build.

17. No Bad Dayz

No Bad Dayz Kodi can be found within the EzzerMacs Repo, which contains various other great builds you would love to pick. Being available for Kodi 18, this solid build gives desired results and offers infinite categories to choose from. One can enjoy categories like Movies, Toonz, Apps, Limitless, TV Shows, Debrid, Music, Favorites, Sports, Power, and more effortlessly. You also get access to numerous add-ons like The Crew, Limitless, Numbers, Greased Lightning, The Magic Dragon, and more that keep you entertained all through the day. Being suitable for all types of devices, this Kodi build never lets its users compromise with its results.

No Bad Dayz Image

18. Duffman Reloaded

Duffman Reloaded Kodi builds, available for Kodi 18, have been recently updated and now work well with Stream Digital Repository. You can access all the categories that you might be looking for. People get the chance to choose from sports, music, TV shows, movies, Kids, SD Wizard, All in one, system, and much more. You can even access this build on Amazon firestick without any difficulty. It offers special add-ons like Numbers, Chain Reaction, Rising Tides, The Crew, Joker, Marauder, and countless more. This is one of the top picks for Kodi Firestick builds as it does not require much space.

Duffman Reloaded Image

19. Underverse

Underverse is a unique Kodi build that offers abundant categories so that you can choose according to your mood and taste. This Kodi build is located within the Lost Kodi Wizard and contains some other top Kodi builds like match Lite and Kryptikz. You can enjoy categories like Movies, Debrid, Docs, TV Shows, systems, wizards, Music, Kids, Power, and several more. This solid build gives desirable results on all types of devices, including Amazon Firestick. Popular add-ons like Venom, 7of9, The Magic Dragon, Uranus, Limitless, and many more can be gotten without any complexity.

Underverse Image

20. Mach Lite

Match Lite Kodi build is available for Kodi 18 version. This solid build is located within the LostKodi Wizard. It comes up with various categories such as TV shows, movies, sports, kids, apps, systems, and power. You can use this Kodi build to work on any streaming devices, even the ones with low capacity. In addition, users get the opportunity to use various add-ons, including 7of9 AIO, Limitless, The Magic Dragon, Uranus, Rising Tides, Neptune Rising, and many others. These best current Kodi Addons offer unlimited entertainment without any compromise.

Mach Lite Image

21. USA Build

This excellent build is a new addition that is located within the DoomzDay Repository. It includes various categories like Movie Hub, TV Screen, All N One, Live Streams, Add-ons, Weather, Doomzday, System, and Power. USA Build is one of the most popular Kodi builds that works great on various devices, including Firestick devices. It is available for Kodi 18 with numerous add-ons like The Crew, Seren, Shadow, Asgard, USS Defiant, Chains & Sinister Six, and many others.

USA Build Image

22. Maze

Maze is one of the latest Kodi builds that adds to the collection of best existing builds. The Maze Wizard comes up with multiple builds that work great on all Kodi devices. For lightweight and multipurpose solutions, the Maze Family Build from the list is a suitable match. This build can also work with devices of low specs without any performance issues. You can easily use it on devices such as Firestick without any problems.

Maze Kodi Build Image


Are Kodi Builds Legal?

Yes, Kodi builds are legal and completely safe to use to stream your favorite shows. Kodi is a legal open-source media player to stream online content on various devices. You can use it without any worries as it is completely safe. However, if you are streaming any copyrighted content, then it might create some trouble.

What Is The Best Kodi Build?

At present, No Limits Magic is one of the tops, and best Kodi builds. Titanium Build is also extremely popular among many users.


Kodi comes with countless add-ons and builds that cover various genres and categories to enjoy enhanced and unlimited entertainment. These categories feature different videos and show that you might like to watch. If you are using Kodi, you must know what the best Kodi builds are. These Kodi builds help you a lot to stream the best content from the category you have picked. We have developed some of the popular and top builds that you would like to have for your Kodi app. Many of these builds are compatible with low-capacity devices and work well for Android and Firesticks.

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